Police chief faces possible criminal action

September 11, 2009


In addition to questions about how Paso Robles Police Chief Lisa Solomon left her loaded gun last year in an unlocked police car, Solomon faces possible criminal actions due to her failure to properly register her handgun, according to the state Attorney General’s Office.

Solomon’s failure to report the transfer of her gun as required by California laws is a crime punishable as either a misdemeanor or a felony, said Christine Gasparac, press secretary for state Atty. Gen. Edmund G. Brown Jr.

In recent interviews with CalCoastNews, Solomon has provided different scenarios about where or from whom she received her semi-automatic hand gun from. Initially, she claimed to have “purchased it from an agency a long time ago.”

Then, on Dave Congalton’s talk show on San Luis Obispo radio station KVEC 920 AM, she said Wednesday that she couldn’t remember where the gun came from. Then, a few minutes later, she admitted that she received the gun from an ex-husband sometime after 1991.

According to a California law passed in 1991, all firearms purchases and transfers – regardless of the owner — must become registered through the Dealer Record of Sale process. However, in transfers between spouses or parents and their children, an application to the California Department of Justice with a transfer fee is a second handgun registration option.

In February 2008, Solomon’s loaded, unregistered .380 Sig Saur was stolen from her unlocked police car outside of her Paso Robles home. A few days later, an Atascadero police officer recovered the gun during a search of a burglary suspect’s car.

In addition to the gun, the driver, dressed all in black and wearing gloves, was also in possession of seven to eight rounds of ammunition, a black replica handgun (determined to be a BB gun), a pair of walkie talkies, a chrome “butterfly” knife, and a drug pipe according to Atascadero police.

Officials from the Atascadero Police Department let the driver go on his way and confiscated the gun, which they subsequently returned to Solomon.

California penal codes prohibit police agencies from returning unregistered weapons to their owners regardless of whether or not they are members of the law enforcement community, according to Penal Code 12021.3.

“It should have been in our database showing that she is the registered owner,” Gasparac added

“The owner should have applied for eligibility to the Department of Justice, unless the firearm was already in the Attorney General’s system data (in order to claim an unregistered weapon).”

According to Gasparac, the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s office is responsible for taking any criminal actions warranted against the chief.

District Attorney officials said that their policy is to only respond to written complaints from law enforcement agencies. Either the Paso Police Department or the Atascadero Police Department would have jurisdiction.

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Member Opinions:

By: hotdog on 9/23/09

I just heard KSBY’s belated report on all this. Lisa stumbled, Atas PD Chief stumbled, the report didn’t follow up on critical issues-this all amounts to a cover up for the good old cops.

By: Rewind on 9/20/09

Dont give up David M. In my short time reading this website many of these people only believe what they want to. Rumour and inuendo rule the day here.

By: Cindy on 9/20/09

jamesll9 – The problem is that the city councils aren’t getting on the city managers to deal with the police problems. A citizens review board is a good check and balance.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/19/09

Well what we have doesn’t work, so I say try something else.

The problem with the higher ups is they figure they have no boss and you get a good ol boy network that doesn’t work.

Police commissions work better than leaving them to police themselves, which is what we presently have (no policing of selves). The city counsil can’t fire the chief. App would have to and do you think the city would get rid of App if he doesn’t? They probably wouldn’t. So what other options do we have?????

By: jamesll9 on 9/19/09

As soon as you start a new commission with citizens on it, the citizens become politicians. The same factors that influence others in public office would affect them. At least we can elect our councils.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/19/09

Oh a politician to watch the hen house. That makes me feel warm and fuzy inside. Not.

To many know the higher ups in the law department. Won’t work. Nice try though.

By: jamesll9 on 9/19/09

We already have civilian review of our police agencies. It is called the City Council.

By: Use_it_or_Lose_it on 9/18/09

citizents- http://www.nacole.org is The National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE) is a non-profit organization that brings together individuals and agencies working to establish or improve oversight of police officers in the United States. NACOLE welcomes people and organizations committed to fair and professional law enforcement that is responsive to community needs.

NACOLE is dedicated to promoting greater police accountability through the establishment or improvement of citizen oversight agencies by:

organizing an annual training conference to increase the knowledge and skills of staff members and volunteers who work in oversight

providing technical assistance and advice to jurisdictions

identifying best practices as they emerge from the experiences of members

encouraging networking, communication and information-sharing

furnishing information to government officials and community representatives

By: David_Medzyk on 9/17/09

So, I give up.

I can’t explain it any more simple or clear, since some here refuse to simply believe me, or refuse to do the simple research for themselves.

You win Michelle. I will no longer try showing you fact or truth. I would not want to pop that bubble you live in :)

By: David_Medzyk on 9/17/09

Michelle, never said a transfer didn’t HAVE to be “reported”. I maintain there is no law compelling California citizens to REGISTER their handguns.

If any LEO agency did a trace for a REGISTERED handgun under her name, it would not come up. Simple.

By: David_Medzyk on 9/17/09


Thanks Roscoe.

Paul Jones, I gave fact and California law. The AG office gave OPINION. Neither of which is in any military manual I have ever read.

Not to mention, I never discussed my military activities and how they could relate to this case. So….nice try.

By: rogerfreberg on 9/17/09

Okay, granted that California has some of the most obscure weapons laws in the United States. It’s safe to say, that you are guilty until proven innocent. Frankly, I can’t be all worked up by this… a cop with a gun… what a concept.

I am also amused at how we criminalize almost anything that could be described as a weapon… is a knife with a 2 1/2 inch blade legal or illegal to have in your pocket? The answer is… it depends. Be careful if you travel to an culinary activity with your chef knives… been there.

You would think that with California going down the toilet we’d repeal some of these archaic concepts.

By: Michelle on 9/17/09

To RoscoeRules who has the nerve to say “Never fear David, you are just the latest to be shouted down for having a differing(factual) opinion.”

David has added numerous posts to this thread and the previous story. From what I’ve seen we’ve all read what he has to say and participated in discussions. There was a point where the entire thread was about nothing but what David had to say. David would have us all believe that hand gun transfers after 1991 don’t have to be reported and now claims the AG is wrong and doesn’t know the law. If telling him to get a clue is a shout down, then so be it.

By: PaulJones on 9/17/09

There is a Elizabeth (Lisa) Chesson who is on the Paso Robles PD. Any relationship to Matt Chesson (who is the friend of Lisa Solomon who allowed Short to walk)?

Does anyone know when Lisa’s gun was actually stolen and how long it was on the streets before it was recovered by Matt Chesson? Many questions remain to be answered.

