Suspended officer accused of elderly abuse

October 8, 2009


A San Luis Obispo police officer, currently under a criminal investigation for attempting to bring contraband across the border from Mexico, has faced allegations of elderly abuse in the past, CalCoastNews has learned.

Interviews with sources in the know say San Luis Obispo Police Chief Deborah Linden has either mishandled or ignored reports that officer Dan McDow, one of two San Luis Obispo officers suspended as a result of the border investigation, had attempted to take advantage of an elderly woman suffering from dementia

In early 2007, 87-year-old Margaret Bazzani, known to suffer from dementia and auditory delusions, called police to her home in San Luis Obispo repeatedly for various reasons, including hearing strange noises outside the residence.

McDow responded on one occasion and subsequently began making regular visits to her home.

Following a call from a Bank of America employee concerned when McDow brought the wheelchair-bound woman to the bank to look into the contents of her safety deposit box, Bazzani’s children started to question the officer’s intentions, her son said.

Shortly afterwards, the widow’s son, Leonard Bazzani, discovered a gold coin worth about $1,000 had disappeared from his mother’s safety deposit box.

Family members began asking questions and learned that the patient’s caregivers had called county Adult Protective Services officials at least three times to report that McDow appeared to be taking advantage of the elderly Bazzani.

Leonard Bazzani then took his concerns to Linden, who had police administrators look into the son’s allegations.

“They said it was his business what he (McDow) does after hours,” Leonard Bazzani said. “We than hired (San Luis Obispo) attorney Hank Mott, who said it sounded like elder abuse.”

On July 30, 2007, Mott sent the following report of possible elder abuse to Linden:

“Dear Chief Linden,

“I represent the adult children of Margaret Kelly Bazzani, a widow age 87 years.

“Mrs. Bazzani suffers from dementia and is under medical treatment. She is receiving around the clock assistance from caregivers….

“A member of your department, officer Dan McDow, has been visiting with my client’s mother. Mrs. Bazzani has advised my clients that McDow brought a person to her home to prepare a will for her, to handle her finances, and do her taxes.

“Mrs. Bazzani has told numerous persons that officer McDow has proposed marriage to her. McDow is approximately 50 years younger than her. Adult Protective Services has been called numerous times by Mrs. Bazzani’s caregivers due to their concerns that McDow is taking advantage of her.

“McDow was recently overheard by her caregivers, on Mrs. Bazzani’s speaker phone, advising Mrs. Bazzani she should not have a CAT Scan because her family was trying to prove she was crazy and not to allow Adult Protective Services in her home in the future.

“Mrs. Bazanni is easily taken advantage of and I request that you immediately investigate the actions of McDow so that an 87 year old widow suffering from dementia is not taken advantage of by one of your own officers.”

In response to the letter, Linden ordered McDow to stay away from the elderly woman, adding that she would look into the allegations of elderly abuse.

But since the 2007 order to stay away from the woman, Linden has refused to make public the department’s inquiries into McDow’s relationship with Margaret Bazzani.

“Linden said they had conducted an investigation, but it was a personnel issue, and as such, it was not public information,” Leonard Bazzani said. “She said McDow would be fired if he contacted my mother again.”

In late 2007, a few days after Margaret Bazzani passed away, someone broke into her home by kicking in the door. However, once inside, the thief was able to open, with a key, a locked cabinet in which the elderly woman kept thousands of dollars in a vase.

Aside from the contents of the vase, and a picture of Leonard Bazzani, removed from a frame, nothing else was taken from the home during the burglary, the son said.

City officials did not respond when asked why it took a letter from an attorney to get Linden to keep her officer away from Margaret Bazzani. In addition, city officials have not yet responded to a FOIA request for information about the department’s investigation into the allegations of possible elderly abuse.

On Sept. 15, immigration officials detained McDow and fellow officer Armando Limon at the San Ysidro port of entry because of suspicions that the officers were attempting to transport contraband into the United States.

Authorities at the San Ysidro port of entry have not said what kind of contraband was involved and what prompted U.S. border inspectors to inspect the officers and the vehicle they were in.

“Officers Limon and McDow are on paid administrative leave and have been since September 16, 2009, the day the City learned of their detention by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement,” city attorney Jonathan Lowell told CalCoastNews in an e-mail.

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Member Opinions:

By: Nancimeek on 11/2/09

Elder ABuse being supported by Atascadero Attorney’s like Grigger JOnes, San Luis OBispo judges like Tageman who authorized our case to be moved to Hawaii for reasons known only to him

Check this out

and part two to see what Michael Gould Jones’ accountant friend and others did to our father’s estate

One more thing it has been brought to my attention that Robert Jones represents the Central Coast Caregivers run by Deborah Leasure. Also he recommends the services of Sandy McMillan to work as a fiduciary for elder patients and also recommends his services to help people prepare their trusts and wills Just be careful, I can only go by what he did to our father only weeks before Dad died and AFTER he was terminal and heavily medicated. See the videos on You Tube Thanks

By: Saveslocounty on 10/30/09

This case seems to be dragging much longer than normal. Keep in mind that it is a relativly short process to determine that no violation occurred. Yet, it can take months to build a case in preparation for arrest and prosecution. This doesn’t look so good and poor Chief Linden is still wringing her hands trying to determine what to do with her employee. Sorry Chief, your silence is not an effective leadership tool in this case and your credibility is approaching the gutter already. Time for you to do your job or step aside for someone who will.

By: slovoter on 10/30/09

A few questions for SLOPD…what became of the inquiry that Chief Linden promoted Parkinson when he did not meet the minimum POST requirements for education? Has anyone inquired into the information that SLOPD Officer Limon was extorting cash payments from undocumented aliens he contacted on traffic stops? That would be a Federal civil rights violation at a minimum. SLOPD should be drug tested. They have a high ranking officer that is a known weed user. Based on the family and bank’s information McDow committed elder abuse while attempting to rip off a senior citizen! Why no criminal charges? The department and its leadership are an embarrassment to the citizens of this city.

By: slocentral on 10/29/09

WazzUp: Yes, it is an outrageous waste of our money that we might never had known about it if someone hadn’t tipped off the CalCoastNews. Since they are still on leave, ICE must still be investigating, which indicates that this is probably something major.

In related news, check out this timely article at the New Times:

So SLOPD are never drug tested, unfortunately. I bet the results would have been very interesting if they tested Limon and McDow. (Conversely, if I was in their shoes and was clean, I would volunteer to be tested to dispel rumors and supposition.)

I also find this statement hilarious “All of the officials said drugs are not a problem within their departments.” I guess being caught smuggling contraband across the border is not a problem!

I also find the privacy concerns issue that Linden raises pretty amusing. What about my privacy concerns if I get stopped at a random DUI checkpoint and breathalyzed? When you are given the privilege to drive a motor vehicle, you agree to submit to certain “privacy violations” – why should being a police officer be any different? The NYPD, LAPD, and Boston PD think random PD drug tests are fine. Does the SLOPD know more than these major police department do?

By: WazzUp on 10/27/09

42 Days of paid vacation (admin. leave) and counting. $24,000 down the drain and whatever overtime money is being spent to cover their hours. What a waist.

By: Cindy on 10/21/09

Your so right, Use it. He is taking the heat for his own actions not the actions of others.

cheeseburger – I feel so sorry that you got duped out of all your savings by Gearhart. You have every right to be this angry, your so angry that sometimes your actually funny (in a good way). Hang in there, they’ll get him and the rest of them. They’ll all go to jail just like Karen Guth and Yaguda. I just hope they find enough money to return some of it to the rightful owners.

