Court clerk arrested for selling information

September 10, 2009


A San Luis Obispo County Superior Court clerk was arrested on charges he was selling information to criminal defendants over a three-month period this year.

Sheriff’s detectives arrested Juvenal Marin, 24, of Santa Maria after an undercover narcotics officer purchased court information from him, according to Undersheriff Steve Bolts.

Detectives served search warrants on Marin’s home as well as portions of the clerk’s offices in San Luis Obispo. Detectives arrested Marin at the San Luis Obispo Courthouse on Sept. 3 at 9:28 a.m. because of accusations that he had unauthorized access to state computers and information about criminal cases.

Marin has been released on $10,000 bail.


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Member Opinions:

By: cheseburger on 9/14/09

Use it, excellent point sir, I am in complete agreement, seriously, let’s stop selling guns, grow good pot and sell it world wide, why don’t these dummies wake up we are sitting on a huge export crop could make it legal to sell world wide, (we do anything else we want) and GET OUT OF the Second Great Depression, while creating world peace,

By: Use_it_or_Lose_it on 9/14/09

Actually writing to booty- all your points are right on but you left out a key point. WE WE THE USA are the biggest arms dealer on the planet. That’s out biggest export. We don’t make steel anymore, cars, manufacturing is dead. But, we have the largest military complex on the planet and wars are our friend.

Same way the repubs will never really want to have abortion rights overturned. We don’t really want peace. With peace = no weapons to sell. With abortion rights rescinded = no way to create feverish distraction from real issues.

By: cheseburger on 9/13/09

I got defrauded by Hurst, for ALL my money, if I don’t get a judgment, against the perpetrators, I’m screwed for life!

Even a judgment! With such judgment I can apply for the Fraud Victim’s Fund from the department of real estate. So can anyone else that files and wins, if there is money in the fund, or the fund is funded in the future by they Federal Government, you can collect according to M. Smith at the Department of Corporations. (916-322-6067), give them a call maybe it’s hope. I feel like one of the two buzzards on the branch, the one who doesn’t want to wait!

By: Nancy on 9/12/09

cheeseburger, That is a good reason to be crazy. I feel sorry that you got caught up in all that scamming and having to deal with Grigger Jones, That dirty crook who is hiding some of your money for Kelly Gearhart.

This site broke all those stories open and anytime is “probably OK” to mention it.

By: Nancy on 9/11/09

Laura, I don’t know what cheeseburger is talking about but this was really ridiculously funny.

“maybe he could terminate him, or Conan style just chop him up! And throw his head down the stairs of the white house, that is if he’s guilty, I’d like to get my hands on the cashed check.” hahahaah what the ?

By: Laura on 9/11/09

cheeseburger is so crazy, he’s making me laugh.

By: cheseburger on 9/11/09

George sorry I deleted some of my posts too, you can re-post the ones you think are appropriate, I’m blown away by the 9/11 post,by bootie juice, I wondered how it got here then I remembered the date, seems the topic now is the Trib. they were probably bought by Gearhart too, or controlled by our Government, leaders, this may be on the subject, what ever happened to Kevin McCarthy and the 1.5 million Gearhart bought him with, any body know where that went.

Anybody run this by Arnold, wouldn’t he be the assemblyman’s boss, maybe he could terminate him, or Conan style just chop him up! And throw his head down the stairs of the white house, that is if he’s guilty, I’d like to get my hands on the cashed check.

By: Newsome on 9/11/09

Hmmm. Maybe I been here too long and all that ‘Tascadero Cain’t Read rubbed off on me.

The T either re-put-up the missing comments, or they were there all along and my N County myopism wouldn’t let me see them.

At any rate: Cindy, I was wrong, many of the T’s comments are intact. Although, now I can’t see the two Trib blurbs about this story.

By: JorgeEstrada on 9/11/09

That’s odd? What made him think of such a thing? Was he a good buddy of Gearhart too?

By: Cindy on 9/11/09

Hornet- Guarantee you that I’m not TypoQueen. I do agree with her and we obviously think alike. My Handle is Cynthia at the Trib and Cindy on CCN. To the best of my knowledge Typo doesn’t post here, if she does her handle is obscure.

Newsome – So your saying that all of the blogs on every thread is down at the Trib? If so then I feel a sense of hope. I didn’t look beyond the two stories they printed pertaining to this article. I assumed (we know what they say about assuming) based on all the deletions they were doing to particular (very specific) posts at the time.

By: Hornet on 9/11/09

Cindy = typoqueen?

By: Newsome on 9/11/09

Cindy: As near as I can tell, the T has deleted every single comment about everything. Either their system has a failure, or mine does, or they are changing the way they do business.

By: Cindy on 9/11/09

THE TRIBUNE has now deleted every single post on both of their stories regarding this article! They just hate CCN!! LOL

Down side is that the people talking about the Chiefs stolen gun are also deleted.

By: Cindy on 9/11/09

Sal9, Hahhahah LOL!!

PS To Everybody – I just clicked on all the adds on this page. Even the little ones. It helps ratings. CCN doesn’t have many advertisers yet and everything we do to help them along helps. If you appreciate CCN, click on all the adds every chance you get. Readership is sky high but they need advertising.

By: Salinan9 on 9/11/09

gotcha. was just wondering. sounded like you were doing alot of running around. hahaha.