By the way David Medzyk, I am inclined to trust the credibility of the Attorney General’s office over your military wranglings.

By: RoscoeRules on 9/17/09

Never fear David, you are just the latest to be shouted down for having a differing(factual) opinion. We all get it, Solomon screwed up. Hopefully the city will deal with her appropriately and we can all move on.

All the same people posting under different names still cracks me up here. Next “story” please.

By: David_Medzyk on 9/16/09

I guess calm, factual statements are now “semantics”.

I “got it” long ago, Michelle.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/15/09

Yea I love the fact of the unlocked car. The police dept. asked about three years ago to lock your car at the Paso Post Office as they had items stolen.

I remember to lock my car every time. Not hard and if I forget nobody’s life would be in danger. Well maybe mine from my wife but that’s different story.

For the amount of money I/we the taxpayer pay someone in this position, I demand and expect someone who is responsible all the time period. If you can’t handle it, I am sure there are many more candidates that are and will gladly except the pay for said responsiblities.

Grow up Lisa, you aren’t 18 anymore. You are the Chief of Police. Act like it.

By: soca on 9/15/09

All this is interesting stuff. However, I feel the poster who questioned Lisa’s involvement with the Imgen Tour to be the best. Why is the police chief acting like a politician running for office?

As far as having a back up weapon stolen – people, she was probably drinking and didn’t want to have a piece on her. Prudent. The fact that she left her car unlocked with a firearm in it – in a non emergency situation – unforgivable.

Unregistered or not, she has to qualify with any weapon on her person. If she is using a weapon that she did not qualify with, she, no doubt, is in violation of her department’s policy.

Jim App needs to hire an independant investigator. End of story.

By: Michelle on 9/15/09

David Medzyk, To reiterate, I’ve had enough of you and your semantics. Her pistol was illegal, get it? She is a police chief and her back up weapon was illegal, get it? If you don’t get that, get your own words. “(although her many stories concerning the gun is highly suspect) ”

She wouldn’t even come clean on how she came by it herself, she eventually stated she received the deadly weapon from her (one of ) x husbands and wasn’t yet divorced in 1991. There was never a transfer. The Police Chief could have shot someone with an illegal weapon or questionable illegal weapon. Do you get this? This is a Police Chief, Get it David?

By: David_Medzyk on 9/15/09

Well, I quoted or gave you all the associated PC’s, and the knowledge of my own research.

Gasparac sent a memo from the AG office with a statemnet not backed up by facts and law.

Believe who you want.

By: Use_it_or_Lose_it on 9/15/09

Gee- who to believe. The incredibly numerous and long emails of Staff Sergeant David or the communication from Gasparac in our state’s Attorney General’s office.

By: David_Medzyk on 9/15/09

Michelle…bottom line, the weapon is in no manner illegal to own, possess, or use as her back-up.

I am sure there is a roster system at the Dept. that will list all firearms in use by its employees…issue or personally owned.

It simply does NOT have to be registered in California.

Many of my own firearms were gifts from my family, given LONG before anyone cared about who owned what when. They will never be registered in my name. I do keep very concise records of all of them, including model, serial numbers, and clear photo’s in case I would need to identify them.

Perhaps….so did she (although her many stories concerning the gun is highly suspect)


God Booty Juice – you are again right on!! I sometimes find you tedious and a little off-key. BUT – between the 9/11 post and this post, I must admit that there is sense hidden amongst the rantings.

By: Cindy on 9/15/09

Another one of Booty’s memorable rants, but this one is all so true, so true. Yes I am laughing.

By: Nancy on 9/15/09

Me too Booty, Wana say, absolutely hilarious.

By: JohnGalt on 9/15/09

BootyJuice-I just wanted to reply to you before you get deleted…hilarious rant, yet so true!!!

By: Booty_Juice on 9/15/09

Did someone mention government workers?

Sorry to be the one to tell you this but with one in six, CORRECTION one in FIVE, of us now working for the State (something like East Germany) the f*cking money has run out. I know you were promised an easy life and a fat pension by a walrus of a boss, who you have put up with sweating and puffing every time you bent over to pick up a paperclip. I know the chats by the coffee machine were your raison d’etre and your desk contains the worlds largest collection of fluffy animals along with great galleries of your spastic children’s “artwork” on every wall. But it’s over. The party is over.

So it’s time to shave off the moustache, get your hair done, lose some weight, shave your legs, stop wearing sensible shoes, abandon the idea of knocking off at 5pm and throwing a sickie 20 times a year, reading People while having a sh*t, pack up your cuddly toys and “achievement awards”, put back the stolen stationary, download the book you were writing in your “spare time” onto a memory stick…


Shhh. Hear that? The sound of 20 million civil service sphincters puckering like poppies in the breeze. Bliss.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/15/09

Another thing on this that kills me is how when anything involves Gov. workers, they get all upset when WE THE PEOPLE, object to their antics.

We pay their salary. Does that mean they have to kiss our a**? No and I nor anyone else I would think, would expect this.

In the case though when you act inappropreiately (table dancing) or with work of supplies (as in our two county head workers) or with sexual antics (Edge, Wilcox) we the taxpayer say, ENOUGH.

I state this for the people that say we have no right to talk about these things. Hey if this was happining down at Bob’s Tire Store, then hell yes I have no opinion on it, unless of course I hold stock in Bob’s. ;-)

By: Citizen on 9/15/09

I went through the Paso Citizens Police Academy for 10 weeks and noticed that officers never mentioned the Police Chief. Officers time and again told about their duties and programs as if the Police chief did not exist. No comaraderie and complete silence from her own officers speaks volumes. The city manager, Jim App, needs to attend to his problem employee.

By: Use_it_or_Lose_it on 9/15/09

PS- It’s been awhile since I donated to CCN. Will address asap.

It’s $180 a year for the Tribune.

By: Use_it_or_Lose_it on 9/15/09

So- I was using it. Where is Gerry Shea? Vote him out next round? (probably) Talking with others, it came up that he has to work with law enforcement. Gets his evidence from law enforcement. If he chose to prosecute on his own, which he can as CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER in San Luis Obispo county, he would still have to use whatever evidence PRPD and APD might turn over. They are legally required to turn it all over, and I am sure Karen can help the DA’s office, but they might not want to. So what. File anyway and then clean house at APD and PRPD? Gotta start somewhere.

Where are you Gerry? Talk to the public. We are your employers.

Gerry, I’m waiting on you.

By: Michelle on 9/14/09

Well Laura and Nancy, that sure was a juicy little tidbit. I can’t even imagine having a banner like that pasted across the width of the Police Chiefs fanny at a crime scene or incident.

