Court conducts audit in aftermath of clerk’s arrest

September 21, 2009
Juvenal Marin

Juvenal Marin


In response to the arrest of a court clerk for allegedly selling information on pending warrants, San Luis Obispo County Superior Court officials have begun a review of policies and an audit of court records to determine how many cases might have been affected by the clerk’s actions.

Juvenal Marin’s alleged money-making scheme was discovered after a citizen informed sheriff’s narcotic detectives that the clerk was selling information on pending warrants. On two separate occasions, undercover sheriff’s detectives allegedly paid Marin to notify them of possible law enforcement actions, according to the sheriff’s report.

“Marin said that he has helped many people with multiple felonies and he gave advice on how to detect who is an informant,” the detective said in his report about his meeting with Marin, who resigned from his position after his arrest.

Marin charged potential clients $300 to $500 per week in exchange for providing a heads up about any pending warrants, according to the sheriff’s report.

“You have someone that could have compromised a criminal investigation,” said San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Sgt. Jim Taylor. “The courts are conducting an audit to find any case files he has tampered with.”

In addition to reviewing past search warrants, court officials and sheriff’s department investigators are in the midst of researching all court records Marin had access to with a focus on discovering case record alterations and/or the clearing out of fines.

“It’s a lot of work but it is important and something we’ve got to do,” said Superior Court Executive Officer Susan Matherly. “We are going to look at what cases he queried and ask why he was looking at those case numbers.”

At the time of Marin’s arrest, court clerks were cross trained to handle a variety of criminal and traffic transactions. Marin’s duties included collecting cash, entering data, providing access to non-confidential files, and communicating court case information to the California Bar and the State Attorney General’s Office. As a result of Marin’s alleged transgressions, court officials are reviewing cross training procedures and have greatly reduced access to active warrants.

“Sometime this week, warrants will be moved to my office, in a locked cabinet, behind a locked door,” Matherly added. “We have also changed our internet procedures.”

On September 3, detectives arrested Marin at the San Luis Obispo County courthouse and informed the clerk that they were simultaneously serving search warrants on his car, home, and work station. Marin asked detectives if he could see where his car was listed on the warrant.

“I should have had access to that,” Marin spontaneously said (according to the sheriff’s report.) “I should have known.”

Sheriff’s deputies seized bank receipts, a signed conflict of interest form, a signed code of ethics document, a pad of names with phone numbers, a drug pipe, and an illegal knife.

Marin was booked into county jail and released on the same day. He officially resigned as a court clerk on September 13, approximately 15 months after he was hired.

He is slated to appear in court October 1 for an arraignment hearing on two felony counts. The first charge alleges Marin removed, mutilated, and or falsified government records. The second count states Marin “altered, deleted, destroyed, or otherwise used court data” to obtain money.


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Member Opinions:

By: Booty_Juice on 9/28/09

Accurate on everything economic since 2005.

Read. Learn.

For those requiring engraved instructions, don’t bother.

By: ThomasPaine on 9/28/09

I prefer hiring Union workers. The mis/disinformation anti union meme is in full force it seems.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/27/09

Yea I loved that Trib article too. I really liked the side line box of the time line. Wow hasn’t two months past since they finalized the whole reporting here??

Ah more timely Trib reporting. Sad indeed. Of course we are all just gossipers here so it really doesn’t matter if you ask them.


By: Cindy on 9/27/09

I noticed the Tribune has finally covered the story about the cozy relationship that Wilcox and Hall have/had been sharing. The story about the no-bid contract that CCN wrote about a year ago accompanied with the joint purchase of a property by Hall and Wilcox has finally come to everyone’s attention including the BOS. It’s about time. CCN reporting does levy results (eventually).

By: Use_it_or_Lose_it on 9/27/09

Booty Juice- Keep on writing in. Take out all the name calling and and I might consider calling you Brainy Juice.

By: Nameless on 9/26/09

My first and last job in a factory where they made tire molds. I had to set (sipes) little pc of flanges that forms the carvings on the tire. I was to have a two week trainig with another older worker sitting next to me all that time. First day I put in 300 pc. Next day I did 700 and the third day I set almost 1,200 pc.

The following day panicky workers came to me to stop putting in so amny that the norm is 800 pc a day per worker.

I asked them what do you do all day than? Its awfull boring if not working? I was told that if management finds out that 1,200 pc can be put in per person, they lose their jobs.