By: Use_it_or_Lose_it on 10/21/09

Cheseburger- He’s taking heat for elder abuse and for bringing contraband in from Mexico.

Where is Shea our DA? What is the statute of limitations on this?

By: lngreezbol on 10/21/09

Does writing investigative articles for the Cal Coast News make one self employed?

By: Cindy on 10/21/09

Yup, I’m self employed too. I’m Cindy here and Cynthia at the Tribune. I guess Rocco takes exception that I don’t use the same handle on both sites. He ragged on me at the Tribune today!! Hahhahaa LOL

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/20/09

Rocco. I would think that the only way someone could do what you suggest is if they logged on at home and work. You would have to use different computers I would think. A lot of sites register your isp and computer and will only let you log on once from that computer.

Again it doesn’t stop you at work. I for one am self employed so only one possible for me. :-)

By: Rocco on 10/20/09

I am in total agreement that none of us want crooked cops. But what I am seeing more and more is a commonality between a lot of the individuals who are posting comments in the Cal Coast News. I wonder just how many of these “individuals” are really the same person. Is someone making up names and comments simply to stur the pot and enhance the column? Hmmm, something to think about.

By: cheseburger on 10/18/09

Cindy sums it up the best, without going on like I would of, the citizens of this pitiful place of loss of transparency are sick of it!

Look at all the new bloggers, this black hole of Good Old Boy Government, is choking the good life out of this county. I almost feel sorry for this cop, because he is taking a lot of heat for others in Law Enforcement, he’s taking the heat for the Department of Corporations not doing there job in regulating investment companies fraudulent dealings and not doing anything to help investors recover a single dime, once they had discovered the fraud.

Some of us have been here all our lives, others came here for profit under disguises of citizen of the year, (Gearhart, Jones), what they have been accused of, is far, far, far, greater crimes, where is justice, far, far, far, away! Or just around the corner, BAM! Hit by a garbage truck, driven by a carrear change cop, under the influence of pain killers for his back! If this cop needs pain meds. to function, then he must function, not at 100%, at a desk maybe?

If anyone doubts this 100%, go get a prescription for pain, take some and then try to shoot the same as you did before you took the narcotic, sorry I wouldn’t want an impaired person with a gun protecting me. Can Law Enforcement Legally be on pain killers on the job, anyone know this? Or officer McDow’s current medications? Close friends know all? Afraid to spill the beans? A side effect of narcotics is rage, maybe I should stop writing now. Not yet, fellow officers if Mcdow is on pain meds. do you want him having your back? P.S. there is only one correct answer for that question.

By: Jordan on 10/18/09

These recent points are well made however we are steering away from the current “issue” at hand. It is now 33 days and counting.

By: Michelle on 10/18/09

Your so right Cindy. I’m still just incensed over the fact the Lisa Solomon would tell the public that she didn’t have to register her gun because she is law enforcement. So I guess if you are law enforcement you can make up the law. I would like to know what would happen to any citizen that tried that one. What kind of law enforcement official would want a back up gun that is illegal anyway? That woman is a menace, she is equally rather entertaining. She should go back to that profession, it suits her well.

By: Cindy on 10/18/09

Certainly the majority 95%+ of the department (as with all our LEO) is trustworthy and law abiding. I feel sorry for the LEO that are stigmatized over the actions of others, that’s why 100% transparency is so important. I think this tendency to paint with a broad brush across entire departments occurs more with LE than any other profession. We as a society have authorized LEO the use of powers that can only be afforded to those of impeccable character , any perceived malfeasance or misuse of these powers is alarming and isn’t well tolerated. When a law is broken and the public is told that nothing is wrong it just fans the flames and does an injustice to all concerned, which is each and every citizen, (this obviously includes every LEO).

You can’t run around with an unregistered gun and tell us three different stories about it.

You can’t file Chapter 7 bankruptcy (stick to local merchants) and then continue to run your business.

You can’t smuggle contraband.

You can’t tape your Employees

You can’t drive DUI.

You can’t quote statues inaccurately to justify inaction.

I could go on………………

I say “you can’t” but “they have” and that’s why the public has taken notice and offense.

By: slochik on 10/17/09

“pgillis”…I agree with you…Linden is not doing her job and appears shady herself. I’m just saying I don’t think the whole department is corrupt.

By: pgillis on 10/17/09

Cindy: We believe that you are seeing some of the bigger picture here and will see more as time goes on.

The Gillis Family

By: pgillis on 10/17/09

slochik: You need to really read your last posting. Linden is their superior. She should be recommending probation for them or permanent dismissal; that is her job. She is in on all the cover ups with them. More than likely, they have stuff on her; that is why she is protecting these two and other law enforcement. Your city attorney needs to be replaced as well. Linden was recommended by the governor for her position. SLO county is Republican dominated. It is time for a big change there.

The Gillis Family

By: Cindy on 10/17/09

Well, one thing I know is that Linden hired Chitty over other qualified candidates. Chitty didn’t meet the POST requirements and Linden just brushed it under the rug.

By: slochik on 10/17/09

“pgillis”….I am not talking about Linden, I’m talking about the regular officers…I just don’t know how we can expect to be able to hire perfect citizens all the time. It’s just not reality. Some people are great at BS-ing thier way through interviews, great at taking written exams, have great references etc. so they are hired. Most of them are good people but a few are bad. You can’t fault the City for hiring these people if at the time, they met all the qualifications but what you can do is hold the City responsible for what they do with these bad apples once thier true colors are revealed. This is where the problem is. The City needs to weed these people out no matter who they are.

By: pgillis on 10/17/09

slorealtycheck: We agree with you 100%. SLO needs people from other states to run your county.

Slochik: Linden is friends with our governor.

That is why she got the job.

The Gillis Family

By: slochik on 10/17/09

“slorealitycheck”…question…what is your solution to finding the perfect officer for SLO City FD to employ? What more can they do besides what they already do which I am assuming is a very through background investigation, a psychological exam and possibly a lie detector test. I know Firefighters who go through these requirements in order to be hired for the fire department. If candidates pass these tests, what can you do?????

By: slorealitycheck on 10/17/09

The City of San Luis needs to have its Police Department investigated by an outside source. Linden needs to resign. I don’t like the fact I am paying for a portion of her salary. As long as I can remember we have had at one time or another a police officer on the force that has been shady. My friends dad was an officer back in the 70’s and I remember him being arrested for breaking into a Madonna Inn room. Another officer was under suspicion of offing his wife on a horse ride. I have met Karen and her sources are solid. Linden seems to want to be friends with her officers, rather than an authority figure. The elder abuse situation is just disgusting.

By: Rewind on 10/16/09

Ive never seen so many self professed experts gathered in one place. This site cracks me up.

By: slocentral on 10/16/09

dhgscw: Assumptions are made all the time, especially when the facts are absent or (as in this case) being withheld. If I don’t drive in a straight line, I can be pulled over on the assumption that I am DWI. People are also sometimes convicted based on assumptions.

What gives me the right? Well first, anyone has the right to state their opinion (including assumptions) about public events in a public forum. Newspapers have had opinion pages for years for this purpose, and this is simply a modern version of that.

Second, I don’t think you can claim that the events surrounding a peace officer allegedly breaking the law while crossing a federal border is private business.

Third, these officers were hired and are paid by me and the rest of the citizens of our fair city to uphold and enforce the laws of our city, state, and nation. If they are instead breaking the law, it becomes the business and right of all of us to know what went on and (if the facts are withheld) make logical assumptions. Essentially, we have much more of a right to know when it is a police officer or other public employee breaking the law than when it is a private citizen. Sadly, we have been given much less access to information than if it was a private individual who committed the same crime. This is the fundamental problem with this incident and its handling by the city of San Luis Obispo. If so much information was not withheld, we would not have to make these assumptions.