David, She wouldn’t have had any proof that it was her pistol other than her business card was in the holster and she said it was her pistol. She never filed a transfer. Also if that was her back up pistol it was a dumb thing to do. What if she did ever have to use it? It was illegal for cripe sakes. What’s the matter with that woman? Some want to say it’s because she is a woman, I think not. Deborah Linden doesn’t have all these wild events occurring in her life. Lisa might be intelligent but she acts like an air head. There is no excuse for all this lack of insight, poor judgment, reckless endangerment, careless financial management, demeaning attention seeking antics, handshaking cover ups, I could go on.

By: Laura on 9/14/09

Nancy : “I guess since she couldn’t see what she had on her rear end she probably forgot that it was there, we all know how forgetful she is.”

Even if she noticed people were all looking at her butt she probably thought they were admiring it! Hhahahah LOL, really LOL, hahaahah

By: paperboy on 9/14/09

Everyone should be thankful she didn’t leave the keys in her car. Or that the thieves didn’t pop the trunk and check there. If her police vehicle is equipped like all the other police vehicles, there would likely have been a shotgun, assault rifle, bulletproof vest, tear gas, lots of ammunition and God knows what other paramilitary gear.

I bet those two crooks had a grand time laughing over stealing the police chief’s gun.

By: Nancy on 9/14/09

Nope, Its better than that Laura! Heres how the story goes. It happened about 18 months ago. There was an incident in town that a bunch of the police responded to. The police were all around in their uniforms and working the scene when Lisa came driving up in her police car. She got out of the car in her civilian clothes and started running around the scene playing chief. It wasn’t long before it was noticed that in the midst of all this the big word juicy was plastered across her rear end! She was an embarrassment to the entire force and more than a few were taken aback. I guess since she couldn’t see what she had on her rear end she probably forgot that it was there, we all know how forgetful she is.

In all honesty, I didn’t actually see this for myself. I was told about it from a reliable source, who’s name I can not reveal. I was hoping someone who saw it (a lot of LEO and citizens) would tell us about it.

By: hotdog on 9/14/09

ingreezbol. Damn, you pegged me perfectly. I’m a commie, amerika hating authority questioning terroist from hell who would love to see all cops killed.

How did you find me out? I thought I was being so careful to couch my comments behind the insidious veil of responsible democracy and accountability of public officials! Damn, exposed again…

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/14/09

WOW!! It looks like Lisa started posting under the name of a by product found in the bottom of my kitch pan.

As with other posts guessing my occupation before, I am not a LEO either. Just a poster.

Glad you could post here Lisa. Like has been told to myself, if you don’t like what I have to say, that is fine, move on to the next one please. Good day.

By: Laura on 9/14/09

Nancy, where did you see her dressed like that? Was she in a bar or shopping down town?

By: David_Medzyk on 9/14/09


Sorry for being late in response to your admonition of me…

However, NOTHING in PC12021.3. prohibits a law enforcement agency from returning a lost or stolen (recovered) firearm to its LEGAL owner, as long as that owner presents proof of ownership (sales receipt, transfer records, copy of a DROS form etc.) with the weapon’s serial number on it.

Since there is NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED in California, the owner must present the proof of ownership, pay any fee required by that agency (about $25). Apparently, the Chief did so (unless this is another “scratch my back” situation).

By: mcdonald on 9/14/09

I guess if she logs on as Juicy_Booty it would be an appropriate handle, just like our infamous Booty_Juice. His handle suits him perfectly.

By: Cindy on 9/14/09

Nancy are you serious? Did she really wear those pants in public? Juicy is a brand name and some mothers actually allow their teenage daughters out the door with “JUICY” printed across their butts or chest. I can’t imagine any self respecting, professional adult woman wearing that in public, especially when it’s printed in big letters on the butt of a pair of spandex pants! Time to grow up there Chief. The days of walking the ramp for all that attention have been traded for a profession in law enforcement. You don’t seem to identify with this reserved image, you need to behave yourself and act the part or find something else that suits you. You could get away with some of this is if you were a lineman but not as a Police Chief.

By: Nancy on 9/14/09

Has anybody besides me (around here) seen Lisa in her spandex pants with the word JUICY printed across her ass? LOL, Yup, its true.

By: MartinW on 9/14/09

Looks like greasebal stirred the pot. Any one else want to tell us all how great the Paso Robles police chief is? What was that you said greasebal – “Cry me a river, boo hoo. Why don’t you all get off Chief Solomon’s back.”

I suggest you take a close look at the posts that have followed yours. Those are the reasons why. Only Chris Chitty would write a post like yours or are you a cop with a criminal mentality?

By: JorgeEstrada on 9/14/09

Sounds like a real mess, where are the Feds or are they enabling partners?…..

By: Jordan on 9/14/09

Here is another informative story..

Protect, Serve And Sell T-Shirts. By KAREN VELIE and DANIEL …

… business from the home he shares with his wife, Lisa Solomon, Paso Robles’ chief of police. … An investigation by UncoveredSLO.com suggests otherwise. …


and another one

COMMENTARY: Under Paso Robles’ wild’n’crazy “Big Tint …

Shortly thereafter, the man was having coffee with an uncoveredslo …… As police chief, LISA Solomon is responsible for the prevailing culture of her …


By: Jordan on 9/14/09

Ingreezbol tells us that Paso Robles doesn’t have all the crime and graffiti problems that other local cities have.

Check this out:

Feb 20, 2008 … The cost of cleaning up graffiti in Paso Robles skyrocketed from $30000 a couple of … according to Paso Robles Police Chief Lisa Solomon. …



Check this out too!!

Girl Chief Gone Wild!

Lisa Solomon, chief of the Paso Robles Police … But sources tell UncoveredSLO that she really can’t resist the groove. …


By: Jordan on 9/14/09

“Some of her own force reported her to CCN for doing lap dances at cop parties” Huh? Hahah LOL. I just went back and found the story. The guy’s reported her to Uncoveredslo for sexual harassment. She can do a lap dance for me, I think she’s hot, or used to be. Guess it’s not so fun when it’s your boss. You gotta think shes just wonderful and hump that leg for that promotion. Kind of dehumanizing when the boss is wagging her ass in your face. It’s sort of like saying “kiss this”. I’m not a cop, she can bend over for me.

By: AA101 on 9/14/09

We have a very screwed up police force in Paso. They ignore serious issues like gang problems, don’t properly investigate, follow “certain” reporters around and spend more timing harassing innocent citizens than doing a real job. The word is out that people who walk to establishments rather than drive after drinking are targets for the police. If they see someone walking after midnight they ask them if they were drinking, if the person say’s yes, they arrest them for public intoxication. It’s all about the money and harassing responsible citizens. I’m serious, its disgusting. A friend of mine had this happen to him. I picked him up 30 minutes after the arrest and took him straight to the hospital for a blood test. His BAC was only .14 and the DA threw the charge out. What assholes.