By: Cindy on 9/11/09

Sal9- When I said that I was “just over at the Tribune” I am not talking literally, I’m talking cyber. I am in the accounting filed and am on my computer what seems like 16/7. I often have down time when doing compilations of data so I jump over to my lap top and read the news. No I’m not in the media field just a fan of a certain media person.

By: Cindy on 9/11/09

Sorry George, I didn’t know that Booty had deleted his own post (that’s a first!). Now I understand why you deleted mine. Thanks for putting it back up.

By: Salinan9 on 9/11/09

Cindy: seems that you are at the Trib alot. Do you work there or have an inside contact? Just wondering.

By: Booty_Juice on 9/11/09

I deleted it myself after a two hour run, believing it would get cut as per usual by the thin skinned old ladies that reside here.

By: George on 9/11/09

I did not delete this comment:Booty_Juice posted an opinion in Cal Coast News

8 years after 9/11, where are we?

We are spending $12 BILLION a month, supporting a corrupt regime in

Afghanistan, where the leader and his brother control a heroin crop

worth $3 BILLION a year, the Mujahedeen have simply moved into another

corrupt country that we support, namely Pakistan and the threat of being

blown to smithereens by Mohammedians from Shitistan is as intense today

as it was 8 years ago, if not more so.

Booty Juice’s top tips for world peace:

1.) Sort the f*cking Israelis out, once and for all. Israel can exist

but not as a pure Jewish State. Go back to the 1947 borders. And shut

the f*ck up, already.

2.) Islamic fundamentalism is not going to go away. No matter how many

millions you spend on “community outreach” to stop young Asians

being radicalized, you will not change the texts in the Koran that

demand the heads of non believers. So deal with it properly. Practice

your religion in peace but make one move to change my culture or my laws

in favor of your own and you WILL be put back into the third world sh*t

hole you came from.

3.) Punish countries that export terror to us. Not with bombs, but

with no spare parts. If you want to destroy the West then design your

own f*cking computers, medical equipment, engines, power stations,

airports, weapons, telecoms and infrastructure. Your religion demands

that you live in the Stone Age, so prove to us it works by rejecting all

the decadent Western trappings like penicillin and insulin in favor of

goat droppings and female genital mutilation. Watch your life expectancy

drop to under 30, bringing you nearer to Allah.

Wherever I see Islam, I see chaos, misery, ignorance and slaughter.

Below are the 57 countries of the Organization of the Islamic

Conference, all of them f*cking hellholes with little if any civil

rights. 1.3 Billion oppressed people.

1.) Nigeria

2.) Sudan

3,) Uganda

4.) Mozambique

5.) Cote d’Ivoire

6.) Cameroon

7.) Burkina Faso

8.) Mali

9.) Niger

10.) Senegal

11.) Somalia

12.) Guinea

13.) Chad

14.) Benin

15.) Togo

16.) Sierra Leone

17.) Mauritania

18.) Gambia

19.) Gabon

20.) Guinea-Bissau

21.) Comoros

Middle East & North Africa

22.) Iran

23.) Egypt

24.) Algeria

25.) Morocco (including Western Sahara)

26.) Iraq

27.) Saudi Arabia

28.) Yemen

29.) Syria

30.) Tunisia

31.) Libya

32.) Jordan

33.) Lebanon

34.) Occupied Palestinian Territory

35.) United Arab Emirates

36.) Oman

37.) Kuwait

38.) Bahrain

39.) Djibouti

40.) Qatar

Europe & Central Asia

41.) Turkey

42.) Uzbekistan

43.) Afghanistan

44.) Kazakhstan

45.) Azerbaijan

46.) Tajikistan

47.) Kyrgyzstan

48.) Turkmenistan

49.) Albania

South & East Asia and Pacific

50.) Indonesia

51.) Pakistan

52.) Bangladesh

53.) Malaysia

54.) Brunei Darussalam

55.) Maldives

Latin America & Caribbean

56.) Guyana

57.) Suriname

B*astards. Watch this lot. All of them. They want you dead.

however I did delete some comments blathering on about who or what gets deleted

By: mcdonald on 9/11/09

I saw the post from Booty_Juice that got deleted. It was off topic but was well worthy. You should give him a commentary section. Subject to editing of course, although his last post required no such oversight.


Wow, I have to say that Booty Juice makes damn good sense – even if off topic. We are no closer to perceived safety from terrorists today than we were in 2001. The whole point is to produce fear and we are a nation of paralyzed people. Until we realize this and take action on it, they have us right under their hateful heels.

By: Saveslocounty on 9/11/09

The hits just keep on coming. My hat is off to Karen as you are the ONLY investigative reporter left in SLO County. Actually, you are the only reporter left. Every one else turned into cut and paste queens from some other source. Sad state of affairs in the media as well as law enforcement. However, it can all turn around with the proper leadership.

By: Cindy on 9/11/09

I was just over at the Tribune and they are deleting posts that are making fun of the Tribune having to re-write this little story and add a few details that they were missing. People are saying that they (the TT) missed the few details that CCN reported because they were trying to beat Karen to the punch after finding out that she was snooping around. The Trib is deleting all those posts. I tried it and got mine deleted within 30 seconds! The upside is that they are not deleting posts talking about the “Solomon lost her gun” news here at CCN. People are typing calcoastne*ws (using the *) trying to keep their posts from getting deleted!

By: Newsome on 9/10/09

Great. Now where is Karen going to get her inside information? ;)