Problems for ex-Trib publisher Par Ridder

April 9, 2008

Remember P. Anthony (Par) Ridder Jr., the man thought by many

in this county to have aided the decline of The Tribune while its publisher

a few years back? Ever wonder what happened to Par after he departed

these parts for the St. Paul (MN) Pioneer Press? Here’s a clue: A huge

financial settlement against him for stealing corporate secrets from a

newspaper his grandfather founded helped one major newspaper chain end

its second quarter in the black. Par’s perilous journey from power

lunches to the courtroom to the unemployment line can be traced on the

following links.

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Member Opinions:

By: Anonymous on 4/13/08

The relevance is, that this is one of the "fine people" that the "leaders" of the area, like the chamber of commerce and local "millionaire boys club" members hailed as a great leader and a fine citizen. Wonder what they will be discussing at their next round table or retreat? Maybe this time the will bee meeting at a Fed.Pen. instead of hiking in Colorado.

By: Anonymous on 4/12/08

How is this timely or newsworthy?

By: Anonymous on 4/10/08


Jesus wept. Nothing but a soft, entitled, rich little dickweed who has been told to go home and live off the trust fund for a year.

By: Anonymous on 4/10/08

Some stories bear repeating, and repeating, and…. This is one of those.

By: Anonymous on 4/10/08

Thanks for the info on this one time "leading citizen" of our community. I find it interesting and relevant on many levels. Certainly good fodder for some "I told you so..' conversations around town.

I think it's also indicative of the type of "talent" and character of many of the folks who, amazingly, rise to the top management levels in this beleaguered era of newspapering. Their hype precedes them, their magnificent blunders and incompetence ends up being their, usually unpublicized, legacy.

Based on the comments so far, I would say is being a victim of its own success. Having published so many blockbuster local investigative articles so far, anything less brings out feelings of disappointment in some readers (or just an excuse to sound off.)

Keep up the good work!

By: Anonymous on 4/10/08

I was wondering what happens when there are no new items to "uncover". I guess now we know. Lame. Your site was interesting for a moment.

By: Anonymous on 4/10/08

I'm not sure why you're bothering with this story. This is really old news and the Tribune even covered it when it happened.. So what's the point?

You're supposed to be "uncovering" stuff. Looks like you just needed something to post. Move on!

By: Anonymous on 4/10/08

It's just a little schadenfreude for those of us who remember Par Ridder's reign at the SLO Tribune.

It's not easy running a newspaper, especially in a small market with an elderly readership, but we've gotta be able to do better. Does what we've seen with the Tribune say anything about the newspaper business in general? It could be even worse: Sam Zell could buy the T-T.

By: Anonymous on 4/10/08

This is too old to be news. It just sounds like you're gossiping. That's too bad.

By: Anonymous on 4/10/08

I really liked his brother John in "Three's Company."

By: Anonymous on 4/10/08

need to rename this blog as;

UncoveredSLO Inquirer

By: Anonymous on 4/9/08

Who gives a #$&@?