By: Rany on 9/14/09

Nancy is correct “she lied and lied and lied and lied. ” We can’t trust Lisa Solomon. We can’t trust anything she say’s. She refuses to take responsibility for her actions while demanding and enforcing the rules that demand each citizen take responsibility for their actions. She is a poor example of a responsible citizen and she demeans the post and title that she holds. She should have been replaced long ago for the bankruptcy alone. It’s just one thing after another with her. If the city manager thinks she’s so great we can just vote out a few of his bosses. She won’t last past the next election. We will be blaming the city council for not coming down on their appointed city manager.

By: Rany on 9/14/09

Whats with this “back up gun” stuff? I can understand people keeping guns in different areas of their homes, downstairs, upstairs. But why do you need a “back up” piece in your car? She doesn’t even work the streets. By the way, Lisa is supposed to claim the value of her free, public paid car as income on her tax returns. Who wants to wager that she doesn’t?

By: cheseburger on 9/14/09

Geezeball, I have to agree with the wolf pack, she should loose her job, we have her scent of deceit, (the bankruptcy), there is probably more corruption somewhere in her background. Did she buy her drinks with a county credit card? Maybe an income tax Audit, for previous years, ya know just to see if she’s on the up and up, as you say she is! Transparency Now! Oversight Committee Now! Accountability Now!

By: Cindy on 9/14/09

cheseburger says:”This 45 day suspension (probably with pay)is as much of a joke as Miller, and Gearhart’s Bankruptcy’s.”

?????? Do you think some disciplinary action was taken towards Chief Solomon? To the best of my knowledge no such action was taken.

I think you might be confused about the 45 jail sentence that Short received. I know it gets confusing because he was let go but later received some jail time. Five days after the incident the APD decided to file an arrest warrant (with down graded charges). They didn’t have much choice because the incident had been brought up by other offenders that they (APD) had arrested and were interviewing. They played around with the dates to cover up as much as possible and keep Lisa’s name under the public’s radar. Thats why court records don’t match all the facts etc.

By: Nancy on 9/14/09

greaseball, If Chief Solomon is so upstanding then why is she such a BIG LIAR? She told four different stories about how she came to posses her unregistered sig sauer. She even left a message on a voice recorder saying she had purchased it from an agency. She later called into KVEC 920 – Dave Congalton and said she didn’t remember where she got the gun. She then said she got it from a previous husband. No one knows what the real story is about that gun and probably no one ever will (except her). When the police catch somebody lying to them like that they make a big deal out of it. They can even make an arrest for suspicion because they are dealing with a liar. Why should the public feel any different? Why? Tell us all why we should forget that on top of everything else , she lied and lied and lied and lied.

By: BIG_SMILES on 9/14/09

The police cover up for each other all the time. This is only the tip of the iceburg. We do all need an oversight committee. Its the only way anyone is ever going to held accountable for their actions. Didn’t Linda trip get prosecuted for tapping Monica? What happened to Hedges? If your on the police force you can drive DUI, you can roll your car, you can lie in your police reports and intimidate citizens while violating their rights. You can even shot somebody 36 times.

You can trump up a charge or down play a charge, like saying that a loaded gun wasn’t loaded when you found it! That’s right.

By: Michelle on 9/14/09

Paul, you forgot to mention that Chitty was doing his T Shirt while on duty for the SLO PD. Geeeez these police seem to think that since they enforce the law, they can pick and choose which ones they are going to follow. If Solomon has this many police doing her favors I can just imagine that the majority are doing the same. Even the DA did a favor! Its ridiculous. Imagine the stuff that we don’t know about.

By: Cindy on 9/14/09

lngreezbol, What the heck? BTDT said he doesn’t even own a gun and you think he used to be in LE? As for Lisa being on call, she doesn’t work the streets. She’s in administration. Sure if something serious happens she might go out to the scene. Yes we all make mistakes but leaving a loaded gun in an unlocked car in a residential neighborhood is over the top. Whats worse is that when the gun got stolen the criminal was let go so no one would find out about what she had done in the first place. YES this is a big deal, its a very big deal. You would like us all to just forget about it. Not a chance. You cops need supervision. We are going to demand a review board to keep you all in line. People need to complain to the PR CC and tell them to have the CM do his job and deal with the party girl.

By: PaulJones on 9/14/09

I disagree greez. Some of her own force reported her to CCN for doing lap dances at cop parties. Paso has gang problems worse than any other city barring Santa Maria. It’s against the law to declare bankruptcy and then keep secretly running the business that bankrupt you while you write off all your debt. Solomon got Chief Deb to hire her husband Chitty, over more qualified candidates and ignore the requirements of having decent credit. I know for a fact that the silent majority isn’t overly pleased with Lisa Solomon.

By: Saveslocounty on 9/14/09

Sorry greaseball, the silent majority are actually disappointed in her behavior relating to financial issues, rehiring of her husband by SLO and firearm carelessness. She may be a nice person and certainly has some admirable traits, but dancing on tables and embarassing her community are clearly not be on the list. You want everyone to ignore it so this little problem can go away. That is what everyone is upset about. Problems need to be fixed before stowed away. Around here, nothing gets fixed and the problems repeat and escalate. Sound like you are in law enforement and humping her leg for a promotion. Your wonderfully written commentary merely adds more fuel to the fire.

By: JorgeEstrada on 9/14/09

Is it a requirement for a police chief to carry a fire arm? I thought they were more about admin not arrest activities. It seems that the chief is well liked by many who would cover her backside, if needed. Certainly this is a difficult oops, I am very curious about what’s going on in the minds of the use a gun, go to jail, advocates. Big Big oops…just glad I didn’t make that mistake although I know we all make them.

