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Taxes drive driving costs

Californians drive fewer miles than the national average, but only in Georgia is it more expensive to put pedal to the metal. (Bankrate) That’s because of taxes, which should surprise few. Drivers in this state pay an average of $1,809 ... (Continue reading)

Bullet train construction postponed

This state’s planned bullet train construction is being delayed… again. (Lodi News) Officials originally said construction would begin early this year, but now it appears the huge construction project might not get under way until next year. Among the problems... (Continue reading)

High-speed rail contract lower than expected

A consortium of construction companies from Sylmar, Texas, and Pasadena has won a $985 million contract from the California High Speed Rail Authority to build the first leg of the state’s planned bullet train. (Sacramento Bee) Tutor Perini Corp. of... (Continue reading)

Caltrans employees hosting bike breakfast

The employees of Caltrans District 5 will host a complimentary “bike breakfast” on May 7 beginning at 7 a.m. for local residents who stop by on their way to work or school on a bike. This event will take place... (Continue reading)

Bullet train planning costs more

Planning for California’s high-speed rail system will be more expensive than originally thought, officials said Tuesday. (San Jose Mercury News) It will cost taxpayers $97 million more for “office and field work” in the design of the so-called bullet train.... (Continue reading)

Full-body scanners to stay at SLO airport despite possible risks

Despite growing privacy and safety concerns over airport body scanners, the Transportation Security Administration has no plans to replace the existing devices at San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport. The TSA awarded two contracts last week as part of a... (Continue reading)

High-speed rail may sink tax plan

UPDATE July 7: The state senate Friday approved the high-speed rail project without a vote to spare, sending the bill to the governor for his signature. Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative has a lot of support among California voters, but... (Continue reading)

Designated drivers may be robots

Vehicles without drivers may soon be zipping around California streets and highways following unanimous approval Monday by the state Senate of authorizing legislation. If the Assembly endorses S.B 1298 by Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima), the governor will have the opportunity... (Continue reading)

High speed, high cost for rail system

A double-digit hike in costs of California’s proposed high speed rail project will be revealed in a report today. [SacramentoBee] Estimates now top $98 billion for the plan, which would eventually move passengers through the Central Valley between Southern California... (Continue reading)

Bullet train threatens Central Valley

The planners behind the controversial California bullet train seem to be complicating matters with their new route—right through historic Bakersfield High School, where rail opponent Cong. Kevin McCarthy just happens to have two children enrolled. [LATimes] The train’s proposed routes... (Continue reading)