It was a union shop and out of business today, gone to China. I was let go in two months. Never looked back.

By: dhgscw on 9/26/09

Hold on – you haven’t seen anything yet!!!!

By: Cindy on 9/26/09

Thanks BTDT – I will check out Roubini’s web site. He’s been doing economic forecasting for a long time. Last I read he thought we would pull out of this in time but very slowly. Sounds like he has become less optimistic ?

Option ARMS, I’ve got a good friend with one of those. She made minimum payments and the reverse amotization along with the RE market decline has left her debt to value ratio in the negative by about 28%. Very nasty stuff. Her mortgage is about to increase by 60% and she is struggling to meet the existing arm minimum. I actually know quite a few people who refinanced to “take advantage” of the arm options. Play now pay later! I used to get at least 2 calls a week from brokers trying to entice me into refinancing. It was so irritating, I stopped being polite and just started hanging up. It’s going to be bad on the housing front for a long time, thanks to the creative option A.R.M.S. I do think that people who refinanced were foolish at the time. Like I said Play Now, Pay Later.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/26/09

Oh and another to keep you up at night. Read about option a.r.m.s. Next wave that will make sub-prime look tame.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/26/09

Cindy. If you can handle it (meaning it can be depressing) a good one to read is Nouriel Roubini. He was the only one last year that saw the mess coming. Not only that just heard him say two weeks ago that economy will bounce. Meaning we will look like we are rebounding and then head back into another reccession.

Just saw chart two days ago (forget which major paper) showing growth through this Dec. then starting to slip in new year.

I for one hope the hell the man is wrong but he is good in his field. Google him and you can find plenty of stuff.

By: Cindy on 9/26/09

I was reading that we are nearing a 20 trillion$ deficit and that the rest of the planet is no longer going to value our dollars.

I also read that people should invest in gold or even Australian or Canadian $$ because our money isn’t worth shit! This is a deficit that we will never, never get out of! I’m scared, IS IT REALLY THAT BAD? What will happen now, will we have another great depression with people homeless and starving everywhere? How bad can it get? I really mean these questions that I’m asking.

By: rukidding on 9/26/09

As a very young man I had a job at a ski lift and the owner decided that we needed a new rope tow at the ski area. The first thing that needed to be done was that a large hole needed to be dug for the counter weight. My coworker and I both grabbed shovels and picks (there were no backhoes) and started off to dig the hole when the owner asked what we were doing to which we responded that we were going to dig the hole. Then I heard one of the best lines of my life-only one of you can dig the hole at a time and one of you can work somewhere else. I always remember that line every time I see 6 or more CalTran workers standing around a hole all holding shovels and doing nothing. That scenario seems to be the norm today that more effort is put out to get out of work or find some way to get injured and “retire” with a settlement.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/25/09

I had one guy who worked for me while I was in a supervisor role. He was past union. God’s honest truth he was upset that we worked three minutes over one day. When told he would be paid for the time, it made no difference to him. In a huff he didn’t show up for work the next day. He quit the following after I told him that is the way work can go sometimes. This was a 45 year old man!!

By: hotdog on 9/25/09

Well, even though we are off topic I have to admit I have no experience with the ‘slackers’ mentioned below. I don’t condone slacking, and I see it in many sectors. If the unions and gummint people have more than their share that is not good. Unions should support good work conditions, a living wage and reasonable job security, not a protective envelope for slackers. Contracts that protect poor economics or work quality should be revised.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/25/09

Well let me get out my big paint brush again and besmerch all those poor Govt. workers.

I agree with BCP. I have worked with and later hired people that have worked either in Govt. or for unions. To say their productivity leaves a lot to be desired is putting it lightly. I have seen my fair share of slackers and the majority I have dealt with in work, the worst are those stated. I can’t speak for the others but just for my little corner of the world.

Are there slackers in other jobs. Of course! My point is, is that these two job groups seem to have more than the standard amount.

I will not hire ANYBODY with either of these backgrounds.

By: Black_Copter_Pilot on 9/25/09

” It’s not my job.”

The most uttered phrase ever by both government and union workers. Somewhere they got the idea than minimum effort is desirable.

Ironically, they enjoy the best pensions.

I kid you not!