By: lngreezbol on 9/14/09

“fair1” and “BTDT” sound like two former law enforcement officers who are still holding a grudge. Probably they both feel they were passed over for a promotion at some point. Get a life. You’re out of law enforcement so leave your sour grapes at home. If you check into “hotdog’s” background you’ll probably find a big prejudice towards both authority and law enforcement. Cry me a river, boo hoo. Why don’t you all get off Chief Solomon’s back. She has had a stellar career in law enforcement and is doing a great job as chief. Just ask her employees, city manager, councilmembers and city residents. Maybe we’re all somewhat jellous when we see such a fine person getting ahead. Chief Solomon probably had her back-up/off-duty gun with her because one never knows when they might need to use it, let alone she’s always on-call. So she forgot to remove it from her car when she got out in front of her house. A mistake, but we all make mistakes. You’re making this into the biggest crime of the century. Maybe that’s a good thing that in Paso Robles and SLO County something like this is big news (not like the many, many drive-by shootings, homicides, graffiti, etc. of other towns). As the chief of police, she is on-call 24/7. That is why she is authorized to use a city vehicle for her travels. It wouldn’t be prudent to have the chief go home to get her city vehicle (and other equipment) when she’s called to an emergency. There are a lot of people who support Chief Solomon, the Paso Robles Police Department, and law enforcement in general. They are the silent majority and don’t normally get on a web site like this and rant and rave like you all are (myself included). Again, get off her back, give it a rest and get a life…

By: Saveslocounty on 9/13/09

Fair1 is right. All the council needs to do in executive session is to instruct the City Manager to take care of business. If he doesn’t, give him the Edge…I mean the boot. There are alot more judges than the one Mulhole is apparently befriended so a case could be brought forward by the DA or Attorney General avoiding the conflict. Still, my point is a lack of accepting ones professional responsibility.

By: scooterman on 9/13/09

The fact that Atasc. Chief personally gave it back to her is wrong too ( Penal code12021.3 )But that doesn’t worry him because the Judge is a close personnel friend not to mention god father to some of his kids & just performed the wedding ceremony for his step daughter. Nothing to worry about don’t you think.

By: fair1 on 9/13/09

The chain of command: Lisa Soloman answers to the City Manager; the City Manager answers to the City Council. If the CM refuses to discipline the Chief, the Council should be pressured to replace the City Manager.

By: Saveslocounty on 9/13/09

Well Cindy, and others: I am glad to have finally gotten to someone. What was said was a sad truth based on observation, not political agenda or anger out of getting arrested. To the Contrary, I respect the cops on the street and have said so repeatedly. First, the proper selection of law enforcement leadership is critical to the future of the profession and our community. Second, the existing oversite processes MUST assume that responsibility. The Grand Jury is a fine outlet except they are led by the DA who doesn’t want to clean up the mess or make waves. The DA has the absolute statuatory right to review police officers records without any type of judicial hearing (Pitchess Motion) yet, they chose not to do so. Until these problems are corrected with people of integrity, we will see no change in the norm. That lack of action is what will cost us our local government support and home control of law enforcement. The East coast of the US had similar problems with elected Sheriffs. They solved it by having the Sheriff perform mandated duties such as serve the courts and jails. Then the created County Police Department with appointed chiefs accountable to the Board of Supervisors. Supervisors in turn, held their appointee accountable, just like the local board held David Edge accountable. Not rocket science for sure, but a legal way of correcting the mess created by Hedges. Paso City Council has the right to clean up their mistake and dismiss Soloman. The big question, will they act upon their responsibilities as our representatives? If they do, they will earn the respect of the population of the entire county and will restore hope to the rest of us living outside of thier city. If not, next election, vote them out and then vote the other half out two years later. Most of us won’t picket City Hall but each of us can assume our own responsiblilty to vote and control our representatives. If we don’t, shame on us.

By: cheseburger on 9/13/09

I dropped a bomb with this throw down gun thing, Cindy I think she had the gun for self defense, but your are right, in a moment after an accident people sometimes make rash decisions. And/or mistakes, but my gut feeling is she is just a rookie and screwed up, by not registering the gun as a back up piece. Some cops carry three guns, ankle holsters, etc. But these guns would be registered with the department as back up weapons. The job of chief should be immediately passed down to second in command, I’m definitively not defending her the job belongs to a better candidate, with transparency, and a true commitment to Law enforcement and justice, no double standard just straight up by the book, ooh the others might have to straighten their hand. This 45 day suspension (probably with pay)is as much of a joke as Miller, and Gearhart’s Bankruptcy’s.

By: pasodave on 9/13/09

There are many interesting comments on here with which I agree. But there is one small insignificant thing that keeps bugging me, and this whole episode makes it even more annoying:

Why does Chief Solomon (and just about every other Chief of Police) wear “four stars”? That to me is an insult to all the brave “real” full generals who command many, many more personnel that these small town Chiefs do. It cheapens the importance of the true “four star” generals.

At most these Chiefs should probably wear a Major’s oak leaf cluster, or the larger departments might justify a Col’s Eagle. But “four stars”. Give me a break. That is just a big ego trip.

By: AA101 on 9/12/09

She keeps the unregistered sig sauer locked and loaded in her police car in case she loses her other gun! That must be it.

All public servants who have use of public vehicles should be required to own their own vehicle, just like the rest of us. It should be grounds for severe disciple if they take advantage and use a public vehicle for personal use.

By: Cindy on 9/12/09

rukidding, Ok that’s a reasonable explanation except why was the gun in her police car? Does she use her police car for personal use? How the hell did she forget the gun in her car, I mean really? It sounds like something that she keeps there, but I could be wrong. She could have been out partying in her police car and forgot that she had it with her, even though its something that she always is required to have with her! What’s sad it that this stupid move actually got her friend in more trouble than she is in. She isn’t the one that cut the criminal loose.

By: rukidding on 9/12/09

Cindy-There may be a department policy that all off duty officers carry a firearm. That is a very common policy with many departments. Although if that is true there is also a policy that the officer carry a approved weapon which means that someone within the department has checked the weapon, approved it and has documented that weapon. Most officers do not carry their department on duty weapon when off duty because they are very difficult to conceal.

By: Cindy on 9/12/09

By the way, I have not as of yet heard one feasible reason why Lisa Solomon keeps that gun in her police car. I’ve heard scarfing about people watching too much TV but not one reasonable explanation. That is a question that begs to be answered. I’d like to see Dave Congalton invite her back onto his show and if she refuses he should call her live on every show until she answers.

By: Cindy on 9/12/09

hotdog – If we were on a jury together, you could sway me. The fact is that it doesn’t sound like anyone is going to do anything much about this. We can complain and the citizens in Paso can give the CC a bad time but in the end they will all protect each other. I’m inclined to climb on board with paperboy, Pauljones and a few others that want to move forward and put some energy into establishing a review board.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/12/09

You can’t fix stupid. I never heard that one before. That is pretty good!

By: scooterman on 9/12/09

The Chief is a joke in so many ways , she has a drug house right across the street from her house . Maybe she joins them or gets a kick back .

By: rukidding on 9/12/09

Fair 1-I agree about the suspension or something equal to that although you will never see it. Lisa Solomon is a joke for a chief and as a police officer for that, she was obviously a political appointment. After reviewing all of her antics I’ll have to agree with Ron White one of the Blue Collar comedians-YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID.

