Machete wielding robber surprises resident

March 25, 2014

machettePolice are searching for a man who broke into an Isla Vista home and attacked a resident with a machete on Monday.

At about 4 p.m., the resident returned home and confronted the robber. The robber than attacked the man with the machete.

The homeowner suffered injuries to his arm and head.

Police are not describing the race or age of the assailant at this time. He is wanted for assault with a deadly weapon.



  1. willieslo says:

    Rather than hiding a gun in an inaccessible securely locked storage, a better or good safe place to keep a gun safely in ON the supervision of a responsible citizen at all times!

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  2. Myself says:

    Dip sticks bring knives to a gun fight,too bad that home owner didn’t have a concealed carry permit.

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    • cosmos7 says:

      He doesn’t need one to have a firearm at home and/or use it to defend himself there.

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      • choprzrul says:

        Technically, you are correct. However…..

        When returning home and encountering an intruder, there is most likely very limited opportunity to retrieve a locked up firearm.

        Yet another example of why someone who can legally buy a firearm should automatically be able to bear a firearm.

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    • givemeabreak says:

      He would have had a REAL surprise entering our home.

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  3. TaxMeAgain says:

    Too bad this homeowner did not have a gun. Good luck with those stitches.

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  4. justchuck says:

    So if I see a man with a machete, should I think he might be a suspect? (as judging from the description).

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