Ill man tossed under wheels of county justice

June 19, 2008


Les Harvey’s nightmare encounter with “the system” started with a hamburger.

Outside a McDonald’s in Arroyo Grande, Harvey, 64 and terminally ill, sat in his parked van and started to eat his dinner, the burger he had just purchased from the fast-food eatery. For that, he was about to be forcefully arrested, stripped of his earthly belongings, and sentenced to a year in Atascadero State Hospital, an institution for the criminally insane.

Harvey’s intense blue eyes contrast sharply with his severely slurred speech. Saddled with Lou Gehrig’s disease, a gradual degenerative ailment leading to paralysis in its later stages, Harvey struggles with clarity in speaking.

Although Harvey for years earned a comfortable living as an electrical engineer, his health problems took their toll physically and financially, and Harvey, the last of his clan, was forced to live in his van. He published a 260-page golf instruction manual shortly before his incarceration, hoping to earn the resources to end his vagabond existence.

On the evening of January 12, Harvey had just unwrapped his burger when a Five Cities Security guard, Douglas Malsi, approached Harvey and told him he was not allowed to be in the parking lot. Malsi then asked him to move on, according to a subsequent police report. Harvey refused to leave.

“What is your problem?” Harvey asked the guard. “I am eating my food.”

Malsi claimed the property owners did not want people loitering in the parking lot. However, a representative of Five Cities Security told that customers are allowed to eat their purchases in their cars. The company refused to comment on the incident with Harvey, however.

The episode escalated when Harvey said, “I am going to finish my dinner, and then I am going to leave.” Malsi then called the Arroyo Grande Police Department for assistance.

“I told Harvey he did not have the right to be on someone else’s property loitering and upon being asked to leave by the security guard, he needed to leave,” Officer Shane Day wrote in his ensuing incident report.

Harvey then told the officer, “I will leave in approximately 10 minutes.”

Day then opened the van’s door and Harvey stepped out. Day “placed a control hold on him,” according to the police report. When Harvey appeared to struggle, two additional officers assisted in “controlling Harvey and placing handcuffs on him.” That “control” comprised of wrestling Harvey’s arms behind him while another officer applied an additional “restraining hold.”

Harevy claims he did not resist arrest.

Harvey, a man with no history of arrests, kept a Smith and Wesson handgun underneath his seat for protection, according to th police report. Located by police during an ensuing search, the pistol resulted in a charge of carrying a loaded, concealed firearm in a vehicle, to go along with the trespass allegation. Harvey contends the firearm was in the back of the van.

Harvey met his public defender for the first time in court the day of his hearing. Harvey contends that other than requesting he plead “no contest,” he was given no other legal assistance. Harvey declined the suggestion and entered a not guilty plea.

During the proceedings, Harvey realized that he was not being given a chance to present his defense. Harvey interrupted the court to try to explain that he suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease — and needed his medication. He then was ushered from the court room.

At that point, San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge Michael Duffy ruled Harvey was mentally incompetent; no one bothered to inform Harvey of the ruling.

Duffy’s perfunctory ruling included this directive: “The court orders that the defendant is committed to the California Department of Health for placement in Atascadero State hospital/County Mental Health until such time as his mental competence is restored and/or a maximum term of one year with credit for time served…,” according to court documents.

Harvey spent just one night at County Mental Health; within two hours, Harvey was found to be mentally competent. The rest of his 87 days of incarceration were spent in San Luis Obispo County Jail. Harvey says that numerous attempts to reach his public defender were unsuccessful.

On March 4, Harvey sent a nine-page letter to Duffy in which he noted that the few years he has left have probably been shortened because of inadequate medical care and failure to follow his dietary needs while in county custody. Harvey insightfully and articulately outlined to the judge his belief that the court failed to protect his constitutional right to confront charges; to be protected against unreasonable searches; to receive adequate legal counsel; and to remain innocent until proven guilty.

“Has anyone looked up the definition of trespassing?” Harvey asks in his letter. Just in case, he included it: “1. Violation of moral or social ethics, an unwarranted infringement. 2. An unlawful act committed on the person, property, or rights of another; the action of injuries done by such an act; the tort of wrongful entry on real property.”

Harvey demanded that Duffy dismiss all charges and return his belongings.

On March 17, the court restored Harvey’s right to be considered mental competent. Two weeks later, all criminal charges were dismissed and Harvey was released from jail, only to find all his belongings had been disposed of while he was incarcerated.

