UPDATE: Dancing Star whistleblower shown the gate

February 25, 2009
Dancing Star maintenance supervisor Jason Hamaker was fired for discussing killing practices at the facility.

Dancing Star maintenance supervisor Jason Hamaker was fired for discussing killing practices at the facility.


Dancing Star Foundation has fired a fulltime employee considered a whistleblower by supporters because of his actions in bringing to light the killing of healthy animals at the Cayucos animal sanctuary.

Earlier today, sanctuary foreman Jerry Smith ordered maintenance supervisor Jason Hamaker to vacate the ranch home he occupies within 24 hours, and fired the outspoken employee.

“[Smith] blocked the gate so I couldn’t leave… parked his truck in front of the gate,” Hamaker said of the contentious confrontation. “I am represented by [San Luis Obispo attorney] Jeff Stulberg. He said they can’t kick me out with just 24 hours notice.”

Whistleblowers are protected under the California False Claims Act. According to Section 12653, “an employer may not discharge, demote, suspend, threaten, harass, deny promotion to, or in any other manner discriminate against, an employee in the terms and conditions of employment because he or she has disclosed information to the government.”

Hamaker went public after witnessing dozens of the animals he was hired to care for meet the veterinarian’s needle. He has questioned whether the non-profit foundation’s officials are following the wishes of Sue Stiles, benefactress and founder of the foundation. Stiles endowed the foundation with more than $60 million before she died in 2002.

“These people think they are above the law,” Hamaker added. “They tell new employees they have $40 million and there is nothing you can do about it. You fall in love with the animals, and you stay.”

Click on the following link to watch a video, shot by a current sanctuary employee, of a day of killing at Dancing Star animal sanctuary.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omgF2NqgXsw

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By: mulegirl on 2/26/09

I do agree with Bluemule and Cindy to just ignore. But I have to make one point so people won't be afraid to post what they find out about who posters may or may not be. That is absolutely NOT slander in any way shape or form. I've not seen anything here thus far that is.

There's an update of sorts. The Farm Sanctuary says they've secured a signed agreement from Dancing Stars BOD to cease these killings. While that is no small victory, it's not the whole battle. There's still the matter of the misuse of Sue Stiles' legacy and her wishes as to how the place should be run. And there's still far too much secrecy there. Note that Tobias and Morrison (other than one comment) have not come forward at all. For people that are quick to speak out about fairy shrimp (said on purpose, for those that have heard the Dave Congalton show) or any other pet project, they sure seem shy all of a sudden. I, for one, really do not want to let this thing rest until they are removed from control of the Foundation.

By: Princess1 on 2/26/09

I dont believe for a minute that old roger gillot would not come in here himself,or send in a hired gun or two.Be leary.I see several possible snakes in the grass.

By: Princess1 on 2/26/09

Gee….Thanks coasty…I think….Anyways,he sounds more like a lawyer to me.I still think hes on the payroll of gillot.please don't marginalize moderate comments off hand as an evil plot .What the hell does that mean ? That sounds like a lawyer also.

By: bluemule on 2/26/09

The guy's lame tactic is called "trolling," and it's pretty common on the net. A "troll" makes posts with the intent of irritating and pissing off the other people in the discussion and eliciting a heated response, thereby hijacking the thread and changing the subject. I guess it makes small people feel important. The best course of action for kook trolls like this one is to completely ignore them. Don't respond at all. If you do, you're just playing into their game. There's too much important discussion to be had in this situation to waste any time at all with trolls.

By: Cindy on 2/26/09

Princess1 is correct about r-cubed. He is here to cause discord with untruths. This site has had problems before with a blogger seeking

to disrupt certain threads. The person I refer to used to slime every political thread to the extent that everyone was on the defensive replying to his egregious statements and constantly lead off topic. The way we all finally dealt with it was to completely ignore all his posts. I recommend that no one comment on or reply to anything r-cubed posts. It worked in the past. Thats just my opinion.

By: coasty on 2/26/09

Karma, if what you are implying is true…that you are a veterinarian…does that mean that you did a physical exam on those horses??? Or the cows??? As a veterinarian have you put a horse down? I have unfortunately had the "displeasure" of watching a few euthanasias (I hope that people understand that euthanasias (as beach goat stated) are a necessary evil at times) and even in the hands of the best veterinarians under ideal circumstances things can go wrong and horses can "flop". I'm not defending any particular one of the euthanasias as I certainly was not there while that video was being filmed and DO NOT PRETEND TO SECOND JUDGE PEOPLE THAT WERE THERE AND ARE PROFESSIONALS.