By: mcdonald on 10/16/09

Bring it on Slocentral, my bet is on you. I might add that I work from a home based office, I have all the time I could ever desire to check in and out on my browser.

It’s not that I’m not willing to answer, you are the individual that has been addressed.

BTW, Want to run for government?

By: dhgscw on 10/16/09

Slocentral says “The logical assumption…….”

What right is it of yours to make assumptions of anything other than your own private business. You know what happens when you dissect the word ‘assume’

By: Michelle on 10/16/09

If they were simply fined and released for contraband then that should have been the end to it. No reason for the SLOPD to even know about it. While they might want to clear up a couple of questions, ICE surely wouldn’t be conducting an investigation. This is a joint effort, the only reason SLOPD is involved is because they are a law enforcement agency and interjected themselves. Could also be that McDow and Limon had a load of something and SLOPD wants to know where the drop off was supposed to be.

By: slocentral on 10/16/09

A 1998 amendment allows a United States resident to import up to 50 dosage units of a controlled medication without a valid prescription at an international land border. So it is safe to assume that this wasn’t a case of McDow forgetting to declare his Viagra at the border. And even if it was, a short call to his doctor and/or pharmacy would clear that up and not require a 30+ day investigation.

RealityCheck2: “The only thing everyone should NEED to know if whether or not they were found to be committing a crime.” You seem to be intimately familiar with what happened, so please tell us, were they found committing a crime? (Don’t forget that committing an infraction is STILL a crime, even if you were just fined and released.)

“Plenty of people go to Mexico for a weekend, or for an overnight visit.” Yes, and many of those people are called smugglers. The fact that they drove all the way from SLO and only spent a few hours across the border was probably precisely why ICE searched them on their way back. Their behavior fit the profile of a contraband smuggler.

“People, please be logical!!” We are. The logical explanation of spending 14+ hours in traffic driving down and back to Mexico (in the midst of one of the most violent gang wars in recent memory) mid week is not to have a little vacation. Even if they left at the end of Limon’s shift on Monday the 14th, they wouldn’t have reached Mexico until well after 2am on Tuesday the 15th. If they left in the morning of the 15th, they would have arrived well into the afternoon and they were detained crossing back later that same day. The logical assumption from all this is that they drove to Mexico with the specific intention of obtaining whatever they got caught smuggling across the border. Other explanations are possible, but not very logical.

By: WazzUp on 10/16/09

I say put them back to work or suspend them without pay. We’re already out $17,600 in salaries.

ICE is a joke for taken this long to “Investigate” Why isn’t anyone in city government yelling at the top of their lungs to top officials of ICE to bring this investigation to it’s conclusion so we (tax payers) can move on and quit paying these guys to sit around.

By: Michelle on 10/16/09

Getting a prescription or buying bulk from a pharmacy isn’t going to cause a 32 day+ ICE investigation. Something more than that is going on.

By: Cindy on 10/16/09

Back pain can certainly be a chronic condition and very severe at times. If McDow didn’t live in California he could probably get his pain medication without a problem. I know of two people who have no problem filling their monthly prescriptions of Oxycontin or Percocet, they live in other states where the Dr’s are less paranoid of being charged with causing addiction.

By: PaulJones on 10/16/09

Is the Viagra joke true? I’d say that would be personal. Still, don’t know what med’s they would need to purchase in Mexico that their insurance wouldn’t cover here. Pain Killers that McDow can’t get a scrip for might be one of them. If he saw a doc and got a prescription down there, I’m OK with it. Should have declared it though, but then that’s a long trip, he probably buy’s in bulk.

By: RealityCheck2 on 10/16/09

To all…yes, McDow and Limon were released and NOT CHARGED with anything. I hear a lot of people saying that they have a right to know what they had. The one thing I would say is that, actually, the only thing people really have a right to know is whether or not they were doing anything illegal. If a crime was committed, then yes…people have a right to know that. But let’s say for argument’s sake that Limon had antibiotics for his kid, or McDow had pain meds for his back and they had prescriptions for these meds but were detained for failure to declare them, then fined and released. That would be something that their department would need to investigate to be sure there was no illegal activity, but none of the specifics would be the business of the general public. People have a right to privacy, especially when it comes to medical issues. The only thing everyone should NEED to know if whether or not they were found to be committing a crime.

Also, in answer to some of your questions…no, they would not have had to tell their department they were going out of town. When these guys are off duty, their time is their own to do with as they please, just like all of you. Plenty of people go to Mexico for a weekend, or for an overnight visit. THAT is hardly a crime.

People, please be logical!!

By: Laura on 10/16/09

I’m curious now. How long can ICE detain someone without formerly arresting them? I know they have far reaching power because they are Homeland Security.

My guess is that Linden vouched for these two and they were released on the 16th pending an investigation.

By: Nancy on 10/16/09

Has anybody seen McDow or Limon around ?

By: Cindy on 10/16/09

““Please be advised that officers Limon and McDow are on paid administrative leave and have been since Sept. 16, 2009, the day the City learned of their detention by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement,” Lowell wrote in an e-mail.”

lagunaLounger has an interesting point. Lowell doesn’t say they were detained and released or questioned and released. Just that they have been on paid leave since the city learned of their detention.

By: lagunaLounger on 10/16/09

Overheard at city hall regarding this fiasco: “After Mardi Gras, we let the police do their thing and now the only boobs we see are the ones wearing badges.” LOL

To the dude that said that any type of pending investigation is always closed door, you might want to check the SLO PD website “” and click on News Releases and read a few. Almost all of them are released a day or two after the crime/arrest has taken place, they give a fair amount of detail, and many say “this is an ongoing investigation” at the end. Interesting what the police are willing to release before the investigation is complete when it is not one of their own in hot water.

Also, some of you guys are saying that if it was a serious crime they did at the border, they would have been arrested, but all I read in the articles here and at the tribune was that immigration said they were detained. It never said they were released afterwards! That’s something you are all assuming, but you forget that many facts are being withheld. Maybe they are still detained and that’s why they are on leave. Or if they did get released, they might have gotten arrested since then if the investigation found something bad. I think it is safe to assume that if they did get arrested later, we would not hear about it from the SLO PD or immigration! Its the old corruption cover-up two-step, people! Anything goes!

By: Nancy on 10/16/09

Ah hahha ahahH HAA Hahah LOL, McDonald, that was so funny. I had no idea where you were going with the arborist story. I hope the poor guy was OK!

By: mcdonald on 10/15/09

I’m amused at the people who tell me that the police will take a bullet for me. I called an arborist last week to perform a simple limb removal. I could have done it myself but didn’t feel like climbing quite that high, I don’t like heights. The bone head I hired fell out of the tree! I guess he did that for me.

When I call an electrician, I guess he might get electrocuted for me. I guess a roofer might fall off the roof for me too. I guess the animal control might get bit by a pit bull for me or the PG&E might fall off the pole outside my house for me. I guess I’ll just laugh my as* off for some of you jokers.

BTW SLO county is a nice place to be a cop, the pay is better than LA and they stand a better chance of having a tree fall on them rather than getting shot at.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/15/09

You want civil discourse? That is what a society of laws brings. You think it is bad now? Let cops start ignoring the laws and then others will follow.

Hey how about Governor’s wife and the cell phone? Yea do as I say not as I do. Same here.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/15/09

Comment on this statement.