By: hotdog on 9/25/09

George quotes Pogo of over 40 years ago, and there is much to that comment. All the whining about government workers is short sighted and lame. There is probably some waste, laziness and other issues that could use attention. But to lambast these workers is silly capitulation to ‘survivalist’ and other idiot philosophies.

Just who do you folks think will fix our roads, arm our troops, decide what sort of growth does or does not fit in and all the other myriad situations that SOMEONE must accomplish for the rabble out here? Private industry? Yeah, right. Look at all the war profiteers, the greed and incompetence we often see from that arena.

The issue is as George said. It’s people, not the gummint. We must have oversight no matter who does our chores, for the average Joe is probably lazy, stupid, greedy and lame to the max. Everyone for hisself!

So, if anyone dislikes the excess Cal trans workers standing around while the heavy equipment guy does his thing then perhaps they should complain and try to fix that rather than devolve into the childish anti gummint diatribe so common, and boring.

I suppose those who I am addressing would shudder to be called anarchists, but that is what they preach. I am for good government, with efficient handling of our public affairs that respects the bulk of the citizenry. That might not happen all that often but it is a goal to shoot for.

My grammatical shortcuts above are also from Pogo.

By: George on 9/25/09

We have met the enemy,and he is us.

By: Cindy on 9/25/09

Good Lord, The day has come where I agree with Booty and BCP. Booty, your post is so dark only because it is all so obvious. I’ve always believed (in fact known without doubt) that the old cliche “Where there is a will, there is a way”, speaks volumes of truth and that knowledge has never let me down. So how do you suppose that we turn this tide? We were doing great when Clinton was in office, the budget was balanced and SS was secure. Obama has inherited the scraps (garbage dump) left by the Bush administration, a trillion+ deficit he and hid buddies managed to heap on us in 8 years. How do we all move forward?

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/25/09

I think Booty’s solution is obvious. Dump a TRUCKLOAD of these Govt. jobs. Seems good to me!!

I stated here a while back on another post that private secter is makers, Govt is takers. Meaning private makes something or a service to make money. The Govt. just takes it all from us. Now we are close to 50/50 in jobs. If you have more Govt. jobs taking money what do you think will happen? Just what Booty said.

So again the answer is STOP making so many USELESS Govt jobs and WAYYYYY overpaying a lot of simpletons to much money. Simple.

Oh and for those who will complain that I am picking on a lot of good workers, yes there are some good workers. Some.

By: Black_Copter_Pilot on 9/25/09

You have stated the obvious, BJ, but I missed the paragraph that provides a solution.

You must believe there is none.

By: Booty_Juice on 9/25/09

No apologies here for going “off topic” since it appears this particular topic has been dead for days, if not originally DOA.

Let’s explore the brutal government fiscal realities of the here and now, shall we?

This is a fiscal situation the government has completely created for itself, a situation anybody with two brain cells to rub together saw coming a mile away. At present there is a major debate about how much is to be cut from government expenditures, by what means, and in which services. Yet the predominant current tendency is to continue down the old path of borrowing our way out of debt.

Believe it or not, you cannot spend your way out of debt. CHRIST, this is so fundamental it amazes me to say it. So I’ll do it again. You cannot spend your way out of debt.

When you pay people, government workers and welfare recipients, to sit around all day, guess what they will do?

We have now reached the stage where those who toil, those who sacrifice their effort, and those who risk their own capital and their own time to earn money to finance their business’ are no longer able to support those who choose to do f*ck all. The parasites are now sucking the very life blood from the host and are well on the way to killing it. We are now officially at a tipping point where either the feckless mongs will be given everything we own or the system will collapse like a cancer infested lung.

The world has changed. Forever. Yet what is being purposely ignored is the issue of revenue, how much can be raised, by what means, and who from. A key element that few people realize is how much the tax base has atrophied in recent years in relation to commitments. Let’s start with the young. There are many fewer of them in proportion to us over aged, under endowed old f*ck pigs. They have been coddled and spoiled and watched as their parents engaged in rampant self-indulgence and financial irresponsibility – pissing any possible inheritance up the wall. Also, as a result of skyrocketing educational expenses, most are all heavily in debt in their early 20’s. This will in turn impact their future spending, the taxes involved, and their options on lifestyle. The young are in no position or mood to support a bloated bureaucracy of workshy government zombies on fat salaries and lifelong pensions.