By: fair1 on 9/12/09

I also think she should hold herself as accountable as she would had one of her officers done the same thing. You can bet she would have imposed discipline (possibly 15-30 day suspension). If she had any ethics at all she would impose the same level of discipline upon herself.

By: hotdog on 9/12/09

Gee Cindy, what planet are you from? I was speaking generally, for all the victims of all the crimes and malfeasance supposedly ‘compassionate’ people have just suggested we ‘let go’. Because of the incredible slop, perhaps criminality and incompetence of these cops and the DA we have no idea if there is a real victim here, other than plummeting confidence in our LE.

All those who suggest we let things go do a disservice to future victims, be it that bad car mechanic or bad cop or DA. That simplistic attitude is their best defense, they love you for they can operate with impunity. For this and other reasons they look on you as the ‘rabble’, who can’t get it together and strike a blow for justice.

By: fair1 on 9/12/09

I think she’s irresponsible, lazy, doesn’t want to go thru the hassle of registering it, didn’t think anyone would ever catch it and figured, “who’s gonna discipline me if they did find out? I’m the Chief,” all of which shows why she’s unqualified to be a Chief. I don’t know any other officers who carry unregistered firearms, so to automaticlly jump to the “throw-down” theory is way over the top.

By: TheWalrus on 9/12/09

How about everybody mail the Chief a Butterfinger candy bar? Just to remind her to hold on to those pesky firearms and to let her we know what she did.

CooCoo Kachew

By: Cindy on 9/12/09

hahahha Michelle,

What has gotten to me is “SaveSLOcounty” , “Paul Jones” and reality.

By: Michelle on 9/12/09

Cindy have the police gotten to you or something?

By: Cindy on 9/12/09

hotdog says; “I disagree, no one can move forward if old injustices are just let go. That usually forces the victims to eat it, instead of letting the perp eat it.”

NAME A VICTIM HOTDOG? Not a potential victim, that’s easy as in all cases and hold no merit, name a REAL VICTIM.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/12/09

My two cents. I can see both sides of recent arguements. The recent sitution is past and probably can’t be addressed at this juncture but if we don’t also do something from this point forward it could happen again and we’ll all be here again blogging as to why.

So I think both recent posters are right in their views and probably I bet would agree on the same outcome. IMHO.

By: hotdog on 9/12/09

Cindy said “lets put it in perspective and let it go so that we can move on”.

I disagree, no one can move forward if old injustices are just let go. That usually forces the victims to eat it, instead of letting the perp eat it.

By: Cindy on 9/12/09

hotdog – Maybe I’m just trying to identify all sides of these issues and stop the pain and injustice! Its not like I want to let Gearhart, Miller, Jones, Guth, Yaguda, Hearst, Hertel, Fowler, Schneider et al, go. I’m saying that even when we get a review board in place it will be too late to address these recent concerns so rather than obsess about it, lets put it in perspective and let it go so that we can move on. We are only talking about a review board for the police right now, The FBI has the rest of this “mess” in their hands and I would be the first to SCREAM fowl if they don’t follow though.

By: hotdog on 9/12/09

Cindy, you seem to be thoughtful and so on, I wonder why you are of the ‘let’s just move forward’ ilk. Crimes are crimes and this attitude only supports bad behavior at all levels. We are in this mess (in our families, communities and nationally) because we rarely hold anyone to reasonable standards and demand accountability. Letting things go and ‘just moving forward’ is a meaningless and childish response to problems that confront us.

We see this in the recent debate over our treatment of detainees; there is serious concern we have violated our own laws, international laws, have shot ourselves in the foot by destroying our international reputation (thereby creating MORE opposition), and we have been just plain unfair and cruel. Our creaking democracy has finally inched along towards just investigating this, but I imagine we will end up ‘just moving forward’. That will be a gross injustice to all of us and the victims-and endorses future abuses.

Same here, let it go and we will just get more. The cops should be held to a higher standard than the general population, not a lower one. Making excuses for them is ridiculous.

By: perspective on 9/12/09

PaulJones, you, I and many others have the same question. Truth is, there is no reasonable answer and therein lies the rub.

By: mcdonald on 9/12/09

fair1, Any explanation to Paul Jones question would be welcomed. Hey, I’m open.

By: PaulJones on 9/12/09

fair1, perhaps you might have some insight. Why do you think the Paso Robles Police Chief keeps an unregistered, non issued, loaded weapon in her law enforcement vehicle?

By: fair1 on 9/12/09

Soloman is WAY over her head as a Chief and needs to be fired. But, as a 25-year law enforcement veteran…you guys are watching WAY too many hollywood movies and tv…with the throw-down guns and all. Give me a break!

By: Cindy on 9/12/09

BDTD – I’m not opposed to seeing a future review board put in place with the knowledge that recent incidents will be left in the past. Let this be a lesson to LEO as we all move forward. The fact is that part of me is benevolent to the recent malfeasance perpetrated upon the local citizens. I know that these LEO really do love each other like family. They have to trust each other with their lives and that creates a deep bond. They will protect each other just like family. I know this because I am reminded of my own father (who recently passed). He was a WWll vet and went over 50 years without contact from some his comrades from Omaha Beach but still thought of them and loved them. When he became aware of what could be accomplished on the internet he asked me if I could find some of them. He gave me 5 names. I found 2 that were still living. They made contact and it was obvious the bond that they still shared after 50 years . They had been in a war together, the police don’t feel any different from time to time. They never know when its going to come down on them, it’s no different for them than it was for my dad in so much as they depend on each other for life itself at times. Albeit they (the police) aren’t in WWll, not even close but its all relative. This incident is really about the brothers and sisters trying to protect each other like a family protects each other from all harm in any form. Its not about intentionally wanting to hurt any of us citizens, even though they did potentially put us in harms way by letting the perpetrator go. I don’t condone what happened, not for any reason as ridiculous as this reason was. I don’t believe that Lisa Solomon sets a good example either and is more of a detriment to the police force in PR rather than a model. Again let this be a lesson, lets move on, lets get some oversight in place so that they don’t have a choice when it comes to “covering up” for each other. The LEO need “parents”.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/12/09

Exactly right on the mentality of code of silence. Which for small petty things o.k. but they need to exercise judgement on when it is not o.k. and come clean.

Unfornately I don’t think you will ever get that perfect but a commission could help persude better judgement, that people are watching you.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/12/09

In responce to question asked. Still here. Read everyday. Waiting to post. I liked your comment about criminal mind.

I posted on a different story about law enforcement aspect, about six months ago(here).