“It always makes for entertainment to crucify the police,”

Here is were I think some of the Old McDow supporters are missing it. I don’t think people are finding it entertainment.

Why don’t you get up to speed and go back and READ the posts here in the last year on many articles. I as most of the regular posters I see, are pretty much against people who might have broken the law.

Gearhart, Miller, Guth, Yaguda, Paso Police Chief, etc. etc. etc.

I don’t see it so much as vendetta against cops. I see it as a vendetta against BREAKING THE LAW.

This is what boggles my imagination that some so called experts, can’t get that simple FACT.

By: Rewind on 10/15/09

Its guilty til proved innocent around here. This site cracks me up.

By: pgillis on 10/15/09

CuriousPhD: We have not found any information reported in San Diego on the web regarding this incident. Let us know if you do.

The Gillis Family

By: Rany on 10/15/09

It’s clear to me that if the contraband wasn’t drugs McDow’s friends would say so. Regardless of an investigation there is no reason not to assure the public that drugs were not involved, in fact it would be the right thing to do.

This story (according to one person) wasn’t picked up in San Diego. It initially wasn’t picked up any where because it was kept under wraps. San Diego has large busts and since they are only informed that there is an investigation surrounding undisclosed contraband, I can see where they may decide not to bother reporting it.

It’s equally clear that McDow and Limons superiors were contacted when they were discovered with the contraband. No doubt they vouched for them and requested that the investigation be kept private for the time.

By: Michelle on 10/15/09

It looks like things are really heating up around here today. To the extent that friends of McDow tell everyone to shut up because they don’t know the facts, while refusing to release any facts is quite humorous.

Believe74, I think I would refrain from calling people who read the news and post here losers. There are only two

losers” that I know of right now.

By: CuriousPhD on 10/15/09

Well it’s clear to see that there are several personalities at work here, I just wish that the emotions could be left at home with loved ones.

I don’t care what happens to this/these officers ultimately, but I do have to say that its apparent that both friends and foe specific to this officer have found their way to this posting place. As I said before, I go by the numbers and to date all I can see is pitchforks and torches by folks who admittedly don’t know enough about the circumstances.

Everyone is saying they want details, but am I the only one here that realizes any type of “Pending investigation” is always closed door? Have you ever tried to make contact with a policeman or firefighter at the scene of something and EVER heard them say “Here let me tell you all the facts”. If I’m not mistaken, releasing details is even grounds for disciplinary action.

I’ve read all of these posts in my downtime today and really have to wonder…

What if: These officers were smoking Cuban cigars, or in possession of them at the border and were stopped. Would that be newsworthy? Someone here stated that it wasn’t on the news in SD…that seems bizarre, because I’m confident that if they had kilo’s of heroine packed into their gas tanks or even anything notable…..the SD news would have loved to run with it…its NEWS.

Then I read posts about custody court and a bitter ex to this officer specifically. Is that not at least of interest?

Seems strange that SD makes no mention, but here in the local news it pops up…and coincidentally there is clearly some type of conflict (Probably quite heated – being custody related) between two parties here….

So these two officers get their name in print and then old accusations start cropping up, from group(s) that cannot show any physical evidence of wrong doing?….

But again, its news and everyone loves a good roast. I’m inclined to think that if the border incident was significant foul play, then these two would have been snatched up, bagged and tagged by now. Last time I checked, GITMO wasn’t an example of how sweet and caring the feds handle enforcement.

The fact that they did not (According to any of my readings) spend one night in a jail facility and SD news didn’t run with it leads me to believe that perhaps this is a sadly misguided witch hunt. I’ve read quite a few border patrol headlines and its obvious that they mean business. I find it hard to believe that it was all just “Covered up” because some small town police officers from 100’s of miles away are so “Connected”.

It always makes for entertainment to crucify the police, but I think after reading everything in totality that this one is a boring dud that for a moment captured curiosity and imagination….

By: pgillis on 10/15/09

fatcheck: “It is my understand that it is customary for law enforcement officers to notify their superiors and/or fellow officers if they are leaving town, in case they need to be recalled in an emergency or other event. If I was McDow’s superior, I would certainly be asking him some probing questions if he mentioned he was taking a day trip to Mexico, given the both the drugs and risk of gang violence in crossing the border.”

It could be that Linden did know and now is trying to help cover up for them as well as herself and others who are over these two. And, for all we know, they could have been getting a supply of some type of contraband for co-workers and superiors of the SLOPD. Our gut is SLO will never find out the real truth. Anything goes in SLO.

The Gillis Family

By: factcheck on 10/15/09

I too find it interesting that none of McDow’s friends and fellow officers who are posting here have said anything about what he was doing in Mexico. Telling us what he was doing will only help his cause if he is as innocent as you suggest.

It is my understand that it is customary for law enforcement officers to notify their superiors and/or fellow officers if they are leaving town, in case they need to be recalled in an emergency or other event. If I was McDow’s superior, I would certainly be asking him some probing questions if he mentioned he was taking a day trip to Mexico, given the both the drugs and risk of gang violence in crossing the border. It is hard to believe that McDow and Limon were making these trips (I think it is safe to assume it wasn’t their unlucky first trip) to a place as dangerous as Mexico without telling anyone, unless they had good reason to conceal these trips.

So will the friends and coworkers of McDow address this point rather than ignoring it and instead telling us what a great boy scout he was?

If none of you were unaware of his day trips down to Mexico, it seems there are parts of his life that you didn’t know about and you can’t comment on the legitimacy of. If you were aware of these Mexico trips and/or what he was transporting, then please put an end to all the rampant speculation, gossip, and rumors that you hate and fill us in. The only reason not to would be if, of course, the information is truly damning. However, I really hope that you can prove us wrong and that these guys aren’t as dirty as it is looking at this point. We don’t need our own local “Rampart” scandal here on the central coast.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/15/09

Or in this case bad cops.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/15/09

WOW. All caps. We must be getting to the truth with McDow’s friends.

Gotta go I hear the footsteps of justice coming to clean this county of bad county employee’s.

By: pgillis on 10/15/09

AA101: “It won’t be like what happened with Soloman, Mullhall and Shea where they claim no one did anything wrong, misquote the law and then tell us that the statute of limitations has run out anyway.” You must be living in a dream world. Don’t you know that D.A. Shea is known as “Mr. 98% Conviction Rate” in SLO county (we were told that by several residents). He is famous for letting statutes of limitations run out. And, he and his assistants are always misquoting the law. We have to wonder how they were able to pass the bar exam?

The Gillis Family

By: pgillis on 10/15/09

AA101: Everyone in the state does NOT know about this. It never made the news here in San Diego. We watched the news at least twice a day and it was never on down here. I learned about this from CCN. No one I have spoken to had heard about it until I printed out the article and gave it to them. Thanks, Karen.

Big Smiles: You are right. That was such a tragedy and could have been prevented; Similar to Carson Starkey’s death if the SLOPD and SLO DA did their jobs when our son died.

The money being used to pay these two “alleged” criminals on leave could be better used prosecuting them.

The Gillis Family

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/15/09

For those upset with those of us who read on our computer, let me quote something my High School Civics teacher taught us.

One. Everybody has an opinion and everybody is entitled to theirs wether you like it or not.

Two. Knowledge is power. Don’t take somebody else’s word for something. Get out there and read.

To that end I read from MANY news sourses. So to all the McDow friends having a problem with reality, I am sorry for you.

Last I have a WONDERFUL life. Thank you for asking. I am very happy.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/15/09

McDow’s friends are getting touchy.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/15/09


Your last post really upsets me. I am real mad. At myself. I wish I had made a well thought out arguement like that. Great post.

