Grover Beach woman sprays pesticide in child’s face

June 27, 2014
Julie Wilhelmina Rodenhuis

Julie Wilhelmina Rodenhuis

Grover Beach police arrested a woman Wednesday evening for spraying a child in the face with a weed killer.

Detectives have not yet determined a motive, but police say that 60-year-old Julie Wilhelmina Rodenhuis approached a seven-year-old and sprayed pesticide in the child’s eyes. The incident occurred around 7:15 p.m. Wednesday in a condominium complex at 676 North 12th Street in Grover Beach.

Family members immediately treated the child until medical responders arrived. The child received further treatment at a local hospital and was released.

Officers charged Rodenhuis with child endangerment, assault with a deadly weapon and battery with serious child endangerment. Rodenhuis could receive addition charges.

She is currently in San Luis Obispo County Jail on a $100,000 bond.


  1. ObjectiveThinker says:

    “Alleged.” The most interesting thing about this story is how quickly an accusation can turn into a guilty verdict in an irresponsible newspaper. People can SAY anything. Did you notice nothing reported here substantiates the allegation? Does it frighten anyone to see someone be hauled off to jail ONLY because somebody made an accusation? As long as a lynch-mob can lock somebody up with no regard for investigation, facts, and testimony from anybody but the accusers, something like this could happen to you or somebody you know. The hospital found nothing to “treat.” No trace of a chemical of any kind was found on the girl’s clothes or skin. Her parents dressed her in the same blouse the next day. The report says some of the neighbors in that complex don’t get along. Probably renters with kids don’t get along with condo owners without kids. Crucial information that didn’t get reported includes the fact that the person who called the police and made the accusation was a neighbor with a neglected, unsupervised child. And that Ms. Rodenhuis had helped his little girl twice when she was locked out of her apartment by this man. And that the parents of the child this man claimed had been sprayed weren’t home when the accusation was made. The kids were rarely supervised, and rules that are routine and enforced without objection in most multi-unit dwellings were not enforced here. So the police had been called earlier in the day because the children had been aggressively shooting water pistols at Ms. Rodenhuis and her dog. The police didn’t respond to her call for help. Ms. Rodenhuis was disliked because she was vocal about the need for management, which the tenants pay for and deserve, and the lack of child supervision, which put the kids at risk. Her other dog had been heartlessly murdered by one of the neighbors who didn’t like Ms. Rodenhuis. Ms. Rodenhuis is an organic-all-natural-no-poisons kind of person. Can’t tolerate toxins of any kind. She had been nurturing a flower garden in the complex’s common area at her own expense, and by hand. She pulled weeds out BY HAND because she doesn’t use weed killers, and any herbicide would have presumably killed the flowers she bought and planted. The original accusation to police was that a child had been sprayed–presumably with water. That story morphed from water into weed killer later, as the girl whom police said had been sprayed was coached along with her story by adults. The guy who called the police probably had no idea how much unjustified harm his call was about to cause. Nine months after all this happened, the rules are finally being enforced, the place is quiet for the first time in years, and children (and apparently adults who are the targets of bullying) are much safer.

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    • Tawnyd79 says:

      I completely agree, in the short time my husband and I have lived here, we have witnessed drug deals in the parking lot, which one individual was arrested,kids jumping and splashing in the pool area unsupervised, vulgar hateful and down right trash living in one unit with very little rules enforced! I would not pass judgment until you witness what has been taking place in this so called “family orientated” facility.

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  2. indigo1955 says:

    I have not seen Julie in about a year or so. We only know one another from a Friday movie group at the Regal Cinema on Fridays–but seeing this absolutely blows my mind!!! Julie was always so elegantly dressed, classy and composed. Tall and thin, she was the envy of a lot of other women. I never heard her say a mean thing to anyone and this is really shocking. That said, this is crossing the line. Classy, nice, whatever she is….she is not in her right mind. Anyone who would do this to a child would likely harm a child in other ways also. It is when individuals become a danger to society—that they must be removed from it.

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    • blondehare says:

      Twilight Zone.
      As my dear ol’ dad used to tell me, “I am Keeping my brave little face to the sun.”
      I’ve had enough darkness for more than one lifetime.
      Seems to me an accusation has been made, and that’s all. The accusation is
      that a landscape-serviced condominium resident — who has been suffering
      from toxic fumes inside her home, keeping doors and windows open for fresh
      air, and considering getting rid of furniture that might be off-gassing — kept
      a ready supply of Round-Up weed killer in her home, even though she doesn’t
      do landscaping in the complex or anywhere else, and, after being shot with
      a water gun by a child who lives in the same complex, walked up to that child
      while she was surrounded by other children with a device for spraying Round-Up
      and sprayed weed killer directly into the child’s face. A call was placed to the
      police by the child’s sitter “who was not supervising them at the time this happened and she washed all traces of the weed
      killer away. The medical examiner found no weed killer on or damage to the child.
      The police searched the resident’s home and surrounding area and found no
      weed killer, or weed killer containers or equipment. That’s the story.
      Conflict leads to conflict. Peace leads to peace.
      Smile, keep head high, forgive, count blessings, love life… May we all fill every
      hour with at least one good laugh.

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  3. info says:

    No excuse what-so-ever…..but perhaps the child is the one who needed a whoopin?