At the other end of the age scale we have those entering retirement age, over 60. Baby Boomers. Scores of millions of the useless buggers who have spent their lives engaged in self absorbed “personal fulfillment”, chemical recreation, sexual expansion, financial irresponsibility, and spunking up the wall today and sod the future. Those few that did manage to save for retirement have either absorbed a 50% haircut in the equity markets or a 100% mugging by various and sundry Ponzi schemers, both local and worldwide. Stripped naked. The salad days of Boomer excess are long gone, never to return. The Rolling Stones’ perpetual Chemo Tour is finally over, and the reality is setting in that they have no money for anything but basic housing and food. The Boomers would love to party on and pay the bureaucrats, but they are skint. Flat busted.

And finally we come to our vile, leeching, worthless, thieving, workshy, so-called “civil servants”. Early retirement has become all the rage in the public sector, while private sector workers are being laid off by the millions to scrounge for work at WalMart, where their taxes pay for the early retirement packages of public workers. So-called public servants are taking, as a result of hideously generous union contracts approved by pandering lifetime politicians, retirement in their mid 50’s at 90% of their pre-retirement bloated wages plus full medical bennies. Government work was never meant to be a goldmine. F*CKS SAKE, does that even have to be explained? Government jobs were meant to be a relatively low paying refuge for the relatively low functioning and risk intolerant. Instead, it has become a winning lottery ticket for the low functioning and risk intolerant. Millions of them.

But now there is no more money. None flowing from the skint, hungover Boomers and none on the horizon from the rightfully pissed off youngsters. The day of reckoning has arrived. The past is coming back to haunt us, and the bill is in the post. Yes, the public sector parasites will attempt to suck the very last drop of blood from taxpayers before having to face a reality of actual work, adding value in exchange for a paycheck, and having the amount of that paycheck dependant on the value they add. The current budget is a joke. More borrowing to get out of debt. They may even attempt to further tax the last remaining item that cannot be hidden, bankrupted, or shuttered – physical property. Watch for an attempt to repeal Prop. 13 and jack up your property taxes in order to pave the road into “early retirement” for a few million more civil servant lottery recipients.

But the money is gone. The demographic is unalterably changed, and the public sector greed, arrogance, sense of entitlement, and outright corruption has finally reached critical mass. There will be blood in the streets, and oh how the children laughed.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/24/09

Thanks for the info Cindy. Missed hearing Karen on the radio.

By: Cindy on 9/23/09

BTDT – Karen talked about it yesterday on KVEC 9:20 Dave Congalton. She is in the process of completing her investigation and the story will come out soon. The other media are just now starting to look at the facts behind all this and the special treatment given Shorts (the felon). Since Karen is way ahead of them (the TT, KSBY, etc) with her latest information I wonder if they will hold off until they get the whole story (from here)!

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/23/09

Interesting on the gun story Cindy. If you find out more info. please post. Curious who third party is.

By: Cindy on 9/23/09

Not to get off topic but it sounds like some new/additional information has surfaced on the “stolen gun” story, the release of Short and another agency that was involved apart from Paso Robles and Atascadero! It also sounds like other media has been requesting records from the court house regarding this debacle, police reports that are “out of sinc” and maybe proof of some out right lies and cover ups between not 1 or 2 but 3 agencies!

By: Cindy on 9/23/09

I listened to Karen on Congalton yesterday. She doesn’t feel that the court house management is responsible. She say’s they do a good job and it’s not their fault that this happened. I say BS. If they can suddenly secure the pending warrants and place these records in the custody of one or two responsible (tried and true) parties they could have done this all along. I think the statement that this has been happening “in many court houses over the years” and that breaches have occurred in SLO before just goes to the fact that they should have known their security was inadequate. If this isn’t the fault of the records management staff then whose fault is it? This was a problem just waiting to happen. Sorry Karen, but they didn’t have their “checks and balances” in place. This has nothing to do with “serving the public adequately”. WE all know your dependent on service (timely records) from the court house, you would do better to not say anything about the internal incompetence rather than claim that it didn’t exist.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/22/09

Oops thread. Big difference in meaning.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/22/09


I didn’t forget what Ian did. It was in responce to earlier in threat, telling me basically that I was being unfair to county workers in general.

Hence these where two more instances of stories done here at CCN.

By: Cindy on 9/22/09

I thought BTDT was mentioning both LEO. One being Parkinson and also the CHP whose name he doesn’t remember is Whited?