The comment I made then I will now. Not to paint LEO’s in bad light, because they do a job I think most of us don’t care for, I commented that Newsweek did an article about problems with crooked cops in this country back in the early 90’s.

It was in regard to a lot of crooked cops on the take in Miami Fl. dealing with drugs. Money is a BIG lure but not the only thing. They did tests of questions on cops. The thinking of a cop and criminal is not that much different. Not saying that is all bad. It can help to know how your prey thinks but if you have a cop that doesn’t differentiat between good and bad or put in a throw down sitution, you have a problem.

With this in mind I agree with all posters that the only way I think you can put a checks and balance against people is to have an oversight committee. If they are relunctant in this county to get one started, how about calling one, say in L.A. and ask how they got started. I’m sure they had resistance in the begining also. Will probably have to come from a citizen going around local Gov., because as we have seen from way to many of these stories in the news lately on local events, this county is WAY IN over it’s head, in knowing where to start to clean up all the B.S. mess of the last five years.

Another group I suggested before that I don’t care for but will suggest again is asking the A.C.L.U. They live for this. Not that they could do anything about present sitution but they may have insight how to set up or who to contact about an oversight board. I again would think that this is something that could be done around Govt. If you had to have Govt. approval only then they probably would have never got any of these going.

By: PaulJones on 9/12/09

“What if a good cop made a terrible mistake, might she do it? She probably doesn’t even know herself if she would, but ..”

I’m inclined to agree with this post. We have all seen how she and her police friend handled the theft of the gun to begin with. Chief Solomon isn’t opposed to bending the law even conspiring to send a felon “on his way”. It’s too bad her friend, who is also on the force got dragged into it and has now been left hanging to take the heat for his actions. Shame on you Lisa Solomon.

By: Cindy on 9/12/09

cheeseburger – Here are my thoughts on this. Nobody (99% of LEO) ever “plans” to need a throw down. To just go out and buy a cheap gun in case you ever need it to “throw down” is indeed a “criminal mind” at work. I don’t know why Lisa kept that gun in her police car but I don’t think its because she has ever “planned” on using it for such a purpose. I think it might have been more of a “just in case” it “might” ever be needed. In that case if it ever came to that, who cares if it’s worth $600.00. The mentality would be that it’s never going to happen anyway but “just in case”. Don’t forget that she has an entire force to protect. What if a good cop made a terrible mistake, might she do it? She probably doesn’t even know herself if she would, but ……… Get my drift? I could be wrong, I still want to know why she had it in her police car.

We are angry because we expect better from LE but you have to remember that Lisa Solomon (at the end of the day) is just as human as the rest of us. She likes to party, that’s a given and there is really nothing wrong with that. The fact is that she just isn’t Police Chief material, it’s not a bad thing, it’s not a good thing, it’s just a fact. Her irresponsible spending habits haven’t helped her image either, particularly since she left local debtors in the dust. This is just my opinion, take it for what it’s worth.

where is BTDT? I miss him.

By: PaulJones on 9/12/09

The citizens of this county need a police oversight board. I for one don’t know exactly what is involved to bring this to fruition. I do know it will require a ballot initiative. This is something we can demand from our elected officials. I also don’t know if one board can oversee all police departments in the county of SLO or if there has to be a separate board to oversee each PD. I suggest anyone who is interested start with the contacting Jim Patterson and Bruce Gibson, these are the two supervisors that will be most inclined to agree to this need. In Atascadero I would start with Mayor Beraud and Commissioner Len Calamarino. People from Paso Robles might want to recommend the right council members to contact, likewise with SLO city. It would be nice if CCN sets up a page or thread for everyone interested to share information on. At least will be a start. Lets stop talking about it and begin to take action. Belly aching will get us no where.

By: Saveslocounty on 9/12/09

Silly people. They don’t prosecute high ranking cops in this county, for any reason. The DA says he won’t act without a police complaint. Who in their right mind would make that report? Lisa? Jim Mulhole? They would jeopardize their own skin, not likely. Besides, the DA would instantly pass it off to the Attorney General because of conflict. The AG won’t do anything. Remember that wiretap by the Sheriff, Undersheriff and “Boinker” Perry? Not one action. Grand Jury perhaps. Now, we are getting rediculous as they are afraid of their own shadow. Paso City taking care of their own mess, never,never,never. Nice article, great reporting, waste of time.

By: cheseburger on 9/12/09

Cindy I guess I just assumed that since she’s owned it from let’s say 95, a sig sauer 380 is one hell of an expensive piece, to throw away and I’m sure some new she owned it, a saturday night special throw down is cheap, something

small, and definately not a sig, hell they are collectors items, after a bankruptcy her throw down might be something like a water pistol painted black or the BB gun a cheap 22, unless the Bankruptcy was fraudulent, imagine that, could that be?

By: Jordan on 9/12/09

I will be the first to admit that there have been times when this site has sensationalized

certain aspects of Lisa Solomons’ life style. I do not see this as one of those occasions.

Why did she keep that weapon in her patrol car?

By: Cindy on 9/12/09

cheeseburger, Who say’s a bunch of people knew she owned that gun? Who say’s anybody knew she owned that gun? Remember it was identified because she had some form of ID on the holster or a card tucked inside the holster. Also remember that somebody at the Paso Robles police department supposedly did attempt to report the gun missing (after it was found!) but it didn’t show up because of errors they (accidentally?) made when entering it into the system!

By: Cindy on 9/12/09

Laura – “she probably drives our car around all the time. ” Hahahhah LOL, She probably does.

By: Laura on 9/12/09

This throw down stuff is scaring me. I don’t like this and I too wonder why she kept that gun in her squad car? I wonder if there is a law about police carrying around unregistered, loaded , personal, weapons? It was in her police car not her privately owned car (if she even owns her own car) she probably drives our car around all the time.

By: hotdog on 9/12/09

Right on Cindy, the question of ‘why’ was asked on Congalton right after the chief got off, I wish she was there to answer that question.

Perhaps Dave will invite her on to explain much of this to us, since she did such a miserable job the other day.

By: Cindy on 9/12/09

gazwsx – That is a question that many people were asking. InTheKnow posted saying that according to the rumor mill at the Atascadero PD the gun holster either had her name on it or contained her card. He went on to say that the officer at the scene was a long time friend of Soloman and called her at home to fill her in on what he found.

cheeseburger talked about “throw downs” and it is quite disturbing. She had the gun in her police car. Why would she need that gun, she has a police issued gun. Carrying the unregistered gun with her and keeping it in her car (which is something she probably always did) begs the question, why?

