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Picketers protest cost of Vandenberg missile launch

A group of people upset about the high cost of the United States’ ground-based missile defense program protested this weekend at Vandenberg Air Force Base. [KSBY] Launched in 2004 by the George W Bush administration, the program has already cost... (Continue reading)

Air Force considering tapping oil offshore from Vandenberg

The U.S. Air Force is considering leasing portions of Vandenberg Air Force Base to private oil companies for extraction of offshore oil and gas with land-based drills. [LATimes] If approved, it will be the first new offshore lease in state... (Continue reading)

Sonic boom from F-22 rocks the Central Coast

An F-22 fighter aircraft flying off the coast of California caused a sonic boom that shook the Central Coast Thursday morning, according to an Edwards Air Force Base spokesman. People all over San Luis Obispo County said they felt shaking... (Continue reading)