College Towing sold Harvey’s van, along with his golf clubs, electronic golf cart, two flutes, two laptop computers, extensive electronic equipment, credit cards, his Social Security card, and birth certificate because of Harvey’s “failure” to pay towing and storage fees within the required 60 days. In jail at the time, Harvey had no idea that his belongings were stored.

For the next few nights, Harvey plans to sleep on the side of the road.

“The tragedy is that our culture has regressed; if you don’t fall into our cookie-cutter expectation, we want you out of sight,” said David Fisher, an attorney retained to represent Harvey in a personal injury and damage lawsuit. “He has nobody, so they ate him up.”

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Member Opinions:

By: Anonymous on 7/24/08

His birth certificate and SS card were disposed of? Isn't that in and of itself, illegal? And since when is eating your Mickey-D's on their property trespassing? I ate some Subway in their parking lot the other day. I'm sure glad I didn't get carted off to the pokey!

By: Anonymous on 7/9/08

Per the ALS web site, most lou Gehrig's disease clients retain their cognitive skills unless dementia happens for a few.

If this gentleman was a former engineer and most recently authored a golf book it would seem this indicates that he is a smart fellow.But common sense would be the following:

1.Wear a medical "ALS" identification with the treating Dr. phone number on it.

2. A wallet size card stating the existing symtoms he was displaying. i.e. I have mid stage Lou Gehrig's Disease. (I have a very hard time speaking, forming words and pronounsing my words. Thank you for your patience). So that I could show it to authority figures.

3. If I was in jail,I would inquire where my stuff was. And I assume he has enough common sense to know that no business is going to allow a vehicle to stay on their lot for more than 72 hours or less. And common sense would indicate that it was probable towed.

My point is that if this kind of common sense is missing then why would I support him having a weapon that can kill.

I was just thinking.

By: Anonymous on 6/30/08

Thank you protecting us. Thank you for putting your lives on the line every day.

Thank you for getting this man the help he needs and thank you for getting another ilegally concealed hand gun off the streets.

God bless our men in women nin uniform wherever they serve!

By: Anonymous on 6/30/08

Thanks snerd for being a angry liberal.

By: Anonymous on 6/29/08

Thanks, you just made my point. Why is that the lefty loons are always so angry about everything. Are they ever happy?

By: Anonymous on 6/28/08

Mendacious Marxist. I am surprised that you could spell that you Fascist pig. Feel better. Marxist? A little out of touch with reality. I can see why people leave this place with cretins such as yourself passing as POS.

By: Anonymous on 6/28/08

arresting a man for carrying a consealed weapon is a felony bith here and in Europe you mendacious marxist!

By: Anonymous on 6/26/08

Instead of us going to Europe you best get used to things changing. Fix it or lose it.

Unfortunately this type of injustice is not rare. More unfortunately is that the insipid types of responses are also not rare.

By: Anonymous on 6/26/08

Thank you for your kind comments in Mr. Harvey's defense.

Unfortunately, he already has lost most of his ability to speak. He is unable to communicate over the telephone because people suspect he is a prank caller. In person, he has almost as must difficulty being understood.

He has already lost most of his ability to swallow. He must carry a cloth to wipe away the saliva from his mouth.

He has lost control of his lips and tongue to such a degree that he must hold his lips closed with his hand while he blows his nose.

His condition will not improve.

Thank you for your compassionate words.

By: Anonymous on 6/26/08

You are talking about things of which you know not. Mr. Harvey cannot, have his possessions (I'm not sure why you put quotation marks around that word. Did you mean to imply his property is less important to him than yours is to you?) returned by, simply, paying the tow yard. His property was sold away at auction while he was in this county's custody. His suits, two laptops, book manuscript, professional quality flutes, clothing, etc., will, likely, never be recovered.

Further, the DA's in this county do their very best to seek the maximum enforcement of the law. However, this DA found that the facts of the case called for a dismissal of the charges.

Mr. Harvey had his day (or days) in court. A professional DA who went to years of law school and passed the California Bar (which has only a 40% passage rate) reviewed the facts in Mr. Harvey's case and determined that the Mr. Harvey's case should be dismissed. It is laughable that anyone would now sit from the comfort of their cubicle and assume that they could competently reassess Mr. Harvey's case.

Additionally, you have no idea what I may have already contributed to Mr. Harvey's well-being. No idea. I may have paid for his stay in a motel out of my own pocket. You don't know. So, please turn your lecture on altruism around 180 degrees.

