Rabenaldt to Morem: You’ve been lying all these years

February 15, 2008

EDITOR’S NOTE: Tribune columnist Bill Morem this week audaciously called for the resignation of Pismo Beach City Council member Bill Rabenaldt, a public official elected by a lot of people who aren’t Bill Morem. Correctly figuring that Rabenaldt would be personally offended by the notion of helping The Tribune fill its empty space with his return salvo, UncoveredSLO.com asked the outspoken elected city official to tell our readers first what he really thinks.



After Bill Morem’s Valentine note to me in yesterday’s paper, I sent him one, too. He simply replied, “Love ya. Bill.” To be honest with you, I really did think he liked me. I now realize he’s been lying to me about all sorts of things all these years.

Here’s a little that I have learned about Morem over the years (I was told early on not to trust him, but he’s always so nice to me it was hard to believe). As many know, I’ve been a member of the Pismo Beach City Council for 10 years now. Each time I come up for re-election, his newspaper asks me if I would like their endorsement. If so, I need to go and be interviewed by Morem, Sandy Duerr and a couple of other staff members. I may be a “fool” in his opinion but I am not stupid and believed I always did a fair job during these interviews.

Afterwards, his newspaper would always write a couple of good things about me (like, I made it to council meetings on time, but mostly negative.) I remember one in particular: “Rabenaldt is a dim star in a bright universe.” Of course, I would call my buddy Bill and ask where I went wrong so I could learn from the experience (not knowing I was talking to the article’s author). His reply was always the same, “Par Ridder [former Tribune publisher] really dislikes you and he really makes all the decisions. I don’t know why the rest of us are even invited.” Made sense to me because Par was a “pretty boy” with no substance and everyone knew it. Why wouldn’t I believe him?

When Morem was demoted, I even wrote a letter to the editor praising his abilities and accomplishments. Boy, was I ever a “fool,” as he likes to call me. Since I never figured out what was going on, he must be right. I won’t make the same mistake twice. Oh wait, I already have. He interviewed me on at least two occasions. Well, there won’t be a third, so take that.

Should I consider running for office again, I’m afraid I will have to decline any opportunity to be interviewed by his newspaper. Sure, since Morem has been demoted he won’t be there, but now I question his past influence on other staff members. Some of the reporters at that newspaper are first class and do a great job. I just hope Morem stays out of the newsroom. His way may be infectious.

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By: Anonymous on 2/15/08

Just another day at the Tribune. Where are the real stories like the fraud against FEMA by the City of Atascadero. Steve Curran wouldn’t know how to report the truth and any story that was on the “right.” Their opinions on reality suck. They should save a tree and get rid of some of their weak reporters. Most anything good in the paper comes over the wire.They will not even return your emails when you question their articles. They have even edited letters to the editor. Real class.

By: Anonymous on 2/15/08

I resent being called a pretty boy. I prefer “Himbo”

By: Anonymous on 2/15/08

The tribune does seem to have that over sixty, bearded, grey haired demographic covered. It’s hard to tell them apart.

By: Anonymous on 2/15/08

Bill Morem is an asshole and he’ll tell you that himself if you ask, hell even if you don’t ask him. I’ve found him to be exceptionally narcissistic and an ego that far exceeds his abilities.

By: Anonymous on 2/15/08

Whoa! Could it be that Rabenaldt and Morem are BOTH CORRECT in their assessments?

By: Anonymous on 2/15/08

Look at the Tribune coilumnists: Cuddy, Morem, Dirkx and Allan. Four white guys over the age of 60. Where’s the diversity of voices at the Tribune?

It’s hard to feel sorry for Bill R. He brings this on himself. Do they have term limits in Pismo?

By: Anonymous on 2/15/08

Probably not an accident that Morem’s initials are BM. More appropriate would have been BS.

Having read Morem for years, he seems like he is misguided but largely harmless.

Contrast this with the new kid on the editorial block, Bob Cuddy. Cuddy is smart, sharp and effective in his spinnings. He is the one to watch out for, Morem is a pleasant diversion.

By: Anonymous on 2/15/08

Morem, Steve Curran & Lon Allan all seem to fit into the same mold. They pick and choose details, often skirt the facts and even spin the truth at times. We have all seen that happen in the last two weeks. But I don’t know if I would blame these journalist. It seems that they have an agenda that comes down from the administration. “Cover for the good ole boys and don’t piss off any advertisers”. Its sad but the good ole days of investigative reporting are fading. I’m glad we have Dan & Karen to take up the cause of the people

Member Opinions:

By: Anonymous on 4/16/08

When has the Telegram-Tribune NOT been a prostitute of the highest money-politics bidder?

By: Anonymous on 2/19/08

“near-croaking Ehring”. This is the type of class act that supports Bill R.

By: Anonymous on 2/18/08

Rabenaldt may deserve to go–but so do those other weasels…Reiss, Higginbotham, Vardas and the near-croaking Ehring. They’re all bad news, low-class politicians at best, too heavily vested in the real estate and land speculation markets at best. At least Bill is poor and honest–somewhat trustworthy, but a loose cannon.

By: Anonymous on 2/18/08

Ignore the mean comments Bill. You’ve been in public service a long time and have even been re-elected. Many people appreciate you.

By: Anonymous on 2/17/08

There are term limits in Pismo and thank god Bill’s time is up this Nov.

By: Anonymous on 2/17/08

The truth is how you see it. The Trib is doing fine and will always do fine. Fringe lefty loon sites like this fade and go away in time.

If you want drama turn on daytime TV.

You are not uncovering anything except that you have both failed elsewhere and this last didtch effort needs to birth some sparks…but there will be no fire here.

Nice try

By: Anonymous on 2/17/08

Bill Morem hit the nail on the head with his editorial. Unlike Cuddy’s editorial, Bill’s comments were based on fact and were fair and displayed some diplomacy. His comments are shared with the majority of Pismo Beach’s residents who are sick and tired of Blabinoff’s wasting the Council’s time with his childish, immature behavorial issues. I’m counting the days when he will be off this council.

By: Anonymous on 2/15/08

Uncoveredslo.com rocks. The online paper has POWER!!

By: Anonymous on 2/15/08

The City of Atascadero has just issued a statement to the press. As of this moment they are under federal investigation. they are not releasing any other info.

By: Anonymous on 2/15/08

They have no term limits in Pismo … don’t you think they should?