I do have to agree that Jerry Smith is a pompous ass and that this entire situation is the creation of his and the boards creation. Jerry has fired some very wonderful people including but not limited to Jason, Jenny and Sheldon.

P.S. You still have not provided evidence regarding Harry, I'm sure that you could do some hasty research/interviews to find the evidence of a Checkered Past that you imply. :)

P.P.S. Princess: R cubed is obviously an ass as well, likely associated with Jerry (I find it more likely based on the obvious "intelligence" of his statements(smirk) then someone that tobias has hired). However, please don't marginalize moderate comments off hand as an evil plot (feel free to marginalize r cubed at will).

By: Princess1 on 2/26/09

The crisis clean-up crew that was hired by tobias and dancing star are not newcomers to this kind of situation.Standard procedure would dictate to send bogus people into a blog site to disrupt any progress that is being made.Divide and conquer.Get us off track.It is obvious that r cubed is on the payroll.Possibly joe to.The best thing to do for the sake of the animals….and it will be very dificult,is to ignore EVERYTHING that they post.No matter what it is.We can win this,even with professional liars and con men against us.Dont let their stratigy work.Peace…Good job Jason,Sheldon,Jen,Amber,and all of you.Except for turd brain r pubed.

By: Princess1 on 2/26/09

and I dont like r cubed….I bet his own mother dosent like him.

By: Princess1 on 2/26/09

Id like to give joe a break.

By: R_Cubed on 2/26/09

My, my people…your posts are filled with hearsay, rumors and gossip.

Cowgirl if you personally didn't see Jerry "cut the heads off of sanctuary cows" then you are spreading rumors…and rumors is all it is. Nobody was cutting heads off anything cows. I can say for a fact.

Cindy, I can assure you 100% I have no association in anyway with "http://www.gillottcommunications.com/" as you have matter-of-factually stated. But maybe they will know what you have posted and others too about them equaling 'slander'.

Big_Smiles, if you are judging individuals by "Just read all the press and TV coverage. Watch the video of the killings. Its clear that these Employees are telling the truth" as your post stated, you have nothing but your opinion on a cell phone video taken by Jason. My point is, you know nothing.

Big_Smiles, you posted "These animals were put down by the numbers that the BOD wanted to decrease the herd by. It wasn't for medical reasons." Why would a non-profit who needs these herds to continue to work and fulfill Ms. Stile's wishes want to decrease the herd? They wouldn't, your post is bogus.

Karma, your judgment comes from a CELL PHONE VIDEO-LOL. Knowledge is everything so are the facts and facts you do not have my friend.

Maybe all these bitter employees (or ex-employees) should line up and give us a little history lesson about their life and it would explain their character…

Jerry was kind enough to give people a chance at working for a good organization. If these employees are so truthful and honest why are they shoveling poop for a very low hourly wage? These employees are taking good starter jobs from teenagers. Must have been the only place to hire them…maybe they didn't make very sound decisions in their life: drugs, drinking, jail, prison, homeless, probation, parolees…it might also be fun to look at these 'employees' attendance records.

Like I said before to all you 'sue happy' people, "Generally, you ain't learnin' nothing when your mouth's a-jawin'" or maybe when your fingers are typing ;)

By: cowgirl on 2/26/09

MICHELLE- STRETCH MEANS to rope a cow by various limbs(legs, head or horns) from horseback and to pull the rope tight using the aid of their horse to hold the cow. This is seen in calf roping but with two horses. And give Joe a break he was giving Mulegirl well deserved props!

By: KARMA on 2/26/09

Those of you defending the veterinarians for "FOLLOWING ORDERS" to euthanize the animals – Please people take a step back and evaluate this serious matter. A professional, upstanding, compassionate, experienced, reverent, knowledgeable, competent, qualified, ethical, hired veterinarian will on his/her "OWN" make the judgement call after reviewing all veterinary records, medical history and physical examination of the animal, whether to euthanize the animal. I should know. I can say for myself and some of my colleagues, upon review of the euthanasia video, we strongly question the decision to put these animals down.


Poor Joe: Seems he is so embittered by his own life that he has no sympathy left for creatures that ask nothing of anyone but food, water, a little pet once and again. I am not a big advocate of animal care over human care (aka PETA) but I don't understand greed over all things. If there are those willing to watch over "disposable" animals, then that should be their choice. The powers that be must be held accountable for their so-called decision making especially when dealing with a non-profit company. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

By: Joe on 2/26/09

You don't think it's funny?

