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Ever the skeptic Miranda Foresman wonders what movie she will watch next….

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Movie review: Mud

By MIRANDA FORESMAN Matthew McConaughey has come a long way since Dazed and Confused (1993). He’s played a surfer, a pimp, couple of good lawyers, a womanizer, and many things in between. Lately he seems to play the guy without his shirt. Though in his latest cinematic offering, McConaughey plays a fugitive who is rather […]... (Continue Reading)

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Movie review: Oz the Great and Powerful

By MIRANDA FORESMAN Oz the Great and Powerful looked so very promising with its bright colors and cast of stars. The finished product, however, suffers greatly from those very same elements. For clarification, Oz the Great and Powerful is not a remake of, but rather a prequel to, the Wizard of Oz (1939) that we […]... (Continue Reading)

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Movie review: Warm Bodies

By MIRAND FORESMAN When I heard Warm Bodies, the novel by Isaac Marion, was being made into a movie, I thought to myself, “Well, that’ll be a fun adaptation.” After screening this weekend’s box office champ, indeed it appears as though the filmmakers had a ball playing with the brain-eating narrative. Warm Bodies follows the […]... (Continue Reading)

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Movie review: Gangster Squad

By MIRANDA FORESMAN Gangster Squad had potential. Not the blow-you-out-of-your-seats potential, and certainly not summer-blockbuster potential, but maybe future-cult-favorite potential. That potential was as unrealized as an unlit match. Looks pretty, but does not get the job done. The cast was so promising with Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, Sean Penn, Giovanni Ribisi, and […]... (Continue Reading)

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Movie review: Silver Linings Playbook

By MIRANDA FORESMAN I honestly can’t remember the last time I sat around waiting for a movie to hit a theater near me. Silver Linings Playbook looked like my kind of story as soon as I read about it last summer in Entertainment Weekly. So I stalked it, researched it, and waited. It was slated […]... (Continue Reading)

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Movie review: The Hobbit

By MIRANDA FORESMAN Nine years after the theatrical release of the final installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, director Peter Jackson brings us back to the Shire, back to Bilbo Baggins, and back 60 years to a more peaceful time in Middle Earth. Using J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit as the launching place for […]... (Continue Reading)

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Movie review: Killing Them Softly

By MIRANDA FORESMAN I like mob movies, all kinds of mob movies. Everything from The Departed (2006) to Scarface (1983), all the way back to The Big Sleep (1946). Killing Them Softly is not like those movies. It doesn’t have the heavy drip of drama or the pretty, deadly girl. As a matter of fact, […]... (Continue Reading)

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Movie review: Skyfall

By MIRANDA FORESMAN I have a soft spot for 007, and I always have. Like many women, when I was younger, Sean Connery as James Bond was the ideal man, shaken, not stirred. And the accent. That’s not a voice you heard in the middle of nowhere West Tennessee. He was inexplicably exciting, even when […]... (Continue Reading)

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Movie review: Argo

By MIRANDA FORESMAN My Entertainment Weekly told me about Oscar whispers for Argo back in the summer. Even though, by nature, I am not typically a fan of political or historical movies, I’ve been keeping an eye out. As the opening for Argo approached, there was no denying something special was happening with this movie. […]... (Continue Reading)

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Movie review: Looper

By MIRANDA FORESMAN I love a good mind trip. More than that, though, I really love a Bruce Willis flick. Count me in, it matters not volume of bloodshed or the lack of plot. The man does what he does unapologetically, wryly, and usually violently. And if Bruce Willis goes on record saying that Looper […]... (Continue Reading)

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