Jordan Cunningham announces run for Katcho’s seat

February 10, 2015
Jordan Cunningham

Jordan Cunningham

Former San Luis Obispo County deputy district attorney and Templeton Unified School District Trustee Jordan Cunningham announced his candidacy for California State Assembly. Cunningham is seeking to replace the termed-out 35th Assembly District Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian.

“I have kept criminals off our streets and our families safe,” Cunningham said. “Each day, I stand up for taxpayers and work to defend local residents and business owners. As our next Assemblyman, I’ll provide a voice for the region that I have always been proud to call home.”

Born and raised on the Central Coast, immediately after receiving his law degree from the University of California, Berkeley, he worked as an attorney in private practice, a federal law clerk, and an attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice.

Cunningham has received endorsements from local business owners, public safety leaders and numerous elected representatives, including: San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow, Supervisors Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton, as well as Atascadero Mayor Tom O’Malley, former-Mayor Ray Johnson, and Santa Maria Councilwoman Etta Waterfield.

“I have known Jordan for decades,” said San Luis Obispo County Supervisor and Chair of the Board Debbie Arnold. “He has always demonstrated a commonsense approach when tackling the issues facing our region and our residents. As our Assemblyman, he will be an asset to the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara communities that he represents.”

In addition to serving as a Trustee for the Templeton Unified School District, Cunningham is the President of the Central Coast Taxpayers Association, a nonprofit group dedicated to taxpayer education and advocacy, and a volunteer for local youth organizations.

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From the list of his endorsers, it appears that Cunningham has not fallen far from the nut tree.

I would also surmise that he is also absorbed by the zombie lie of Reaganomics …’supply-side’/laissez faire/’trickle-down’; that has never worked as advertised, EVER, in history; but is instead a civilization killer.

As Bill Maher recently observed, ” It’s like you have three dogs and give a weiner to one of them, and then expecting him to share with the others”.

All sounds good to me and he is young enough that if elected, the job will certainly affect his future. Almost like putting his future up as collateral.

Never had a cavity,

But that second paragraph made my teeth ache.

Much fuss has been made about partisan politics with respect to our LOCAL elected.

However the State Assembly seat is partisan and Mr. Cunningham is a REPUBLICAN.

Nothing at all wrong with that. Just curious how this important fact was left out of the story.

And the DEMOCRAT candidates running are….. ?????

ADAM HILL’s aspirations! Which is why he wanted to be Chairman of the Board of Supervisor in two years while he is campaigning…

Wow, a republican lawyer who graduated from Berkeley. I didn’t know such a thing existed.

Seems like a nice young man. Stay out of politics son. Earn an honest living and hold on to your soul and integrity.

In your post, are you implying that a lawyer CAN earn an honest living ?

Possible, I guess, but all too RARE. (Carmel, Seitz, Marx, Neal, the ADA guys, etc.)


STM … Katcho just won re-election. The next vote for Assembly is almost two years away.

This move to announce now by Cunningham is the MONEY primary, where he is attempting to freeze out other potential Republican candidates from funding. It would appear that Cunningham has solid wing-nut backing at this stage.

Other Republicans, Democrats, Green, and independents may get in to run; but as I pointed….it’s still a long ways away, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Well, it looks good and all….but you are so young and fresh. How about you bring a bottle of Jack and a hooker to a local park and then I will film you (as your new PR person, of course) while you are claiming you were forced to the park by the woman at gunpoint who MADE you drink liquor. You can say random things like ” I never inhaled” and you could flash a big wad of cash…and then….I would bet you are a shoe-in. Have you taken a PCL-R? It would help if you tested positive for being a sociopath. I could just hold the test up in front of the camera. Wow….this is sounding like a pretty progressive and election-sure project!!!!

What have you had to drink?

Interesting comment.