COMMENTARY: Girl chief gone wild?

September 11, 2008


Lisa Solomon, chief of the Paso Robles Police Department, just loves to dance.

But is she dancing with the stars? Or dancing on the bars?

Dancing is what she does whenever she’s asked if she thinks there is much of a gang problem in her city. It’s what she’s doing in federal bankruptcy court while proclaiming a million dollars of debt.

And it’s what’s she’s known for far and wide… dancing on the bar at the Paso Robles Inn. There she’d be, strutting her stuff up and down the slab, and if the place was too crowded, well, a table top would do.

Admittedly, that’s a pastime she now denies as she has been elevated to the city’s Top Cop spot. But sources tell UncoveredSLO that she really can’t resist the groove. Now, though, it’s something our blue-clad spies tell us resembles lap dancing by the former beauty queen-turned-gun -toting-lawwoman. These are reported to occur at private cop parties, much to the embarrassment of most of the linemen present. (How else do you think we hear about these things?)

It almost goes without saying that a male authority figure doing the same thing would be slapped with sexual harassment allegations before his feet hit the floor. But members of the force rarely speak out against their brothers (ah, sisters) in blue. Talk of embarrassment and low morale doesn’t sound quite right coming from big, tough protectors of the public.

“I am an entertainer,” Solomon told a reporter Thursday when asked about her dancing. “As for inappropriate behavior, that is absolutely false. I have never given a lap dance or danced on a bar.” She said the stories are being spread by people “with an ax to grind.”

Nevertheless, a few bold boys in blue have given colorful and detailed voice to their frustrations, and hotel and saloon employees confirm some of those accounts.

“Oh, God,” said one bartender who has been subjected to the bar dancing. “You’re going to tell that story? She’ll be furious!”

Solomon’s penchant for dancing might be less worrisome if she didn’t also do it in order to avoid frank discussion about the city’s growing gang problem.

Claiming any such “problem” has been constant for the past two decades, and certainly has not worsened, Solomon said, “We tend to see ups and downs, peaks and valleys of activities.”

Actually, it’s easy to solve the gang problem: One just writes up incident reports to suggest “accident” or “coincidence” was responsible for a crime when graffiti or other evidence suggests otherwise. It’s easy to “address” the gang problem with tax-funded, limp programs aimed at the community’s youth, when most of the local gang-bangers are well beyond the grasp of education. And it’s easy to suggest that victims of gang violence somehow contributed to their own attack.

Solomon said her department told KSBY-TV this week that a rape victim “was not a random victim.” From that comment it was subsequently construed — incorrectly — that the victim knew the assailants.

That the victim knew the assailants is not true, the chief later said, asserting that it was not a random act. But she declined to say much more about the incident.

The victim, a woman in her mid-20s, was attacked from behind as she got out of her automobile in her own driveway, sexually assaulted with a sprinkler head. The three Latino men shouted racist slogans and called her obscene names during the attack.

Sources tell UncoveredSLO that one particular local gang is conducting “initiation” activities.

But was this violent attack a gang-related incident? Solomon isn’t saying anything about that, except that the crime is “under investigation.”

That’s reason enough, we guess, to keep all of the unpleasant news under the table. That, of course, would be the one upon which the chief now dances.

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Member Opinions:

By: slocolady on 3/3/09

After reading your site's several articles on Chief of Police Lisa Solomon I can not say I am surprised by her irresponsible actions. I worked with Lisa back when she was a dispatcher in south county in the late 1980's. She had no problem having an affair with a married deputy who had a young child. We talked about it several times and she felt it was her "right" as she always gets what she wants. She then left the department were we worked and went to work for PRPD. She then proceeded to quickly make a new "friend" in a fellow officer and it wasn't long before she was pregnant with his baby. At the time she was in her early 20's and had no regard for anyone, married or single. Only for herself. I moved away for about 10 years, but would hear from my friends in SLOCO about her "advancements" in the department. She definitely was a fair haired child. My guess is she gained her promotions from being one of the few females in the department and her special ability to make "friends". I have been back for a little while and it is interesting to see that she has had several marriages including the current one where she and her husband are filing for bankruptcy, questionable hiring practices of her husband and dancing in bars. I truly want to hold my leaders to a higher standard, and in a way I do. I dont see her as a leader, but more as the "entertainer" as she describes herself. I would love to see Paso Robles come to their senses and oust Ms. Solomon and put into office someone who will gain the trust of the citizens of Paso Robles and be a professional. I feel bad for the men and women who serve under her and even worse for those who live in Paso. She sees herself as invincible and it appears that she is!