Family's are losing everything and people are crying about dead horses?

How about the 70 cats over in Los Osos? When are y'all gonna start crying about them?

I think it's hilarious where peoples priorities are, it is the perfect coda to this chapter of life on the central coast.

Seriously… Is that guy's job going to be posted? I have a great recipe for bricholle.

By: hotdog on 2/26/09

http://www.gillottcommunications.com/ is all about what is wrong with this country-they are for hire putting a good spin on bad things. If R cubed is them then the whole comment is discredited. These damn lobbyists and other parasites sucking off our system is killing us. I think we should reward whistleblowers and punish the 'white belt' fat cats who would sell their Mom down the river for a couple drachmas.

By: mcdonald on 2/26/09

Check Out R-Cubed Consulting. Here is some of what they do..

# Advising clients concerning successful relationships with Congress

# Providing essential DC presence for successful federal market penetration


By: Cindy on 2/26/09

LMAFO stands for Laughing My Fat Ass Off. I don't think any of this is funny.

By: Michelle on 2/26/09

Cowgirl- What does "strech Harry to his death" mean. Did you actually see the decapitated cows?

By: Joe on 2/26/09

LMFAO @ R-Cubed, Thanks Muelgirl.

By: mulegirl on 2/26/09

R-Cubed: perhaps you want to proof read your OWN posts.

"Instead of them suffered and struggle for their last breath, "

Rcubed is obviously a shill.

By: cowgirl on 2/26/09

I was employed their at the time. The cows names were: Sandy, Pearl, and Harry. And it took four cowboys on horseback to stretch Harry to his death. I thankfully didn't witness this cruelty but I saw the horror on the employees faces who did!

By: Michelle on 2/26/09

This is insane. What kind of person would cut off a cows head? I'd like to hear from Jason. Is it possible that this site has been infiltrated to make the Employees sound nuts?

By: Cindy on 2/26/09

Cowgirl- What are you saying? This is new news. Jerry cut off the cow's heads and did what? The cows heads didn't go to the processor or whom ever picked up the carcases? Can anyone verify this? Are you or were you an Employee?

By: cowgirl on 2/26/09

R-CUBED: IF JERRY is such a good person why would he cut the heads off of sanctuary cows? Was it to hang on your walls? Or did he sale them for profit?

By: Cindy on 2/26/09

The post from r-cubed is "sickening". Check out who R-Cubed is..


By: BIG_SMILES on 2/26/09

R_Cubed- Who do you think your kidding. Just read all the press and TV coverage. Watch the video of the killings. Its clear that these Employees are telling the truth. I have "no doubt" about that. These animals were put down by the numbers that the BOD wanted to decrease the herd by. It wasn't for medical reasons. Please don't condescend us by telling us if we didn't know Ms. Stiles then we don't understand. I still say who wants to go to L.A. and picket.

By: alphalibertyfoxtrot on 2/26/09

Jerry Smith is a good guy … yeah sure . That SOB got in my wife's face when she was six months pregnant with our son .

By: R_Cubed on 2/26/09

PS: Jason wasn't fired because he was a 'Whistle Blower' but the truth shall rise above the accusations and ignorance…I am confident.

By: R_Cubed on 2/26/09

Okay everyone, try stepping back and maybe even proof read what you write. If you didn't know Ms. Stile then you wouldn't understand this organization. Jerry Smith is a truly nice, respectful and honest man. Jerry's 'cowboy help' are all there to ensure their job is done well. They gain nothing by 'killing innocent animals' as you imply. Dr. Evans is a respectable man and professional-he makes sound and appropriate decisions.

These animals were ALL sentenced to 'doom' until they were BOUGHT to live out their lives on a beautiful ranch. Many humans don't even have this option. Instead of these horses being sent to be made dog food (you people have dogs right?) or the glue factory, they lived until their bodies couldn't lie anymore. Instead of them suffered and struggle for their last breath, they are able to pass away peacefully in their sleep. I like that much more then thinking of a cancerous horse being shot then grinded up into the dog food you buy at the stores.

Remember there are always two sides to every story and these 'employees' have many more untruthful stories. Maybe these disgruntled employees should reveal their lifestyles.

If some of you want to really help in this world, get involved in real cases of animal cruelty or even start asking questions about all the violent sex offenders-adults and juvenile offenders living in your neighborhood and dating your kids.

"Generally, you ain't learnin' nothing when your mouth's a-jawin'"

Just a thought…knowledge is everything.

