Atascadero child ingests cocaine; parents jailed

September 28, 2011

Priscilla Tabarez

A mother, father and uncle are now in a San Luis Obispo County Jail after an 18 month old child under their supervision ingested cocaine on Wednesday, Atascadero police said.

Parents Daniel Sanchez, 26; Priscilla Tabarez, 20; and the child’s uncle Isaac Tabarez, 18, are charged with felony child endangerment.

Priscilla Tabarez called 911 at about 10:38 a.m. to ask for an ambulance to be sent to her home on the 9300 block of Bocina Lane because her child had eaten an unknown quanity of cocaine. The child was transported to Twin Cities Community Hospital and treated for cocaine ingestion before being placed in protective custody with Child Welfare Services.

Daniel Sanchez

Isaac Tabarez

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No excuses, these are people doing bad things, regardless of whom is effected. Give me my drugs, get the hell out of the way.

I am just glad as a first responder, that this child is going to be OK. Take the kid away from them, they obviously don’t care about their own child and put the perps in jail now…

Fashionable or not it it is still a crime.

As a first responder I get to see many people at their worst and all they care about is themselves.

He’s a happy drunk, they only smoke a little, the pills help me sleep, I only had one beer…

At least the mother called an ambulance and immediately told them the truth about what the baby ingested. There are low lives that would have taken a chance that the baby would be OK or waited until the baby was showing signs of sickness and then claimed they didn’t know what was wrong.

I can hear it now “wudn’t mine….nope…he leff it out there”. Snatch that baby up and give him a chance with decent people and toss those three in the pokey until he graduates college with his new family so they don’t return like a back nickel and convince him their life is better!

I really have to shake my head at all these perfect self righteous folks. We all had it so together that the “gub” had to mandate that all drugs are to be packaged with child proof caps. Must have been a lot of kids getting into our med’s and we weren’t even high so I wonder what everybody’s excuse was before child proof caps? Oppp’s…. Guess it used to be considered an accident.

But somebody in the house was snorting cocaine so they must all be unfit animals. That makes them all very dangerous criminals with 100K bail on their heads! They are so dangerous that they called an ambulance immediately, all stayed there to take the blame and made certain the child was OK but they are so BAD and dangerous.

When they are snorting coke with an 18-month old toddler walking around… yes, that’s pretty damning evidence of their scumbaggery. ESPECIALLY after all the gubmint’s requirements for child-proofing. I imagine the mom will get off the easiest (we have double standards there) as well as she called and confessed what went down.

Remember, just because they are a scumbag, doesn’t make me righteous. Just judgmental.

He could pull off the part of the bad guy with that hair in No Country for Old Men…

Awesome mug shot!

What the heck? How do you mess up and leave dangerous drugs or any drugs around a baby? Of all the things to do, I can’t imagine leaving poison where a baby can get at it and that’s what cocaine to a baby or pet is. I doubt the baby ate much though, that stuff taste terrible.

Humm they must have had a bunch if they didn’t know how much the baby ate!! Back in my day, we would have known exactly how many lines were missing!!

The above disclosures, wherther tongue-in-cheek or other, explains a great deal

about the author.

By all means, since you know something, please share?

I know that cocaine was a very fashionable upper class, hip social lubricant, just before the Iran /contra thing became public , even the pope shilled for Marianni cocaine wine back in the day