By: NorthCountyGuy on 10/19/08

Booty Juice could be right on the money. Lisa "spins" her "Spin Machine" like crazy while her bagmen work overtime collecting bagfuls of protection racket money from the Paso Drug Cartel. Why else would she order a special coverup of as many as 150 state and federal violations by one of her Drug Culture Elites.

By: NorthCountyGuy on 9/19/08

The Paso Chief getting a cut of the drug profits?

By: NorthCountyGuy on 9/19/08

She's skimming a little off the top of the profits of the Paso Robles Drug Cartel?

By: lawabiding68 on 9/14/08

For YEARS I saw a previous male chief( who will remain nameless ) drunker than a skunk downtown Paso… Womanizing and being totally TOTALLY inappropriate! Why didn't anyone cover that? Just curious… feeling maybe a bit of a hunt going on, just maybe in a 'good ole boy' kinda way! I am not saying that is what happening… just curious?

By: badbilly on 9/14/08

If you have read ANY stories in the news lately about the goings on in law enforcement nation wide, I'd say that the bar has been lowered drastically for becoming a Peace officer these days.

By: CarolAnnRiley on 9/11/08

To Cindy,

You sound like you have empathy that she gets "outed" for her behavior at private parties. These are "cop parties" and she is the "big boss". If she wants to be a police chief then she can't be a party girl that does lap dances for her staff. She also represents the LE for the city of Paso Robles and is dancing on bars in public. Sounds like she must get pretty drunk or has some kind of attention needy charter flaw. Of course she is getting "outed". She is an embarrassment to all Law Enforcement and isn't doing enough to protect the public from gang violence ie: admitting that it's a big problem and that the victims are innocent citizens. I for one am sick and tired of the white washing. She doesn't seem to manage finances very well either and manages the publics tax dollars (budget).

By: Booty_Juice on 9/11/08

So a north county PD Chief is shakin' her booty at the saloon while hyspanic gang bangers are raping, stabbing, and running meth.

Do you expect me to be surprised?

By: Cindy on 9/11/08

To Black Copter Pilot. Here is a quote taken out of the story.

"Solomon’s penchant for dancing might be less worrisome if she didn’t also do it in order to avoid frank discussion about the city’s growing gang problem." I also think there might be some public "outrage" over the victim being made to appear as if she somehow contributed to her own sexual assault. I'm looking at my first post and realizing that I never bothered to comment on the "dancing". I think it's because I (probably like most others)am more concerned about those who are victims of gang violence. I did find the dancing stories rather humorous, and I (hopefully like most others) can relate to "letting the good times roll". None the less when your a public figure head good judgment is important. I mean come on dancing on the bar at the PR Inn!!! Geez, I guess there isn't much she can do about people "outing her" at private parties. Maybe some people do have an ax to grind, she shouldn't give them one.

By: Black_Copter_Pilot on 9/11/08

This place should be renamed "The Local Inquirery."

What does the off-work dancing have to do with anything?

By: Cindy on 9/11/08

Another disturbing but informative story. It's great that U-Slo is bringing these problems to the forefront. If the victim wasn't random but didn't know her attackers then this would suggest that she was targeted. If she was targeted then wasn't that still random? I recall the people attacked exiting a bus at Von's upon returning from the fair grounds. While they had been targeted earlier upon entering the bus I would still consider that act was random. Maybe the public should be warned that they can be targeted and beaten or raped. Perhaps we should all be informed as to what behavior is appropriate/inappropriate when around gang members and 3 rapist Latinos? The story released by KSBY does lead one to believe that the rape victim was somehow responsible through association. It does look as if the gang problem and real danger to residents is being intentional y downplayed through the use of semantics. Shame on those who are responsible for this.