By: barb on 2/26/09

sierrablue – what name would Virgil know you by? We have been doing a lot of talking about those days – he really misses what he had down there.

By: Joe on 2/26/09

So are they going to post his job? I've been out of steady work for about 2 years, I have no problem killing horses to keep my kids in shoes.

By: Black_Copter_Pilot on 2/26/09

Someone here needs to offer Jason some housing and a paycheck…wish I could, but got pretty much wiped out in the EFI deal.

By: BIG_SMILES on 2/26/09

How about a bunch of us going down to LA and picketing Tobias and Morrisons big house. I say embarrass the hell out of them right where they live. Lets see what the neighbors think of how they earn such a fabulous living. They don't seem to mind telling the nation that this is nothing but a bunch of disgruntled employees and damaging the reputations of honest, truthful hard working people. Who wants to go?

By: Nancy on 2/26/09

Of course they have to lie. How can they admit the truth behind their killing spree when they collect such generous salaries? The fact is that they didn't realize that people who work for $9.00 an hour are intelligent people who work for less money to do a job that they love to do. It never crossed their minds that the Employees would look at the trust or the BOD salaries and go to the press. It never dawned on these grand standers that the Employees would launch a nation wide campaign.I wouldn't expect them to respect anyone who works for low wages and know that these animal loving employees intelligence is as big as their hearts. So now they have to back track and spin the lies and its obvious that the Employees are telling the truth.

By: Michelle on 2/26/09

That article is excellent but it infuriates me to watch the spokesperson saying things like "the animals were in severe pain" – "we weren't planning on euthanising any more animals anyway" he's lying like a rug. Weltner is lying too. I say boycott her.

By: Cindy on 2/26/09

The article in the LA Times is very good. I'm pleased to see them give CCN credit on this story. I noticed that the article says that the foundation funds cancer research at UCLA! What in the world is that all about? Did Ms Stiles expand her trust to include cancer research or is this another one of Tobias and Morrison's grandiose ideas to gain personal recognition? Does anyone know anything about this? I'm wondering if I might have misunderstood.

By: LeeSD on 2/26/09

Thanks for standing up, Jason !!

My idea of what these criminals are doing is they are making way for a profitable sanctuary like a kind of zoo with exotic animals rather than the run of the mill like horses, bows and burros.

I'm a little surprised the woman that created this didn't put a few more stipulations regarding her wishes. Some safeguards against what is now taking place.

By: DanBlackburn on 2/26/09

The Los Angeles Times' Steve Chawkins has written an excellent and through article this morning, and graciously gives CalCoastNews credit for breaking this story. Very professional.


By: Kelev on 2/26/09

The extravagant excessive salaries for Tobias, his wife, etc. tell the tale of his "committment" to the poor animals. BTW, a foundation which funds torture to animals at UCLA is a huge questionmark, in my opinion. What a shame such jerks got a hold of a nobel idea and actual refuge for the most vulnerable among us, the creatures cast out and thrown away. Shame on those responsible for ruining Stile's true committment. The animals lose all the way!

By: sierrablu on 2/26/09

Barb I am so glad you wrote. I was wondering how Virgil was. I know all that went down but he was always nice to me. I am glad he knows that we are fighting tooth and nail for our friends at Dancing Star.

By: sierrablu on 2/26/09

Hey mulegirl will you give cindy my email address. You both would be such an asset to our team thanks for everything you two are both doing and the words you are writing. The answer to your question. If the vets hadnt euthanized them they would have been shot by the great white hunter (so he thinks he it)

By: Princess1 on 2/25/09

eenie meenie minee moe

thats how we pick the next to go

Dont ask its name

i do not know

eenie meenie minee moe

"unofficial dancing star slogan" as written by jerry smith.

By: Princess1 on 2/25/09

Check out this weenie who is acting as the official spokesperson (paid prostitute) for dancing star.He represents big oil companies when they spill millions of gallons of oil.Tobias and his motley crew have some strange bedfellows.Birds of a feather flock together.


By: barb on 2/25/09

My brother, Virgil, worked for this sanctuary from 2003 to 2005. He was given a small cabin to live in on their land and LOVED his time working with the horses. In late 2004 or early 2005 he tried to bring animal abuse/neglect to someone's attention.