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    • willieslo says:

      I agree, she might have always been a sly bit** and justice or karma has now caught up to her.
      I also agree the kid (not knowing if he was an innocent kid) maybe did deserve a good whoopin, but if turns out the kid didn’t agitate or provoke her in any way and just an innocent child, then I say throw the book at her. It may be the case “Rodenhuis could receive addition charges”.

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      • Citizen says:

        She could be charged with assault with caustic chemicals–a more serious charge.

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        • LameCommenter says:

          How do you figure, citizen? With the EPA banning the really effective pesticides, the chlorinated hydrocarbons like dichloro dipheyl tricholorethane, and even the weak replacements, we’re down to the flower extract cholinesterase inhibitors that only work on bugs. No one is defending her unless the facts are wrong and the young adult charged her, but the stuff he/she aspirated and absorbed through skin and mucosa is probably less damaging than an extra large McDucks chocolate shake.

          An aside: who killed more people on the planet, Hitler, Pol Pot, Khan, Stalin or Rachel Carson with her book “Silent Spring”? (cue Jeopardy final question music): answer: Carson, through bazillions of deaths from mosquito-borne malaria.

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          • LameCommenter says:

            Just got the word over on the Trib site that it was a “poisonous weed killer”. That’s an herbicide, not a pesticide.

            Well, if it’s 2,4,5T then maybe we’ve got something here. On the other hand if it was dilute “Roundup” then it is a glyphosate which is described charitably as having a “low mammalian toxicity”, in which case it isn’t going to kill or be “caustic” to anyone unless the kid was swimming in a pool of it, full strength. For a week.

            It isn’t like Wilhelmina found some old Parathion that which, er, uh, younger pot aficionados had to fear in the 60’s.

            Not unless she’s been collecting and distilling dirt samples from illegal dumpings in the city yard ?

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      • CAkarma says:

        It does not say accused.. The news media says she did this. This is not true. This was a child who lied. There is no evidence at all that makes Wilhemina guilty except for the news media. No proof.

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      • CAkarma says:

        The Rule of Law in these United States is that the accused, however falsely, is innocent until proven guilty.Story I have is the board members hired a renter who was not with management trust. No background checks. Renter the father of the child killed two dogs, one was Julie Rodnhuis’s ,as he missed her dog the first time.He Accidentally killed another home owners dog.Rodenhuis held the board accountable for the death of her dog. She went to police and they did not do anything to a renter who confessed to killing her dog. A beautiful well trained standard poodle. Rodenhuis exposed the board members Jane Hill, Kathleen Deragon, Beth Davis, Kathy Bond,and they retaliated by allowing kids to be unsupervised in common.They were trying to get rid of Miss Rodenhuis as the board hired renters and embezzled homeowners funds.Rodenhuis caught them the board hired lawyers to threaten Rodenhuis.This board gave Rodenhuis 2 weeding fines and harassed her for years due to Rodenhuis not wanting landscaper to use weed killer. She hand pulled the weeds herself and cleaned car ports. This took jobs away from the board members friends and landscaper’s friends.Rodenhuis caught board in a lot of unethical practices. Rodenhuis also held board accountable for allowing kids to play unsupervised as there is well documented gang members who live there. Drug dealer, and this put the kids at risk.Rodenhuis wanted to be heard and called police many times on this board. This board at five Seasons went to police department and said kids were afraid of Julie Rodenhuis. They lied. Rodenhuis went into a deep depression and became very weak over her loss of her beloved pet. Kids blocked her front door and were in the flower bed fountain area 6 ft from her front door, unsupervised.No adults were watching these kids. I heard Rodenhuis scream to unit 12 to come out and supervise her kids . Police came and asked this unit if she wanted to press charges against Rodenhuis. A child’s allegation was heard and Rodenhuis arrested. The little
        girl had no idea her impulsive prank would lead to what happened.

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  4. TruthFairy says:

    This woman had two dogs. One of the dogs, she said, was given poisoned by the father of the children where she lived. It died. I wonder where her other dog is right now?

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    • Zuma7 says:

      Sounds like a great bunch of people…..

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    • Cindy says:

      First – If the father of that child poisoned her dog, I can understand her outrage but it’s the father that she needed to take it out on.

      Second – There are far better way’s (and less obvious as to the perpetrator who exacted the pay back) to deal with someone who kills peoples pets. I’ll just stop there and don’t ever mess with my pets. ..

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  5. aft50s says:

    No doubt when California State Senator de Leon hears of this terrible incident he will propose new legislation that will require all cans of bug killer be supplied in fluorescent colors, the general public will have to register with the DOJ before purchasing any bug killer, and you won’t be able to loan/give anyone a can of Raid.

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  6. miles archer says:

    Someone who does this to an innocent child must be suffering from some mental health issue…thank gawd it was a garden sprayer and not a shotgun.

    Was someone called in to peform some type of mental evaluation on her?

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  7. Ted Slanders says:

    Julie Wilhelmina Rodenhuis is burnt toast according to our Hebrew God of the bible if we’re to actually follow his commands!

    “But who so shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Matthew 18:6)

    How far is the Pismo Pier from where this jezebel lives?

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    • zaphod says:


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    • Tawnyd79 says:

      Try living in this place and see for yourself!!! There are known hang members and I have personally witnessed one with a loaded handgun in the common area where kids play!! Don’t judge until you see it for yourself!! And if you are a God fearing individual how dare you decide punishment or hand down judgement!!

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  8. achillesheal says:

    I guess she thought he was being a pest.

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  9. deebo says:

    What a hag! She needs a whoopin

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