By: qazwsx on 9/12/09

These unregistered guns carried by police are know as “drop” guns or “throw down” guns. Defined as “An unregistered firearm carried by policemen/policewomen to “drop” at the scene where a pursued suspect has been shot; used to justify shooting/killing a possibly unarmed suspect.” A question I have is how did the APD know it was her gun?

By: Laura on 9/11/09

You’ve got to be kidding me. District Attorney Shay is aware that two Police Chiefs committed a crime and won’t do anything about it unless they ask him to? Well doesn’t that just take the cake! He also knows about how this occurred and how they cut the criminals a deal after another criminal turned in the gun thieving felon trying to cut a deal for himself. If the police didn’t get scared after another criminal started to roll on them and the thief he wouldn’t ever even had got the 45 days in jail. Yes the citizens need to take action and complain to the Board of Subs. We need an oversight committee.

By: InTheKnow on 9/11/09


There is no mandatory registration law yes. However, every gun transfer as of 1991 is recorded and registered as required by California law.

How else do you think people in this state are prosecuted for unregistered guns, and there has been a few.

Knowing the owner of a gun used in a crime is the reason for the law and the chief should be aware of this. Or is she above the law.

With DA Shay as the gate keeper, she just might be.

By: Michelle on 9/11/09

David Madzyk, I’ve had enough of you.


California penal codes prohibit police agencies from returning unregistered weapons to their owners regardless of whether or not they are members of the law enforcement community, according to Penal Code 12021.3.

“It should have been in our database showing that she is the registered owner,” Gasparac added.

“The owner should have applied for eligibility to the Department of Justice, unless the firearm was already in the Attorney General’s system data (in order to claim an unregistered weapon).”

By: mcdonald on 9/11/09

To David,

” Solomon’s failure to report the transfer of her gun as required by California laws is a crime punishable as either a misdemeanor or a felony, said Christine Gasparac, press secretary for state Atty. Gen. Edmund G. Brown Jr.”

Tell it to the Attorney General David. Your rant is getting old.

By: David_Medzyk on 9/11/09

Aaarrgh!! There is no mandatory gun registration in California, other than for “assault weapons” and those handguns brought into the state by newly relocated residents.

If the gun started ownership in California, there is no legal reason to register it.

The Chief certainly screwed up otherwise.

By: hotdog on 9/11/09

Another angle on this mess. Since the cops just gave the chief her illegal gun back, what about this? What if that gun was used, and fired, in a crime during the time she ‘forgot’ to report it? Did anyone think to do a ballistics test, just in case a gun crime showed up in San Jose or other area that might be related? Maybe the hood the cops let go (Jeez, who are these clowns?) drove off to another town and shot someone, then came back and got his little toy confiscated? What about that, DA Shea? And if you suddenly get some sense and passion to fulfill your duty and ask for the gun so you can do a ballistics test would it be ‘lost’ or ‘stolen’ again before you can get your hands on it?

Our top mouthpiece and some of our cops remind me of our response to Hurricane Katrina, our glorious war efforts over the last 8 years, and the criminal Ed Meese (Reagan’s AG). Crooks, incompetence, dereliction of duty. What’s left? Did I leave anything out?

By: hotdog on 9/11/09

Another boondoggle for DA Shea. I noticed from the article in New Times last week he claimed as priorities prosecuting white collar crimes (took him forever to snare the crooks at EFI, and what about all the others such as Hurst etc?), elder abuse crimes (who are victims of white collar golf playing, jet plane riding crooks at the expense of thousands of local seniors), and victim’s rights. What a joke, ALL the victims of the white collar criminals have been left hanging for years while ‘investigations’ go on-and even now that he has managed to snag just two of the many crooks most of the victims are left wondering.

Despite numerous complaints over the last year and half to create better communication with victims to alleviate their stress little has been done.

“Equal justice under the law” is supposed to be a foundation of our democracy. Instead we see, in this case, special treatment for rogue cops. Great work, DA!

Just when are you going to do your job, Mr. Shea? We will all be remembering this next year when we have a chance to get someone in there who will follow the law instead of bowing to the good old boy (and gal) network.

By: Cindy on 9/11/09

They have all the evidence they need to prosecute this and then some. The fact is that we have a catch 22. Unless the police Chiefs file complaints on themselves the DA won’t pick it up. This is why we need a citizens review committee with some teeth in it. We need one now before we are faced with something more serious, although cutting a convicted felon loose who steals a loaded gun from a police car is rather serious, not that the two Police Chiefs failing to respect and adhere to gun registration laws is so great either.

I recall a “catch 22” situation that occurred in my original home town of Woonsocket R.I. about 20 years ago. The Police Chiefs son murdered his girlfriend in her basement apartment laundry room. Everyone knew he did it because he would get drunk in bars and cry about it. His brother was the investigator on the case and the whole thing kept getting swept under the rug. The DA refused to prosecute the case unless the PC brought charges, the PC of course refused to bring charges. It took 7 years before the people voted out the DA, replaced the CC who replaced the Police Chief and they had to bring in outside assistance. Today they have a citizens review board whose motto is “NEVER TO HAPPEN AGAIN”. The Police Chiefs two sons are both in prison, one for murder, one for conspiracy after the fact. I’m not sure what happened to the Chief but he was also convicted of a charge for intimidating witnesses.

By: cheseburger on 9/11/09

Even if the P.S.P.D. and the A.P.D. both filed 200 page complaints, the S.L.O. District Attorneys Office would deep six this case and bury this case, like the girl Freitas hit. Remember the 98% conviction rate they don’t have enough evidence to chance this one, ya think?

By: cheseburger on 9/11/09

This gun thing is out of control a woman coming home alone at night after a few shots, might just need a few shots in a rapist’s direction, to ensure she made it to her front door safely, well isn’t that the flip side, I think maybe the chief should resign voluntarily, not for having an unregistered gun stolen, but for trying to cover it up with the help of a few members of the force. There are millions of guns under the seats of millions of cars, I,m not saying this is right I’m saying this is how it is, some say better to be caught with than caught without when you really needed it, what say sarge? Again unregistered guns are illegal, so is almost everything else people do. You choose maybe we should let this gun crap dry up and get after the real criminals. This is turning into a gun control debate that is impossible to end.

By: mccdave on 9/11/09

If only the gun had crossed a state line. Then we could get FBI, ATF and DHS on this. If the gun has been used in the commission of a homicide, can Solomon go away as an accessory to murder one?


Uh oh. Without her highpaying job, I forsee another bankruptcy filing!!!

By: Booty_Juice on 9/11/09

A complaint from the PRPD or APD? Those sister shagging Barny’s will jump right on it. Straight away.