Finally, the fact that you would suggest someone with an opinion differing from yours should leave this country shows how little you understand about the country in which you live. This country was built on the foundation that those with unpopular views and opinions have just as much of a place in this country's discourse as those who willingly surrender their freedoms to the badge of authority.

By: Anonymous on 6/26/08

So…your position is that it's ok to break the law as long as your sick?

Not in this man's America! never!

he was given a break. He was taken into custody and given help to regain his grasp of reality. His loaded hand gun which he carried ilegally was secured to protect the public. The DA gave him a break by not charging him with a felony.

As far as "his posessions" all he needs to do is pay the towing and storage charges and he gets them back. Rather than bash the system set up to protect us from criminals maybe you should be holding a bake sale to help pay the towing and storage charges!

Liberals are fine with giving away money as long as it's not their own!

Put up or shut up…he broke the law and paid the price. If you don't like that try europe or canada.

By: Anonymous on 6/25/08

I wish everyone would understand that Mr. Harvey has a disease that no one should wish on their worst enemy. Apparently, he has the bulbar form of ALS, which means he will lose his ability to speak, then his ability to swallow, then his ability to breathe. The bulbar form is often accompanied by frontal temporal lobe dementia, which is a form of dementia that affects the emotions and judgement. Please give this man a break. He has a tough road ahead of him. Strangely, the disease seems to affect intelligent and/or athletic folks at a higher rate than others. Learn more at

The real tragedy is the theft of his possessions by the towing company. That is a crime.

By: Anonymous on 6/25/08

Those are such kind, thoughtful sentiments given to a man who is dying from a disease that has made it nearly impossible for him to speak to anyone.

I find it depressing that you place such importance on rules that you would sacrifice a human being's life for their enforcement.

Yours is a narrow, sad view of life.

Also, you're treading dangerously close to committing libel in your passively suggestive lie about Mr. Fisher's professional record. Mr. Fisher has an outstanding professional record.

By: Anonymous on 6/25/08

You had an illegal loaded hand gun under the seat of your van (your home). That is a felony!

I pray one day you don't come face to face with a distrought individual in crisis with his illegal hand gun shoved into your face.

Good luck selling your golf scam.

Am I wrong or was David Fisher's law license suspended?

You broke the law and NOTHING justifies that.

By: Anonymous on 6/24/08

By: Anonymous on 6/24/08

This note from me, Les Harvey, is to clarify some points that were not in the original reporting.

Point 1. Everyone knows that there are unsavory people in all walks of life . . . The police departments is no exception. The S&W was not at the driver’s seat but was hidden in the rear cargo area. I had a wall from behind the driver’s seat to passenger seat which I took out. I use to hunt so have been around firearms my whole life. I sold my 3 rifles and 3 hand guns except for the S&W 38 Special for self protection (the Constitution gives us this). In this area alone, I have had people attempt to steal my gas several times and jack my van up to steal the wheel and tires. I know many don't want to believe that this area doesn’t have a drug problem, but it does, and the county is not addressing it correctly.

Point 2. I have never been arrested nor have I ever had any warrants out on me or outstanding traffic tickets. THERE WAS NO PROBABLE CAUSE! The real issue is that the police report was filled with fabrications (7 incidents) . . . I can only guess is was to cover there own inappropriate behavior because there was police brutality when they spun and slammed me into my van for no apparent reason . . . that is why I asked "what are you doing?". I can guarantee all; I have more character and integrity than the people who have been involved in this fiasco of INJUSTICE that has cost me everything. The Constitution gives us the protection of Illegal searches and it also gives us protection of being wrongly accused.

Point 3. The Constitution of this United States gives us the right to confront the charges against us . . . I was never given that chance because the incompetence of the Public Defender (Keith Gibson) who not even once tied to get my side of the story but leaped at wrongful judgment all because I have difficulty enunciating words. He never even attempted to respond to the over 15 messages I left on his answer machine or the complaints I told the people at the Public Defender's office (Maguire & Ashbaugh). Judge Duffy even failed to make sure my Constitutional Rights were upheld. So can you really say he is fair? I could tell you what I observed while sitting in his court room that would change your mind.