By: BIG_SMILES on 10/15/09

SuzieQ, What comes to mind and is perhaps more fitting is the San Diego lieutenant that was constantly pulling young, attractive ladies over and directing them off the fwy into a secluded area. The department received many complaints about him. He was well respected and all the complaints were ignored. That is until he pulled over a young woman that gave him some lip about his intentions. He murdered her, he got caught. The entire force was in shock.

It seems like there have been concerns/complaints about McDow’s behavior before. Although I agree that this example of how people can be fooled about ones true character is extreme.

By: Cindy on 10/15/09

SLOcentral – You really slammed it home with that last post. Particularly when you laid out that time line.

“Given the short amount of time they spent in Mexico, this suggests that rather than taking a Mexican vacation, their trip was primarily about obtaining and transporting whatever they were caught with.”

By: AA101 on 10/15/09

Everyone in the state knows about this story. They won’t be able to sweep this one under the rug without identifying and prosecuting somebody (if not McDow and/or Limon).

It won’t be like what happened with Soloman, Mullhall and Shea where they claim no one did anything wrong, misquote the law and then tell us that the statute of limitations has run out anyway. I’ve lost all respect for the Police Chiefs in SLO, Atascadero and Paso Robles. What an embarrassment they are.

By: dhgscw on 10/15/09

All of the gossip, speculation, humors and spin thrown out in this McDow story here on this page will do nothing to bring a conclusion to meet the end you wish to see. It will only add to ‘poison the well’. We have a justice system established in this country to take care of questionable activity. Let the system.

By: ogMOM2009 on 10/15/09

“People are upset about this issue because we are wasting our money paying for two guys to sit on leave and are being kept in the dark what is truly going on.”

I would like to add that this business of refusing to inform the public of what contraband was confiscated is something that wouldn’t be afforded the average citizen. I believe the SLOPD is up to their same old spin tactics. I believe that if it wasn’t for CCN that the SLOPD would have determined that someone probably planted the contraband and then closed the case as a personnel issue with the guilty party unidentified. I believe that. I have no doubt that Linden and Parkinson are feeding ICE all sorts of spin.

Thank You, Karen, the people who “tipped her off” and CCN.

By: slocentral on 10/15/09

Let’s stick to the facts.

According to SLOPD records, the last time Limon was on duty in SLO was the evening of September 14, so McDow and Limon either drove to Mexico late on September 14 or early on September 15. It is a good 5+ hour drive from SLO to cross the border if there is no traffic. McDow and Limon were detained crossing back into the US on September 15. Given the short amount of time they spent in Mexico, this suggests that rather than taking a Mexican vacation, their trip was primarily about obtaining and transporting whatever they were caught with. This is not rumor, this is a logical assumption based on the facts released by both ICE and the SLOPD. Facts that I encourage everyone to verify if they have their doubts.

So, to Photoguy and the rest of McDow’s close friends: If you know McDow so well then please tell us what was McDow doing across the border? What was he caught smuggling? Why are he and Limon still the subject of 30 day (and counting) federal investigation? If you can’t answer these questions, then there is obviously a side to McDow that you don’t know and any claims of him being a “nice guy” are not on point.

So far not one McDow supporter has addressed these questions. People are upset about this issue because we are wasting our money paying for two guys to sit on leave and are being kept in the dark what is truly going on. If you have facts about what happened, please post them here.

Saying that McDow is a nice guy who could do no wrong is the same as any other rumor or gossip that is posted on here – it is someone’s opinion that may not be backed up by facts. Nice gossip can be false just as often as nasty gossip can. Sure, it is not fun to have the media spotlight turned on you, but that is what happens when you are caught. If you think what is said here is bad, go read the comments posted on the Tribune site the next time an auto accident, DUI, or other arrest is published. The law enforcement officers posting here should well know that the perps they collar go through the same public torment on a daily basis. They also have family, friends, etc.

By: Cindy on 10/15/09

BTDT – There was a story that received twice the posts that this story has attracted. It was the story about when Tom O’Malley called Mike Brennler out into the parking lot at an Atascadero public meeting (about the CC putting down their differences and working together). That story had over 500 posts attached to it!

PhotoGuy – McDow isn’t the only person who is being talked about. Limon was identified as the lone officer who responded the evening of Mrs. B’s passing. This revelation was tied into the missing cash and then quickly dropped. People here seem to have dismissed that coincidence because it was pointed out that anything could have happened to the missing cash, like wise with the purloined coin. Being stopped at the boarder and escorting Mrs. B to the bank vault are different stories. We know it happened and who was involved, what we don’t know is all the facts. Of course it hurts the people who love them, it hurts the people who work with them, it hurts them and it hurts the public.

Factcheck – You’re 100% correct IMO.

By: PhotoGuy on 10/15/09

What a complete load of bullsh*t! I’ve worked closely with McDow for years, and this new one is just complete pot-stirring. I’ve only EVER heard his name connected with anything to do with evidence once, on a DUI arrest he made…and (SHOCKER) the evidence was found to be IN EVIDENCE, right where it belonged! Another case of citizens going after cops because the people can’t or won’t take responsibility for their own actions. People can say whatever they want and accuse people of anything, but that sure doesn’t make it true. How illogical to think that it would be “well known” that he’s involved in criminal activities yet there’s no evidence of it, and his bosses all think the world of him. Makes a lot of sense.

I know McDow well, and he’s a good guy and an incredible officer. There will always be detractors and people who are jealous and looking to make trouble…especially now when they would like the public heat to be off them and their families and onto someone else. Don’t listen to the BS, McDow…all of us who know you are behind you 100%.

FYI- the mother of his son never WAS a SLOPD dispatcher. Just another piece of crap served up as fact, and everyone just eats it up. It’s well known that that woman has been behind all of these new little pieces of “rumors” dropped out as “facts”. Anyone wonder why it’s only McDow who’s being talked about?? Not a coincidence.

By: WazzUp on 10/15/09

So why doesn’t the City Council get involved to push to get the ICE investigation brought to a conclusion. It’s been over a month and we are still paying these two guys for (alledgelly) committing an illegal act.

By: factcheck on 10/15/09

A few people have questioned why this story, which occurred in 2007, is only coming out now. I imagine that Leonard Bazzani would have loved for this story to be told by the media in 2007, but I think several factors kept this from happening:

1) Clearly the SLOPD and city of SLO try to bury any negative story like this by not issuing press releases, making it difficult to obtain reports, performing biased internal investigations to conclude they were not at fault, etc.

2. Most mainstream media outlets probably shied away from the story because it did involve negative publicity about SLOPD. Most of us have seen how risk adverse many media outlets in this town are, based on the stories CalCoastNews breaks that no one else wants to touch.

3. CalCoastNews was either not around at the time or not well known enough for Bazzani to know to contact them with the story.

Bazzani would have nothing to gain to sit on this story in the unlikely hope that McDow’s name would hit the news in the future. The fact is that Bazzani’s story IS more newsworthy now because McDow was found using poor judgment (to say the least) again, making it a pattern rather than a one time occurrence.

Regarding the people who are stating that these comments are filled with gossip and rumors – you are correct! This is how investigative journalism works. You are just witnessing first hand what normally occurs behind the scenes. Sure, some of the gossip is false, but some is true, and while it cannot be an authoritative source for a story, it can help guide a journalist in the right direction to see which leads to pursue and fact check.

