Driver dies after Buckley Road crash

September 28, 2011

A local man died Wednesday, nine days after an accident on Buckley Road and Thread Lane that also took the life of his passenger on September 19, the California Highway Patrol said.

Hussam Najani, 47, was test driving a 2003 Lexus at a high rate of speed when he lost control and hit an oncoming 2002 Toyota Tacoma driven by 51 year-old Alan Everson of Arroyo Grande. Emergency responders transported Everson to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center with major injuries and Najani to French Hospital Medical Center.

Najani’s passenger in the Lexus, Daniel Nadalsky, 53, was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Sad for both families . . .

very sad

This is every car salesman’s and car mechanics nightmare. A test drive with someone that you have just met. Used to scare the hell out of me occasionally. Condolences to the family


Being a prospective buyer means nothing

This is excussLESS!

I have a very good friend who retired from the DMV up North.

She once told me, that in the early 1980’s one DMV Examiner down South, was giving a drive test to a gang banger.

A group of other gang banger passed them giving verbal and gang gestures to the driver.

The driver got agitatated and made pursuit towards the other gang, almost causing property damage and injuring pedestrians.

That Examiner after all other efforts failed, fist punched and knocked the driver out.

He or she was facing termination until after an investigation cleared him or her.

A vehicle is a dangerous heavy machinery!

Kudos to that DMV Examiner, whoever she? or he is!

willie, OMG, talk about Murphy’s Law ! I started laughing to myself as soon as you mentioned the rival gang bangers because I could just imagine what was coming. I don’t know if I have an odd sense of humor or what but that is pretty funny even though I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time. Talk about a test drivers nightmare, geezzzzz, it’s still funny though.

This is everyone who drives nightmare…

The car coming the other way toward you could be the last one you ever see.

I feel for all those who have had a loss, but as a first responder I see more than my share of TCs involving “innocent” people…

I drive both automatic and manual transmission.

I use the right foot on the gas and transition to the brakes using the same foot.

When I drive my manual transmission, the right foot does the same thing, the left foot only works the clutch.

I have played using right foot on the gas and left on the brakes and had no problems because danger comes from movement of the right foot or release of the left foot.

I can sense speed visually, by feel or by the sound of the engine.

So what is this guys defense?

A momentary flashback he was back in his own country driving on the left half of the road (doesn’t matter if it was a blind or a visible curve)?

Accidently stepping on the wrong pedal (most driver decelerate “going into” a visible curve (not hard press any pedal)?



Having taught younger members of my family how to drive, I noticed the beginner and novice driver tend to veer away from oncoming traffic (typically in fear) occassionally driving too far to the right sometimes a little into the shoulder.

As for This guy, I think he is an aggressive fanatic on the road and on his job as well.

It is a sad story

No defense for doing 70 mph in a Lexus on a curve rated at 30 mph.

Charles Darwin proves himself again. Sad but true….

Cal Coast News beats the Tribune again.

Really a sad story. That curve is signed 30 mph with blinking lights, has painted caution bars on the pavement and a rumble strip and a 25 mph advisory sign in the eastbound direction. What more does it take for drivers to understand?

SLO: I am wondering what two low lifes found to dislike about your comment. Dah.

Post “Water freezes at 32 deg. F” and someone will vote it down.

Maybe they like the Tribune’s copy-from-press-release-and-paste-into-news journalism? Maybe they like that the Tribune libeled SLO Councilwoman Kathy Smith on the trash barrel story? Kathy Smith lives on a private street and was not in violation of the trash can ordinance. Think the Tribune will print a front-page Sunday retraction? Doubtful.

Yeah, Me too….