He had a blog on http://www.WriterBytes.com?Incredible and tried to talk to

people with no avail. I even tried to contact the administrators of

the place but always hit a dead end with whomever they had handling

things locally. After some time my brother was given an ultimatum to stop writing bad things about them or lose his job. He loved the animals, especially the horses, way too much to stop trying to help them. Eventually he was fired and kicked off the property. As with the current person who was fired, he, too, was given 24 hours to get out. As I recall he was even taken to court and forced to end his blog and move out. At the time he got the job he was recovering from a stroke and the horses,

especially Barney, were a great help to his recovery. My brother has always been somewhat of a recluse and his time at Dancing Star was the happiest I have ever seen him. He has since had another stroke and is living with us for a time while recovering. I was on a business trip when I saw a story on the news about this

recent development and I shared the story with my brother. I wanted him to see that there were others that continued after him to try and expose this terrible situation. He was so happy to think the animals might finally get the care they deserve. I can't help but wonder if they hired people like my brother with the thought they would

just keep their eyes closed and be grateful to have work. Despite everything he would go back and work there again in an instant if caring people were in charge.

I hope I haven't bored you with my story. I truly hope that someone looks very close at the people hired to run the sanctuary. There must be some truth when so many people over so many years complain.

By: Cindy on 2/25/09

Mulegirl – lets get in touch and see what we can do. Contact the editors for my phone# or e-mail address. Likewise anyone who wants to contact someone can always go through the editors.

By: Robert on 2/25/09

support processing plants here in the States. Peta closed ours down and they were the most humane in the WORLD. Now look what is happening to all of these horses. Hay is throguh the roof and so is feed. Vet bills have gone sky high….be realistic people…..or should I say sheeple

By: Robert on 2/25/09

Oh good grief people…………..


They do it also but instead of calling it killing or murder like they do to other people, they call in "going to sleep forever"….wth ( rolling eyes)

By: mcdonald on 2/25/09

Maybe Evans and Weltner should speak the truth. I understand the position that they're in but it doesn't take any extraordinary brains more than that endowed to the average citizen to read between all these lines and deduce the facts and truth. The Employees are telling the truth and we all know it. Speaking out will probably make you both "hero's", do you know that? It's in your best interest to tell the truth.

By: mulegirl on 2/25/09

Coasty makes good points. I don't consider the vets or the employees that were there as the bad guys in this. They were following orders, in the case of employees, and the vets were acceding to the owner's wishes. I would imagine those days were very horrific for everyone there. People have asked why employees stood by – because of love of the animals and wanting them to have a familiar, loving face nearby at the end! That's an incredibly noble and STRONG thing to do.

And consider this: if the vets had not agreed to do this, what would have happened do you think? Do you honestly think that the BOD would have just shrugged and said "oh well, can't do that."? HARDLY. It's likely some far more horrific method of death would have been applied by those willfully carrying out the BOD's wishes. I do, however, have a question about what one poster elsewhere said about the drugs used in at least one case, saying they are not approved for euthanasia. ??

Cindy: I have been e-mailing everyone I can think of that could bring some weight to bear on Tobias/Morrison et al. and/or on the national media to pick this up more heavily. Today I contacted the HSUS and the Animal Welfare Institute. I encourage everyone to contact those kinds of places as Cindy said. And don't forget the California Attorney General!

By: animalhelper on 2/25/09

I have been asked by several people who signed the petition "Where is the petition going to end up?" Where is the ultimate destination?

By: Nancy on 2/25/09

I'll agree that it isn't the veterinarians fault if the veterinarians will admit that these euthanasia's were about the #'s and not the well being of the animals. Dr Weltner has already told the media that these were sick animals and they were put down for quality of life. According to the employees (not one has come forward and denied this) the animals were put down according to the # that the BOD wanted to reduce the population by. The most expensive to maintain were picked for the slaughter. If these vets are willing to tell the truth then I agree that they have done nothing wrong and followed orders just like the employees did. At least the employees have a conscientious.

By: Cindy on 2/25/09

I'll submit the following question to Dr. Evans and likewise to Dr. Weltner.

Regarding the animals that you put down…. If any of these animals had been your beloved pets, how many of them would you have euthanised rather than allow them to continue to live their lives with good care while eating "affordable" mush and taking meds ?

By: coasty on 2/25/09

First I'd like to say that I consider myself an animal lover, environmentalist and a REALIST! I also have worked at Dancing Star in the past.

Starting off:

1. Tobias and his crew=absolutely horrible that they were making in excess of 1 million dollars a year (tribune article quotes them as saying they have taken "voluntary pay cuts" (to get down to 720,000) and are trying to dupe the public and the veterinarians into thinking that the foundation was out of money and that for the sake of the majority of the animals they must sacrifice the significantly geriatric/orthopedically challenged animals.