If no one had “gossiped” to the CalCoastNews about two officers being on paid leave due to an ICE investigation, this story would not have seen the light of day. We have read about what great lengths the SLOPD and city of SLO went to to hide this story. If there was not a legal precedent requiring the disclosure of public employees on paid leave, I’m sure they would have withheld that information as a “personnel issue”.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/15/09

P.S. and possible laws broken by LEO’s. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/15/09

“and they make mistakes just like everybody else does.”

Again agree if this is private, business. Again possible laws BROKEN. Lame arguement.

By: ConcernedPB on 10/15/09

The internet is a scary place. It’s an unregulated rumor mill. Facts are distorted, lies are perpetuated, reputations are trashed, and it’s all done anonymously. A number of young people have committed suicide over gossip and false accusations spread on the internet. Nobody is safe…ANYONE could be the next victim. This site has turned into an adult version of myspace where anyone can say anything about people they don’t know and have never met, and it’s spun out as fact. Gossip doesn’t need to be true- it just needs to be titillating.

The guys that are being slammed here are PEOPLE. They have feelings, and fears, and they make mistakes just like everybody else does. They have families…children and mothers and people who care for them who hear all of these horrible speculations and accusations and nasty names that they are being called in public forums. Can you imagine how much that hurts all of them? The ripple affect of this sort of witch hunt reaches far more people than just those two involved. Please consider how YOUR families and friends would feel if you were the subject of this sort of speculation and ugliness.

Everyone is entitled to freedom of speech, but that doesn’t mean that saying whatever you want, including publicly spreading lies, is right, good, fair, or moral.

By: SanSimeonSam on 10/15/09

to add to been there done that: if these guys are proven to be guilty of crimes against the state they can keep the apology I want the county to get our money back for their paid administrative leave time. And if they are guilty and go to jail they will probably go out on disability and or retire and we get to pay them while their in jail. We probably need more lawyers involved to get to the bottom of all of this….

By: dhgscw on 10/15/09

PONDEROUS – It could not have been said better.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/15/09

“If the accusations are true then he’ll be held to answer for it. If he is vindicated, I hope those who have already judged him have the decency to apologize to him in person for demonizing him.”

Comment on this quote. I won’t have to apologize myself, as I have never demonized the poor man but it does beg a question. The statement is fair enough. So if it is proven right, should both the officers get on T.V. and aplogize to us the taxpayers for lousy judgement???

By: ponderous on 10/15/09

Apparently getting stopped at the border for “contraband” was losing its shock factor. This article reeks of gossip and many of the following opinions appear to be mob mentality. It is easy to fling mud at somebody you don’t even know. To be truly concerned is fine but none of us have enough facts of this case to make a informed decision.

I also want to stay informed regarding serious issues. But I would be wary of taking just this article and calling it truth. CuriousPhD has some very good points regarding this particular article. I am sure it will be some time before we can know what is truly going on.

What if you or a loved one was the target of this article? I doubt you would feel so excited about this witch hunt. And by the way, why is this most important article just coming out? How long ago did this supposedly happen? In early 2007? Police officer accused of elder abuse. That is a serious accusation. How did this go unnoticed by the press? Interesting how this didn’t pop up until recent events. It is beginning to feel like a campaign season.

If the accusations are true then he’ll be held to answer for it. If he is vindicated, I hope those who have already judged him have the decency to apologize to him in person for demonizing him.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/15/09

Have to comment on this before this thread dies. I find it interesting that this issue REALLY hit a hot button on both sides.

I was looking at the total posts on this, on the main page. I haven’t seen a CCN story that comes close to the feedback this has generated. Curious how this will end up for these two on the border issue.

I think the feedback speaks of a possible problem with some law enforcement and distrust of some of it, that might be developing in this county, by just looking at recent stories.

I have been here thirty years and find this to be more recent, than long time coming.

By: Laura on 10/14/09

Missing drugs, transporting drugs, using drugs,

planting drugs and it’s all going on around the cops. That’s scary. The SLOPD is notorious for having those sorts of problems, more so than any other agency in the county.

slocentral, I was wondering if McDow’s ex girlfriend is still a dispatcher at the SLOPD or is she working at the jail now?

By: pgillis on 10/14/09

Nancy: “The word on the street is that McDow was accused in the past as having been a number one suspect for drugs missing from the SLOPD evidence locker.” This is not gossip or a rumor. In the Search Warrant of Sigma Chi premises on April 4, 2002, it states,”illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia were found in the living quarters of Sigma Chi brother Teddy Lawton.” No one was arrested for possession; it was brushed under the rug. This information is also in the first SLOPD report. Why do you think this is, people? It does not take a brain surgeon to figure it out. As told to us by CHP officers, it was a well know fact back then that some SLOPD are in on drug dealing.

And, when we brought the Search Warrant information to the attention of SLO Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee, he met with SLO DA Shea to find out why; Shea’s response was (and I quote from Blakeslee after this meeting on Holy Thursday of 2005 with Shea) as reported to us by phone, “Shea said the statute on that has already run out.” Blakeslee told us he was very frustrated with Shea, but dropped the ball on this. Someone got to him to leave it alone and go away.

To SanSimeonSam: I agree with you. SLO needs to have someone head an oversight committee NOT from SLO County. It would also be wise to have a lawyer/law firm as counsel NOT from SLO County to help with this committee, if it is going to happen.

The Gillis Family

By: PaulJones on 10/14/09

Do police get drug tested? If not they should be. It won’t stop someone from selling drugs but it sure would identify the users and I know there are drug users on the force.

By: MartinW on 10/14/09

Great, just great, the SLOPD had drugs missing from evidence and they put a lid on it. I understand that Nancy’s information is unsubstantiated however I also heard about drugs that were missing at the SLOPD about a year ago. It never hit the news and I forgot about that until I just got reminded.

By: Nancy on 10/14/09

This is just gossip and rumors so no one should take it for fact but I heard something new. I don’t know if it’s one of the stories that Karen decided to investigate but she probably got a tip about it.

The word on the street is that McDow was accused in the past as having been a number one suspect for drugs missing from the SLOPD evidence locker.

By: Cindy on 10/14/09

Too funny, have we completed our English class for today? I don’t think we’ll be hearing anything about the other two stories (regarding McDow) that Karen said she was investigating unless she can prove her information first. It’s certainly been interesting though. It could be months before this investigation is concluded especially if they are investigating who put the contraband in the car!

By: dhgscw on 10/14/09

At last Officer McDow gets a reprieve, the sharks are attacking each other.

By: hotdog on 10/14/09

Strange. Like SloCentral I have chastised writers here for bad spelling, bad grammar and just being plain sloppy. I never got any chaff for doing that, why does he/she?

Right on SloCentral for calling attention to our growing illiteracy and laziness. Some of these posts are embarrassing to read, imagining they came from native English speakers. Didn’t any of those folks learn anything in school? Don’t they have any respect for the reader, and themselves?

Those who write trash diminish their own credibility and waste our time. Accepting it encourages it so those like Central are to be applauded for calling a spade a spade.

By: slocentral on 10/14/09

Cindy: I was no more rude than the original post I was commenting on, which said “i have to advise Believe74 to get a dictionary and a book on granmmer before he/she launches another opinion” If you are going to criticize someone’s writing, you better be prepared to have your own writing criticized.

Since we are on the topic, Cindy, you might want to check your over use of apostrophes. Specifically, in your previous two posts “critic’s”, “spell checker’s”, “spell’s”, and “doubt’s” are not possessives or contractions, so an apostrophe should not be used. I realize your spell checker must not catch this. Sorry, but the overuse of apostrophes is pet peeve of mine.

Now back to the topic at hand. Any guesses on what the other two stories that Karen promised us on McDow might be?

