BULLETIN: Gearhart crashing, burning

September 16, 2008


Attorneys for North County developer Kelly Gearhart, the darling of Atascadero city officials, hard-money lenders, and local banks, encountered Judge Charles S. Crandall Tuesday morning.

The San Luis Obispo County Superior Court jurist took position and control from Gearhart on his Morro Road LLC and appointed a limited receiver. The LLC owns real property leased to Tastee Freeze in Atascadero, and numerous unfinished projects, all funded by Hurst Financial Corp. (HFC) investors.

Tuesday’s action accrued from a lawsuit filed by Murray Powell and David Rios alleging fraud by Gearhart and HFC principle Jay Miller. Crandall approved a plaintiff request and appointed Susan Uecker as the troubled project’s receiver.

Uecker was ordered to provide the court with a report within 90 days regarding status of the Morro Roads LLC’s holdings.

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By: ThomasPaine on 9/17/08

Like I said NSZ, you need help.

By: Booty_Juice on 9/17/08

What happened to all of those ass clown poseurs who were threatening lawsuits to everyone who was calling bullshit on Gearhart and his scamming?

For that matter, what ever happened to the lawsuit that gearhart himself was threatening against Karen when he called into Gongalton's show? He's shown himself to be little more than a pinkfaced, old, underendowed mongrel dog who comes up two testicles short of Karen.

By: OsborneCox on 9/17/08

Mr. Greyhound, I will join you in voting for anyone else but Jerry Clay in the city council election and share your hope for justice to prevail in whatever actions Gearhart is facing, but I would recommend you brush up on your writing some before you go calling anyone else a "low-life hick loser." Obviously, we can't all go to college, but your poor grasp of the English language makes you appear to be someone who sits at the keyboard with a wife-beater on. That, and get your facts straight. Kelly and Tamara are based in Paso right now, living in a second-story flat. I saw Kelly just yesterday (Tuesday) at one of his properties.

By: Greyhound on 9/17/08

That weasel known as Gearhart is hiding in Ohio. He's so tough and so big……unitl he has half the town wanting his hide…..Real big man he is. Him and all of his buddies are low-life hick losers. I just hope Jerry Clay's real true nature gets uncovered in this whole thing. I know for a fact that he's in on all of this as well. That guy is as dirty and crooked as they come and the only people that will argue that statement are either in on it too or painfully ignorant of the real deal.

By: insider on 9/16/08

Gearhart has many LLC's and partnerships from what I've read. That's one head off of the 12 headed dragon. I'm sure he has no intent of going easy. Where is he? Does anyone know? The Trib reported his personal residence and the flop house or "hotel" as the permit calls it over by the KFC are up for auction at the end of the month.