Former sheriff deputy injured in prison

September 18, 2009


Bryan Goossens, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputy arrested last year on charges of child pornography, was hospitalized following an injury he incurred at the Federal Detention Center in Los Angeles, said Steve Gagliardy, the prison’s public information officer.

On September 14, Goossens was either pushed or jumped from an upper bunk in his prison cell. He suffered a major head injury and was transported to a Los Angeles hospital.

He remains hospitalized in stable condition.

Arrested as part of a widespread roundup of suspected members of a child pornography ring, Goossens faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in federal prison. Goossens and 51 others allegedly shared “very disturbing and graphic” images of children depicting bestiality and bondage.

On September 10, U.S. Marshals revoked Goossens’ bail because of a pre-trial violation. He recently filed a motion to withdraw his previous plea. A motion hearing is scheduled for September 24.


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Member Opinions:

By: Black_Copter_Pilot on 9/21/09

W. M. had everything to do with this….look under more rocks for evidence of this.

By: Cindy on 9/20/09

To Afriendindeed – I’m not aware that Wade McKinney has anything to do with any of this?

By: Afriendindeed on 9/19/09

Hope Kelly Gearhart, Wade McKinney, and Grigger Jones read this story and get a taste of life in the future for them.

By: cheseburger on 9/19/09

Cops hate child molesters, and you wouldn’t get much out of them except ,oops, we’ll try not to let that happen again sir. Truth of the matter, child molesters should be castrated, or if they would not voluntarily agree to that endeavor, then grind them up (WHOLE) throw in some sodium nitrate, make molester dogs and send them to Ethiopia or the Philippines to feed the starving, kids there, in that population. Just say,”tastes like chicken”

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/19/09

Cindy. ;-)

By: mrehand on 9/19/09

As a father, I hope the things he paid to see and perpetuated while wearing the cloak of authority happen to him in the joint when he recovers, there are all kinds of justice in this world…..

By: Cindy on 9/18/09

BTDT – “Not to be picky but from that sentence it sounds like he has yet to be sentenced. ”

Well yeah, How did I miss that in this little blip?

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/18/09

“Goossens faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in federal prison”.

Not to be picky but from that sentence it sounds like he has yet to be sentenced.

By: Cindy on 9/18/09

Did Gussen’s really get a 10 year sentence for purchasing child pornography? AS far as I know “purchasing the materials” (thus perpetuating the industry) was as far as his fetish went. He will probably be released in 5 or 6 years and could possibly have become a greater danger to society. Too bad society can’t offer something like an implant that works the exact opposite of viagra! Then we wouldn’t have to lock them up at all and the problem would be corrected. Otherwise we could keep them in facilities like ASH, maybe forever.

Hotdog – Gearhart and crew made their own choices. They are no enigma. I hope they suffer just like they knowingly made so many others suffer. Lock em up for 20 years in a state prison that doesn’t have a white collar unit.

By: Al on 9/18/09

As John Lennon wrote… “your karma is going to get you”

By: hotdog on 9/18/09

Touchy subject. I’m sure he didn’t choose his obsession, but it is so reprehensible society normally relegates these type of offenders to the bottom of the pile.

Yet, despite the compassion and understanding this guy may garner-I hope no such soft hearted attitudes will prevail when Miller, Gearhead and all the other crooks go to jail. I hope their daily experience is a nightmare, full of revenge and violence. The damage they have caused calls for the worst treatment imaginable. They knew what they were doing, literally wiping out thousands of folks to satisfy their own greed. The slimiest scum imaginable.

By: Saveslocounty on 9/18/09

The man is broken and had been removed from society which protects our kids. But, geeze, why would they put cops in with regular inmates. I think he has given ten years punishment, not the death penalty.

By: Cindy on 9/18/09

What a sad mess of a system. I don’t know what is wrong with the mind of an individual that enjoys kiddie porn but I know that they can’t “help it” and we can’t “fix it”. It’s an enigma for now and beyond us to understand what went wrong in offenders biochemistry. How sad to be a human being that has this affliction that no one knows, not even themselves what to do about. I don’t think anyone should be tortured over something that I don’t believe they made a choice over. I wish we had a special place to put people with these abnormalities. Just keep them from our children but why torture them? Putting Gussen’s in the general population in a prison is torture in my opinion.

By: rukidding on 9/18/09

“was either pushed or jumped.” Come on, what do you think happened to an ex deputy sheriff who is in prison? He got the hell beat out of him.

By: hotdog on 9/18/09

If I remember correctly CCN broke this story last year before anyone else. Another coup for our crusading site!