By: CuriousPhD on 10/14/09

Cindy- you think my typing and spelling are bad…you should see my handwriting.

By: Jordan on 10/14/09

BTDT and others, If your valued opinion’s along with “mis-spellings” aren’t picked off here on this site (post, post) via a red line highlighting the word in question, then format your posts in “word” and then cut and paste it into the thread. Not that it matters to me. I know what everybody has to say and that’s all I concern myself with.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/14/09

S.S.Sam you slay me.

That is two LOL today. One last minor off topic. I use spell check in email. Can you use it here in CCN little opinion box???

By: Nancy on 10/14/09

That’s such an easy question. Who else would report about a man having a relationship with a lady who bore that man a child while he was off carousing with another woman? Would a man mention it?

By: SanSimeonSam on 10/14/09

i am glad someone caught that one. There was won moore that you missed.

By: Cindy on 10/14/09

I agree Nancy but why do you think that slocentral is female?

By: Nancy on 10/14/09

slocental is an effective communicator and does state her mind set with eloquence. I hope that she doesn’t shy away because she went out on the line to state her opinion about some faux pas.

By: Cindy on 10/14/09

slocentral – You’re just outright rude. Most of us that are over 40 were taught to spell with phonetics. So yes, there are a couple of generations that really require the use of spell checkers, even then those AI devices often don’t always configure what we are trying to spell. It has nothing to do with anybody’s level of education and that’s where I take exception to your post. I have no doubt’s that certain people are breathing a sigh of relief considering that we are now so far off topic, however the idea of written communication is certainly on topic as that is what a blog is all about. Communication.

P.S. I just counted, I used my spell checker 3 times.

By: Cindy on 10/14/09

BTDT – You are just too cool.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/14/09


No sorry. No irony. Bad spelling. Just ask Cindy. She has seen my typo’s and spellings before. That is the best part about politics. We can agree, disagree but at the end of the day we all need humor to laugh at ourselves and not take life too seriously.

By: slocentral on 10/14/09

Not to get off topic here, but I love how SamSimeonSam lectures someone on being literate, but then misspells grammar once and then misspells it AGAIN a different way when he corrects himself. I just hope BeenThereDoneThat was being ironic when they also misspelled it.

It is “grammAr” not “grammEr”. Come on people, most people learned that one in grade school. If you never graduated from high school, at least turn on the spell checker before you post.

Anyone who writes should read, know, and learn to love this excellent site: Common Errors in English Usage

By: Cindy on 10/14/09

BTDT – SanSimeon’s error was clearly a typo rather than a spelling error, unlike PHd’s clear spelling errors. Regardless, that’s why it’s a good idea not to rag on spelling, grammar, punctuation etc. The down side is that we always have to be perfect after that. Many of us have learned that the hard way and I’ve seen some critic’s go down mighty hard with a big roar of LOL’s. There are many brilliant people that can’t spell. Spell checker’s folks, use your spell checker’s. Especially to the guy that uses his real name and spell’s “anonymice” the wrong way twice! I “know” he’s a brilliant guy.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/14/09

I always try to stay to subject but PLEASE, PLEASE George forgive me one small indiscretion.

San Simeon Sam. You had me in stitches laughing on your post. I am not laughing at you but with you. I agree with what you say (except on spelling I suck at it) and your slip up on the grammer post misspelling made my day. Again not trying to bag on you or anything. I’m sure you probably found humor in it to. Thanks if you don’t delete this George. Now back to are regular scheduled programming.

By: PatrolDog on 10/14/09

Transporting Mexican Yellow Jackets into this country is a serious crime. I am responding only to the topic surrounding this product, not to any specific acts or accusations regarding any individual.

It doesn’t matter what Mexican Yellow Jackets are used for. First and foremost it’s illegal, it’s a crime.

Yes, they are sometimes used for the manufacture of methamphetamine.

I am off duty and have logged onto this site from a personally owned PC.

By: AA101 on 10/14/09

Anyone with the brain the size of a pea can make meth and blow or not blow themselves up. The local LEO even believed a dry cleaner was making it in the back of his establishment. Parents worry that the kids can make it before they get home from work for cripe sakes.

The hardest part is to get all the ingredients because the law has been making it harder. These guy’s have better not had a bunch of meth ingredients, that’s all I can say. Too hell with the pain killers.

By: Michelle on 10/14/09

It’s true what Cindy say’s about the Meth cookers trying to get their hands on the ephedrine. It was on MSNBC. They buy the cold capsules and then pick out all the little particles of a certain color that are the ephedrine to make the meth with. Then they throw away the rest of the pills contents.

Unless these guy’s McDow and Limon are great big boy’s with a weight problem that can’t find anything except yellow jackets to curb their donut eating habits they should have no use for yellow jackets from Mexico.

By: Rany on 10/14/09

Wasn’t McDow and Limon’s boss Ian Parkinson just ostracized for a failed meth bust in Atascadero and San Miguel? Just wondering if…….

BTW, How much did that end up costing us all, and how much overtime are we all paying for the LEO that are covering these two guy’s shifts? If they are found guilty do they have to pay back the salary they are collecting?

By: Nancy on 10/14/09

SSSam, Well said, many of us are concerned about who will end up on the board when we get a CRB. I think there are way’s to block Good Old Boy’s from being seated.

When I told everyone what the word was on the street about the contraband I was clear that it was in my opinion gossip. I do have to say that I don’t have the impression that it was started by somebody who is out to get McDow. I remind everyone that the rumor includes the fact that the pain killers were for McDows back. Who ever is talking is already adding in an excuse for him and calling the narcotic a pain killer “for his back”. I don’t think his evil x would be so kind as to make excuses for him and refrain from the use of the word narcotic.

By: SanSimeonSam on 10/14/09


By: SanSimeonSam on 10/14/09

I agree we need a citizens review board. But here is my prediction: If we get one it will have the same old corrupt self serving individuals on it….Mullholland, Brown probably a copeland or 2 and all we get is another cover up. With the depth of the corruption of the “community leaders” in our little town we’ll need a watchdog over the review board….But wait why not a watch CZAR. Yes we need a CZAR. Lets get Matt K….He wants to be elected to something…..anything…..lets make him CZAR or dogcatcher….

Now for a editorial comment worthy of the bombastic curiousPHD: i have to advise Believe74 to get a dictionary and a book on granmmer before he/she launches another opinion….Your opinions will have more impact with the audience if you don’t appear to be illiterate. And for gods sake stop watching those soap operas. We have real a serious problems in this county that are costing the taxpayers money and we need to focus on cleaning that up.

By: Cindy on 10/14/09

Well one thing I know is that anyone found crossing the boarder with a load of yellow jackets is going to be in big trouble. Many pharmacies now keep their cold medicine capsules (most contain ephedrine) behind the counter. Ephedrine based products are a major ingredient needed to produce meth. The clerks are trained to take notice of anyone purchasing large amounts of cold capsules and report it to the police. Meth cooks would definitely be interested in lots of yellow jackets from Mexico that contain lots of ephedrine. That’s probably the real reason that YJ’s were outlawed in this country rather than because they cause high blood pressure and increased risk of heart attack. Heck this site gives some people high blood pressure and increased risk of heart attacks.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/14/09

P.S. and please don’t beat me up on that I said not to post. I am talking about the yellow jacket differences. Please post away.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/14/09


Follow the post before you post. The whole yellow jacket differences was addressed by prior poster.

By: dhgscw on 10/14/09

Nancy said – “I just told you all what’s going around in the rumor mill.’

There was gossip, speculation and now ‘rumor’. Think about what this conversation has become. Would you like anyone to spread rumor around on a public site about you. Think about it.