part 2

For the past 4 years I had been attempting to change my financial predicament. How many have gone through over $300,000 to find out what was medically wrong? I only have $54 plus change left in my portfolio so naturally at my age you don’t have that much time to rebuild what you had worked hard for all your life. All I have now is my Social Security (which is more that what most receive because of what I use to earn). My routine for this past 4 years had been to work on my new project at the county library until they closed or I had doctor appointments. Then I would usually get my evening meal at Albertsons or McDonalds inside Wal-Mart, go back out to my van, eat and plan my next day’s activities. Read a bit to relax then leave, usually around 7 to 7:30pm every evening. Not once did I ever sit around and mope and claim to be a victim, I used my God given Mind to resolve and solve my financial problem. No financial institution, when you have no assets, will loan you money for a business venture. I tried, even with a 20 page business plan and five year financial forecast. I don’t ask friends to loan or back me . . . I am smarter than that, I value friends and don’t do things that could jeopardize those friendships. True friends are too hard to find.

Like I said earlier, I have more character and integrity than all the people involved in this injustice. I invite all to read my “Who am I” page on my web site ( then judge. I have lost everything but the cloths on my back from the false arrest of Jan 12, 2008. And a county who seems to think it is not important that I am left on the street with a life threatening disease and a sinus problem I picked up in that filth hole they call a county jail.

The last time I checked we do not live in a dictatorship . . . even though we may have some politicians, city and county leaders who would like to believe we do.

Tell me, what is the harm done to anyone or place when someone goes about trying to help themselves out of a difficult place? Since when did it become a crime to eat your dinner in a parking lot and never leaving a mess for others to clean up? I have never been a “self-serving” or abusing to others, just the opposite. I did not ask for the spinal stenosis nor did I ask for the Lou Gehrig’s disease and I have not claimed to be a victim either, just trying to help myself out of my financial predicament and not being a bother to others. Ask most of the people at the shelter why they are there and what are they doing to resolve it! That is why I don’t stay there, why should I put myself in a negative environment. There is not a psychologist in the world who would agree to but a positive person in a negative environment, just the opposite.

Ask yourself what you would feel like to loose the very last of your possessions because of incompetence of others, especially when you have been diligent in resolving your own predicament, and not committing any crimes! Do you think that Albertson’s, McDonalds or Wal-Mart would ever even think about putting signs in the parking lot that if you buy food here, don’t eat it in your car in our parking lot area? I am a Veteran as well (1963-1967); I never would have believed that anything like this would happen in the United States.

It was the 9 page letter I wrote to Judge Duffy that got everything dismissed. It was the Motions I told Judge Duffy the court needed to perform because they failed to provide a competent defense attorney so that a proper defense could have been performed that got everything dismissed. By the time things started going correctly, the balance of my possessions were gone. Again because of incompetence by College Towing people. Think about this . . . would a rational mind, after looking in my van, think that organized plastic file boxes, clothes, computers, printers, tools, bed, sleeping bag, personal checking account, business checking account, credit cards, Social Security card, cell phone, etc., not be important! Or even attempt to contact the person whose address is on everything, especially the business stuff. Even my credit standing has been affected by this fiasco.

Thank for your support and letting me vent,

Les Harvey

By: Anonymous on 6/23/08

The guy had loaded handgun under his seat. He was aggressive towards the police, failed to leave when asked. Now he becomes a criminal.

Harvey is very lucky that the case was dropped.

If Harvey would have put the burger down and drove away nothing happens.

By: Anonymous on 6/22/08

Depending on who is drawing the lines, many of you could be labeled as "mentally unstable." Must be nice to speak so self righteously from the safe confines of your comfy homes. I must be an anachronism.

By: Anonymous on 6/22/08

This fellow wasn't thrown under a buss…He was saved from one.

He is clearly unstable and a hand gun in his posession would only lead to some poor soul paying the price for his lack of self control.

He is far better off in the hands of professionals that can help him than driving around homeles eating burgers in parking lots with a loaded hand gun!

Maybe Dan & Karen's "source" needed to better vetted before throwing law enforcement and the justice system under their own buss.

By: Anonymous on 6/22/08

Across the street and down the road at Denny's, wasn't that a mentally unstable transient with a gun. Thank you Doug Malsi,AGPD and Judge Duffy.

By: Anonymous on 6/21/08

A loaded handgun under his seat,disruptive in court,= self destructive behavior.

By: Anonymous on 6/21/08

Mr. Harvey attempted to take the law into his own hands and committed "contempt of cop."

I feel sorry for his medical condition but that is no excuse for violatng the law.

By: Anonymous on 6/21/08

This homeless man disregarded the directions of a security officer and when he called the police the man continued to resist the police. He IS the problem!