2. I would also like to emphasize that while everyone appears to be crucifying the veterinarians did they ever stop to consider that they were probably trying to do the best for the animals that are still able to have a quality of life? Have they ever been close enough to a euthanasia to see the tears in the veterinarians eyes?

3. I have known and used Gary Evans as a veterinarian for a number of decades and have found him to be one of the most compassionate and caring people that I have ever met. He doesn't take the decision to euthanize animals lightly. I would assume that he made the judgment that these were the animals that could least cope with tough times and were not able to move freely, maintain weight or some other reason (hard to be a backseat quarterback without having been there isn't it?)

Addressing the "Harry the donkey" comment from another cal coast comments section…Having driven by where he lived numerous times and having seen countless adoring fans of Harry…KILLING HIM WITH KINDNESS I'm sorry but I would bet that he foundered due to people feeding him treats day in and day out rather then something that Dr. Evans did. And how is the veterinarian guilty of the owner neglecting Harry??? I failed to see the logic of the commenter other than trying to come up with a way to smear a truly good man.

3. Regarding Dr. Weltner. I have never met her, however I have heard nothing but good things about her and her treatment of other's loved ones. I don't have any experience with the Creston Farms/trebek issue, however after doing some record searching I have found a few things: From the few articles that I found it appears that she stated that she had not been to Creston Farms the day that the horse was "euthanize". Therefore I'd like to know how she is implicated in this crime…Oh and by the way couldn't find any documentation that either Dr. Weltner or Dr. Evans have been charged, convicted, suspended or otherwise in conjunction with either of the "crimes" that were brought up. We live in the U.S. where "guilty" comes AFTER a jury trial, right?

Come on people this strikes me as deliberate slander to sensationalize an issue.

Where was everyone when there were over 500 animals at dancing star and the ground looked like a feedlot? Environmental disaster? Great environment for already compromised animals?

I would bet that the heroes of this story (Jason, Sheldon and Jenny) would agree with me about the character of the veterinarians. What say you the masses. In my humble opinion.

By: alphalibertyfoxtrot on 2/25/09

From THE GRAPES OF WRATH."Whenever they's a fight so hungry people can eat, I'll be there. Whenever they's a cop beatin' up a guy, I'll be there . . . . I'll be in the way guys yell when they're mad an'-I'll be in the way kids laugh when they're hungry an' they know supper's ready. An' when our folks eat the stuff they raise an' live in the houses they build-why, I'll be there."

Jason Hamaker you have captured the spirt of Tom Joad . Hang in there.

By: Michelle on 2/25/09

Newsome might be correct but we don't know if Hamaker also spoke with the government. Plenty of people have been attempting to reach a gov agency who will take action and the press is a good way to do it. To some extent all of these Employees have a claim. If nothing else than for the emotional abuse they've been put through. Add fear of getting pregnant or speaking up for the creatures they are supposed to be protecting while being forced to needlessly kill them and I think you can see where I'm going. This is definitely in my opinion going to be a good law suit.

By: Newsome on 2/25/09

1) I admire Hamaker's cojones for putting his beliefs ahead of his job. We should all hold our convictions that strongly.

2) I would say he is dead wrong in charging that he was terminated for being a whistleblower. I believe he was terminated for talking to CCN, KVEC and the TT. None of those agencies are government agencies.

By: Cindy on 2/25/09

I hope the other Employees also seek out Jeff Stulburg. It's against the law to terminate a woman for being pregnant. Its against the law to refuse employment to African Americans and its against the law to threaten employees with EDD benefits unless they sign a "gag order".

With this problem now managed by Jeff it's time to get on with stopping the killings and bringing the BOD to justice. I hope people are following all of these posts and contacting the IRS, AG, animal rights leagues and everyone possible. If Tobias & Morrison have violated the trust agreement (and I think they have) then something can be done.

By: mulegirl on 2/25/09

You said it. Jason, you are indeed very admired for your strength in standing up for what's right despite such great personal risk — which sounds like risk of even physical harm. We all admire you very much. And I agree that your attorney should be actively suing their pants off. But of course that won't stop killings. We still need to try to stop that. Jason's firing makes the story more interesting to national media, I would hope. I'm going to try to contact some and see if they'll pick this up.

By: sunnyhaven on 2/25/09

Stay strong Jason. You are a hero for bringing this to light. I hope You and the other employees sue the pants off of The foundation for wrongful termination and Jerry Smith for harassment & intimidation.