BTDT: The person to whom you are referring is Ian Parkinson, a Captain with SLO PD. You remember – the one who had his brother do his homework for him?! The brother who is a crook?! What a great team.

By: JorgeEstrada on 9/22/09

This is one I have no opinion for.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/22/09

Another one for bob.

I forgot Ian Parkison.

The CHP captain (I think that was his rank) in Templeton.

Do you want me to list more bob??

I don’t think I was to out of line in saying that we are seeing WAY to much of this lately.

By: soca on 9/22/09

This guy reminds me of the fired director of drugs and alcohol, who was a heroin addict and sold DUI “get out of jail free” cards. Both put people, cops and informants, at risk to feed a drug habit.

Race has nothing to do with the crime. The guy could have been a blue monkey. I just hope that the Attorney General (I’m pretty sure the DA will opt out on conflict) puts him in prison for a good long time. That way he can bond with his homies :-)

By: WazzUp on 9/22/09

Boy Clemintine you seem to be wound up a little to tight. The phrase was made in jest. I guess if someone told you a blonde joke you would think them as racist as well.

By: karen on 9/22/09

I will be on the Dave Congalton Show today at 5 p.m. to discuss this issue. Turn your radio to 920AM or listen live at

By: PaulJones on 9/22/09

Big_S, I suppose anything is possible. With Ian Parkinson running for Sheriff you can bet this kid will get blamed for that debacle. What really happened is going to be anyone’s guess if Marin is accused. Marin is now an easy target for all short comings of the NTF.

By: BIG_SMILES on 9/22/09

Cindy “WOW, This guy was warning people of pending warrants! That means he could have warned people of a pending raid, as in drug bust’s and a certain failed raid that occurred recently, comes to mind.”

Atascadero raid at Dry Cleaners, could it be?

By: Cindy on 9/22/09

Use It or Lose It and BTDT just said it all perfectly. The problems with gov employees is the protective barrier of “red tape” they have created and surround themselves with. Only in gov do we have “civil servants” who are near impossible to terminate, a position that Wilcox not only sought after but mentioned in her law suit (as if she should have owned that entitlement)! Only in gov do we have people who should be fired, fired, fired but are placed on administrative leave for months. Only in government do we have employees who abuse public resources and get a transfer to the court house payroll rather than the court house prosecutor. Only in government do we have a DUI cop in a public vehicle that gets sent to a job in Fresno rather than to DUI classes with DMV restrictions. I could go on and on. That’s just the tip of the ice burg. Standby and keep checking in!!

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/22/09

Thanks for the spelling leason bob.

You missed the point. Of course it is not everyone. Never said it was. Said it was all over, meaning different areas.

Go back and take some time and read articles here (CCN).

The county supervisors pilfering equipment.

The liason of Gail on County time.

Edge willing to look the other way on a county employee.

That was the point my friend. Oh an spelling has nothing to do with ones intellengence. Geez.

By: Use_it_or_Lose_it on 9/22/09

Cindy- it’s a red herring to say, “leave it to the government”. The government is made up of you and me, and it is made up more pointedly by people. The government is made up of PEOPLE. It is more effective to say something like, “leave it to someone who does not have respect for himself or others, someone who is greedy, someone who is lazy (or both, we have soooo many of them!), leave it to someone who has no problem using their position to have inappropriate power over others, who uses that power for nefarious gains, someone who has no work ethic, someone who doesn’t mind stealing from the rest of us,” and on and on…. But, don’t just say “the government”

As for the percentage of bad eggs in “government” it depends on how you define it. He’s a bad egg. No doubt about it. What about the person who comes in late, surfs the internet, and leaves early but does not sell info? What about the person who has a personality issue or anger problem who makes life miserable for someone outside or inside of government as we have seen in LE including the wannabe’s at probation and those over at D/A who had been filing lawsuits and getting fired – left to spend more time with family – ‘skuze me.

Morality is a definition in the hands of the definer.

What would it be like to be able to trust those who work for us? What would it be like to say, ok we are paying you well, you also have pensions, sick leave, lovely and long and frequent vacations, paid training, and when you retire, you STILL get paid and we are so proud of the time you put in that we think you are worth every penny!?

By: mccdave on 9/22/09

This guy was potentially ratting out police informants? There’s your lead. I wonder if there’s any specific charge they can bring for that.