Then this guy has a loaded hand gun under the seat of his car…a clear felony.

The cops did what was right after the man resisted them and after they found a gun.

If you feel sorry for this fellow then send him some money.

As for me, he broke the law and was unreasonable …and oh wait! He had an ilegal loaded hand gun hidden in his car.

This bloke could have been a Rhodes scholar and the president of a major corporation and the mayor of the town and his ass still would have gone to jail!

All you leftys and ACLU marxists can kiss my ass! Thank God for the brave men and women of law enforcement and the great job they do to protect us.

By: Anonymous on 6/21/08

I haven't read the other posts but I sure hope Harvey obtains legal advise and sue the holly h#$@ out of that fast food chain. Why does our society judge people on what they wear, drive,diseases or not, and living conditions? Harvey deserves the respect of others. The problem with 'man' is that 'man judges too harshly. Stop judging and start helping!

By: Anonymous on 6/20/08

Not to justify what has happened here but there is the other side of the story. I wonder if there are signs posted in the parking lot that warn against loitering? The security officer made an inquiry to the parked vehichle which is his job. If Mr. Harvey was living in his vehicle this inquiry surely would be justified. What happened after that we don't know yet. It sounds like Mr. Harvey could have been confrontational which may have caused the situation to get out of control and the police were subsequently called.

The security officer represented the owners of the parking lot and may have told the police officer that Mr. Harvey was in violation of the posted sign. Then the police got involved and it souinds like Mr. Harvey didn't want to do what the police officer told him to do as rerquested by the security officer. At that point the police offer had to do his job, he couldn't just walk away after the security officer had called him to the scene.

After the arrest it definetly appears that the system collapsed. If the vehicle was impounded by the police there should have been a 180 form filled out that completely inventoried the vehichle. When Mr. Harvey was arrested I find it difficult that the police did not obtain his identity papers to confirm his identity for booking.

Like I said I think there will be another side to this story. A review of the police report, vehicle inventory and booking records should be interesting documents to review.

By: Anonymous on 6/20/08

This is NOT a case for an ambulance chaser, this is a case for someone to work in conjunction with the ACLU, hopefully a lawyer with some experience in ADA or disability access laws….And I don't mean someone like that scum sucking POS Jarick Mallick and his bottom feeding friend who tried to make a career out of abusing the system. This guy, was on his way down, no job, everything in a van, living on McD's He didn't have a closet or a safe to keep that S&W in, If he had no place to park over night, he'd need that S&W to keep looters away, even just for the piece of mind of having it. So, when the group of 4 or 6 fine upstanding young men come to his door, are they going to try to hand him a copy of the Watchtower….or have illegal, serial number ground off weapons and tire irons? The weopon is NOT the issue, the issue is the way WE assume that someone is incompetent because of slurred speech or paralysis, and that this person lost his livelihood by no action of his own, the disease took away his ability to be accepted by the 'beautiful people' of SLO county.

By: Anonymous on 6/20/08

The case has to be an ambulance chasing attorney's dream, going after deep pockets. It sounds like there was a complete lack of common sense on everyones part in this case. Starting with the door shaker who more than likely had no qualifications to be a "security guard" to the police office who may have been hired with little to no qualifications either to do the job. I don't know what to say about Judge Duffy who has always appeared to be more than a fair judge.

There is NO excuse for having the gun concealed, legal or illegal search. I have a freind who was a former police officer who often tells the story how the hammer was half ways back on his gun when he discovered a gun in a glove box while the violator was producing his registration. It was later determined the violator had a concealed weapons permit (which was immediately confiscated) although he often states how close he came to shooting the person basically for being stupid and having the gun concealed.

By: Anonymous on 6/20/08

The gun fortunately was under the mans seat. While he shouldn't have it concealed and loaded, it sounds like it was an illegal search. This poor man had a right to sit and enjoy his lunch in the parking lot belonging to the business he had just patronised. The problem is that we are loosing our rights because he are all sticking our heads in the sand. Since when do the police have a right to tell us to move and if we don't then they arrest us and drag us out of our cars? The man had a right to be where he was and a reason to be there. The rest is nothing but a system that is out of control and anear gistapo government pushing the limit. I hope a good civil rights attorney picks this case up and gives someone hell.

By: Anonymous on 6/20/08

Until brandished, it only represents the threat of a threat.

I am not downplaying the serious threat of hand guns in the wrong hands, however.

By: Anonymous on 6/20/08

I don't think so on the gun control. The gun only becomes a threat when brandished.

