New Cal Poly president expected soon

September 12, 2010

Robert Glidden


California State University Chancellor Charles B. Reed plans to announce a new Cal Poly president by Dec. 13, said interim President Robert Glidden at a Retired Faculty Association luncheon on Friday.

A member of the association invited a CalCoastNews to attend the speech, as the only member of the media, to a speech attended by community leaders such as Allen Settle.

“A search for a new president will begin almost immediately,” Glidden said and added that this time the chancellor plans to be more involved in the search.

Following campus visits by the three finalists in June, Reed recommended that the process start over with a new pool of candidates. The board of trustees concurred with his recommendation.

Plans for finalist interviews and campus visits are currently slated for the week after Thanksgiving. Glidden said that a new president could step in as soon as January 2011.

Despite tough economic times, he said the university is not anticipating any layoffs.

“We will not be having any layoffs unless something drastic happens,” Glidden said.

An attendee at the luncheon asked about a memo that allegedly went out to some department heads asking them to make a short list of potential layoff candidates based on scenarios of the funding level that is received after the state approves a budget. Glidden said he was unaware of such a memo.

University officials anticipate that they will get two thirds of the furlough money back from the state in the new budget. However, if this does not occur, they have to come up with lists to cover possible shortfalls, sources said.

In the worst case scenario, it is barely reaching into the tenured track faculty.

During his time at Cal Poly, Glidden said he plans to make decisions a new president would embrace.

“Number One, I hope to do no harm,” Glidden said. “The decisions I make will be supported by people that have been here and decisions a new president will embrace.”

When asked if he will postpone the closing of the journalism department until a new president is at the helm, Glidden said that the department was shrinking and that this would be the time to distribute the different tracks into other departments.

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So they are closing the journalism department and other departments will absorb the current curriculum into their own.

They will enact this task of revamping that department before the new President comes on board.

They may have lay offs and it could reach into the tenured faculty.

They plan to announce a new President by December 13th which indicates that they already have someone in mind?

The chances of lay offs of tenured/tenure track faculty is highly unlikely. There are still quite a few part-time lecturers who would be cut first, and even these aren’t all likely to be cut.

Announcing a new President by December 13 with the on campus interviews Nov. 29 to Dec. 2 is standard operating procedure for the Chancellor’s office. They move quickly and they have demonstrated this speed with all presidential searches throughout the CSU system for years. So, no, this doesn’t indicate they already have someone in mind other than the fact that they have four viable candidates coming to campus for interviews.