By: bobfromsanluis on 9/22/09

The correct spelling is “derogatory” , and the comments are more than that, they are “based in racism” to quote one of our best ex-presidents. The assumption that ” … all of the worthless scum, crap, s**t heads, that it looks like we have all over county Govt. and we are all being taken for a HUGE ride at our expence!!” (expense is the correct spelling, by the way) is lumping many of our county government workers into a group that is not fair to those who work hard, abide by the rules, and do give us value for their time as workers. Do you honestly believe that there are more than just a few individuals that behave with unprofessional conduct working in our county government? What would be your guess as to the percentage of workers who are dishonest in their job? Double digit numbers maybe? More than likely it is under two percent, probably less than one percent. Kudos to law enforcement for investigating this individual and bringing his apparent misdeeds to light. I too hope that justice is swift and decisive in dealing with this man who could have put law enforcement (as well as informants and witnesses) in danger.

By: AA101 on 9/22/09

Yeah Guy’s Clemintine is right. We don’t know if he drives a lowered “twee fivty cheven chavie.” Lets at least find out! At least we know how he earns his living and he doesn’t collect welfare!

By: Clemintine on 9/21/09

Yo Wazzupo and scoopone: If proven guilty (and the evidence seems to lean that direction) I advocate that the judge hammers this jerk, but your racism card makes you two look like a couple of country bumpkins. Our country doesn’t need such thinking … after all if you peel back the skin of the onion, your forefathers were probably brought here as immigrants suckling on the teet of a mother fleeing ireland or england or italy and the list goes on and on

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/21/09

To last. Deragadory but funny!

By: WazzUp on 9/21/09

SCOOPONE…He can’t be a flight risk. How far can he get in a lowered Chevrolet.

By: WazzUp on 9/21/09

Hey! Look at this guy. How did he pass the interview process to work in the court system. Were they going through “we need to higher a minority” process. A back ground check shouldn’t stop just by checking DOJ and DMV records. Let’s get out and check the neighborhood he lives in and the people he associates with. DA

By: scoopone on 9/21/09

Why has this guy been released? Bail should not have been provided….he’s a flight risk!!

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 9/21/09

The part I find real annoying besides the obvious, is that being a paid Govt. employee, I am sure he had a nice salary and benefits package.

Yes morality is D.O.A. I give up. Screw your way and everybody to get to the almighty dollar.

I like this site but it does get depressing at times realizing all of the worthless scum, crap, s**t heads, that it looks like we have all over county Govt. and we are all being taken for a HUGE ride at our expence!! ARRRRRRRGGGG!!!

By: Clemintine on 9/21/09

If these accusations are true this knothead put countless law enforcement officers and informants (citizen or otherwise) at great risk. If he is proven guilty I hope the judge hammers him.

By: paperboy on 9/21/09

I once had a roommate years ago who had a DUI arrest disappear because he was porking some clerk down at the courthouse. This sort of thing is nothing new. I’ll wager there’s a crooked clerk in every courthouse in the country.

So this guy was tipping off the bad guys as to when the drug raids were going down? That kind of info would be worth a whole lot to drug dealers. The potential damage this moron has caused could be enormous. Good thing they caught him and after only 15 months on the job!

Now I know why the NTF has been so quiet for so long, this jackass has been tipping off the drug dealers.

I bet the dealers had a real good laugh over this.

By: Cindy on 9/21/09

WOW, This guy was warning people of pending warrants! That means he could have warned people of a pending raid, as in drug bust’s and a certain failed raid that occurred recently, comes to mind. He was also giving “advice” on detecting informants, humm ! Anyone that was paying him $300 – $500 a week must have been involved in some big drug sales. I bet some informants have their names out their and so do some under cover police, compliments of Mr Marin and our civil servants.

Altering court documents, wiping out records and fines! Geeeez this is ridiculous. There is certainly some incompetent management running the records department. Security is actually easy stuff when you know what your doing. If you want something screwed up just leave it to the gov.

By: cheseburger on 9/21/09

Now guess who pick’s up this guy’s bill for the little vacation he’s gonna get, have you ever seen the D. A. so aggressive? “gasp!” Sounds like this guy has been doing this for sometime now, wondering if Jones and Gearhart used him with Attorney General Complaints.

By: rukidding on 9/21/09

Who are the attorneys that are involved?