By: Anonymous on 6/20/08

Even though the gun is not the crux of the case by any means it is important to mention. This easily could have escalated to a higher degree and if by some means the gun would have been displayed or discovered in a different manner the outcome of this situation could have ended much sadder than it already is. There needs to be some control of guns-concealed weapons is not the answer.

By: Anonymous on 6/20/08

Funny, Look down the list of past stories. Look at the number of comments. Paso merchants, a few dozen comments… 'bad' lender… hundreds of comments. I think that shows allot about what people here care about. Any one of those poor poor people who lost their entire life savings investing in that high return get rich quick scheme could just as easily end up just like this guy, living in a van down by the river. A debilitating disease is only a breath away from affecting any one of us. So, would you rather admit to being a greedy IDIOT by giving all your savings to a shyster to 'lose' it or remain looking like a wise man to be struck with a disease that wipes you out financially and morally? Guess it all comes down to WHO is it easier to blame. Yourself, someone else or no one at all?

As for the rest of the miscarriage that happened, we should hope that everyone from the person who took his order to the judge is investigated for his decision to label someone this way without a medical review. Lets not forget the crap-tastic lawyer who got their JD in a happy meal.

The gun, is irrelevant really. It was not used to commit a crime. There are hundreds of thousands of illegal weapons in the hands of criminals using them for the commission of crimes. He should have held up a bank at gunpoint, at least the federal prison system would have had slightly better health care.

An armed society is a polite society…but there is not cure for stupid.

By: Anonymous on 6/20/08

I sympathize with Mr. Harvey; the security guard seems to have overstepped his bounds and then overreacted by calling AGPD. However, when approached by the police officer he should have obeyed and moved along. A rational person realizes that one NEVER wins an argument with the police. By refusing to comply with the officer's request, Mr. Harvey caused an unnecessary escalation of the situation. Also one cannot "interrupt the court" and hope to prosper. I'm glad that Uncoslo covered this story, but I don't get the same sense of outrage that Karen Velie appears to feel. I'm glad to see her defending Les Harvey's Second Amendment rights, though. To me, the real shame of this story is that it's illegal to keep a firearm in one's car, or upon one's person for purposes of protection.

By: Anonymous on 6/19/08

What a sad and heinous story.

This is ripe for a sharky lawyer to go after McDonalds for 86ing the customer. While they are only peripherally part of the problem, they have a lot of assets, and that's where the suit will focus.

This website needs a place for the eds to post documents. It would be telling to read the police report, and other open docs that you can get your hands on.

By: Anonymous on 6/19/08

try motel 6 in pismo.

By: Anonymous on 6/19/08

try motel 6 in pismo.

By: Anonymous on 6/19/08

Sadly this happens all of the time. Anyone know where this man is staying?

By: Anonymous on 6/19/08

Name, Balanced between what?

Egregious misuse of authority and the desire to maintain the status quo to basic human rights defined by our constitution ?

Go stick your head in the sand if you want.

Balance is for sissies.

I'll buy the Triv at the newsstand for fifty cents if their online publication has anything useful.

I wont be spending many quarters.

By: Anonymous on 6/19/08

Why do you keep asking for financial support – you need to be more balanced and maybe someone would invest.

By: Anonymous on 6/19/08

OK you got me, I unsubscribed to the Trivial and pushed your button.

We need MORE journalism like this, the local wood pulp joke needs to go down, they have been worse than nothing for far too long.

Other stories I'd like to know about would be the complete results of the swat style attack on the Nipomo chicken ranch, was it worth it?

And whatever happened to the mud samples that Lois Capps and co. took from the Los Osos mud? maybe there was NOTHING THERE? making a mockery of the RWQCBs Cease and desist orders?

And what about SLO spending taxpayers money on an elitist bicycle race that stands a very good chance of getting rained on AGAIN?

Keep going uncovered!!!!!!

By: Anonymous on 6/19/08

I'm sure that Dan Duvall will help Mr. Harvey along with the other people who are victims of society.

Long live Sunny Acres

By: Anonymous on 6/19/08

Cops are not supposed to be making unlawful searches.

By: Anonymous on 6/19/08

The loaded hand gun was a big no-no!

Cops don't like to find guns under seats of cars.

The rest of the story is subject to the other side being told.

A half decent public defender could have ironed it all out in no time if his insanity was bogus.

Maybe he is where he needs to be for now.

I do wish him well.