By: WazzUp on 10/14/09

Byronic! You say McDow has a meth lab (Maybe he also shops there to get ingredients for his meth lab!)… must know him better than your letting on.

By: Byronic on 10/14/09

Dan McDow is a friend of a friend, and I’ve been following this whole thing but not wanting to comment til now! I had to laugh…I was just at the gas station and what’s for sale right there on the counter? Yellow Jackets! I had just read how “Yellow jackets are a slang term for numbatal which is a barbiturate and also highly addictive”. Really? A highly addictive barbiturate for sale at your local gas station and convenience store?!? If that’s what he had, then string him up! He probably also had cigarettes! Or chewing tobacco! Also highly addictive stimulants available to anyone who shops at 7-Eleven! Maybe he was bringing them back in large quantities to sell to Chevron!!! Also…isn’t ephedra available at GNC? Maybe he also shops there to get ingredients for his meth lab! Diabolical, that Dan McDow. Too funny!

By: Nancy on 10/14/09

believe74, I have no idea who the mother of Dan’s child is. Don’t known anyone who works at the jail either. I just told you all what’s going around in the rumor mill. MartinW’s additional part of the story is out there in the rumor mill also. Since some of you are so certain that you know where it came from then I guess it’s true (for the most part).

By: believe74 on 10/13/09

Nancy your most likely a friend of the horrible women who works at the jail. That women is EVIL and will do anything in her power to bring Dan down. She uses that poor baby against Dan. What a shame for a woman to use her own child against the father. You and all your friends need to get a life and tell your little friend that she really needs to get on with her life which does not include Dan.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/13/09

Assuming (and I mean assuming to be fair) they got caught with something at the border, it will be interesting WHAT they had at the border and what it was.

If something like a class 1 type drug he would be guilty of a serious offence.

If something like these yellow jackets might be, then he would be guilty of STUPIDITY.

Now the second would be better than the first but still wouldn’t instill a great deal of confidence, seeing as he is a LEO.

By: MartinW on 10/13/09

Seems like the reason the investigation is taking so long is because McDow and Limon swore up and down at the boarder that they didn’t know how the drugs got in their car. (yeah sure guy’s). Because they were cops they didn’t get charged at the time and Linden got involved adding to their credibility. McDow is saying that whoever “ratted on him” is the one that planted the drugs. Seems to me if she was going to plant drugs she could have done a better job than pain killers and yellow jackets.

By: factcheck on 10/13/09

One more thing to note is that Yellow Jackets in large quantities can be used in the production of methamphetamine.

But of course, McDow may have been manufacturing meth as part of an elaborate sting operation he was planning to catch Bazzani’s meth-using former caregivers. ;)

By: factcheck on 10/13/09

For more information about Yellow Jackets, check these links:

Yellow Jackets are considered a dietary supplement containing Ephedra. Ephedra was banned in dietary supplements by the FDA in 2004.

and also banned by California state law

So buying or selling Yellow Jackets is illegal, possession may not be, but smuggling them across the border in anything over a small quantity most certainly would be.

By: George on 10/13/09

Mexico recently relaxed drug laws, personal amounts of all drugs marijuana hashish cocaine heroin, the works et al OK.

By: Laura on 10/13/09

McDow should just get over here and tell us what he got busted with and how much. We’ll tell him how deep we think the shit is that he’s in. If it’s documented that he has a bad back and he didn’t have too much I’ll be agreeing that he should be sent to pain management and maybe rehab if he’s addicted. That’s what we would do to any other good citizen. A few prescriptions for personal use isn’t my idea of smuggling. If he had 500 Viocdin or a load of Oxycontin that’s smuggling, that’s serious drug business.

By: Cindy on 10/13/09

Factcheck is correct. Apparently yellow jackets are a new type of speed mix. I read that the speed mix is just made up of Ephedrine (which is common in diet formula’s) and caffeine. As far as I know that’s not illegal.

Numbetal is an old time drug that was also called yellow jackets.It’s the opposite of speed.

By: SanSimeonSam on 10/13/09

It is well past the time that we need to bring in an outside law enforcement agency to perform a comprehensive investigation of the county and various city agencies. It would appear that criminals like chief Linden and Gerry Shea and the others are using “its a personnel matter and cant be discussed” as a cover up for some serious and costly corruption. It disturbs me greatly that we citizens of the county just sit back and take it. This is costing us money in a time when money is in short supply. Linden wont act other than to cover up her actions and the acts of her department…Same with Pavvo Ogren and the such. We need a clean sweep and some air freshener at city hall.

By: factcheck on 10/13/09

Nancy: I heard the same regarding the contraband possibly being pain pills and yellow jackets. But to my knowledge, yellow jackets are not prescribed to induce sleep, but rather the opposite. They are ephedrine-based stimulants designed to keep you awake and wired (similar to meth – ironic that McDow accused Bazzani’s caregivers of being meth addicts!), as well as to increase your metabolism so you can lose weight. They are illegal to sell or possess in the US, but may be legal to buy in Mexico. Any law enforcement officer would certainly be aware of the illegality of bringing yellow jackets across the border.

ryan66: I assume the woman you mention is the SLOPD dispatcher McDow knocked up? So wouldn’t it be “their son” rather than “his son” that she wants custody of? And “tipping off” reporters that he was put on paid leave for smuggling contraband is not gossip, it’s the truth. If she is the whistle blower in this case, then she is just doing what the SLOPD and city attorney should have done immediately in the first place: Inform us about what the people who work for us and are paid by our tax dollars are up to.

And anyway, pain pills for your bad back is pretty far down on the list of “bad things you can be caught smuggling” and something most people would sympathize with it given the price of medication these days. If she wanted to ruin him, why not say he was smuggling cocaine, weapons or child pornography? As far as rumors go, this appears to match the facts that have been released thus far.

By: Cindy on 10/13/09

Don’t know if this story (from Nancy) is true but if it is we really can’t conclude anything until we find out what class narcotics he had, how much he had and how he procured it.

If it turns out that he went to a Doc in TJ and got a prescription and then legally filled it but didn’t declare it, I’m going to think so what?

Guess we’ll have to wait until the facts are released. I think it’s going to be a lot more serious than filling a prescription though. It’s been under investigation for almost a month.

By: slochik on 10/13/09

I don’t know McDow and I don’t know if he did what some have accused him of. I do know that plenty of times I have seen people so surprised that someone they knew could have done something so outrageous. Sometimes you don’t really know people. No one thought the BTK killer would kill anyone. Happens ALL the time. People are always like “omg, I can’t believe it…he was always such a nice guy….my kids loved him”. Everyone is cabable of anything.

By: Scarlet on 10/13/09

You’re on to something, ryan66! That vindictive woman forced law enforcement to stop Dan at the border. Hell, she probably planted the contraband on him!

By: ryan66 on 10/13/09

“Word on the street”? I know exactly what “street” that came from…the woman who it’s widely known in the community is spreading lies and tipping off reporters about McDow. Folks, this is a vendetta against McDow by the woman who he is currently fighting for custody of his son. She’s been putting him through hell for the last year and a half and has flat-out said she’ll lie and say whatever she has to to ruin him. Don’t believe the gossip. The truth will come out in the end.

By: Nancy on 10/13/09

BE WARNED, The following is what my opinion of gossip is.

The word on the street is that: The drugs were McDow’s and they were pain killers for his back and also yellow jackets. I don’t know what kind of pain killers he had however he has excellent medical insurance so the only reason to purchase these “narcotics” in Mexico is because they are addictive and a MD here wouldn’t give him a prescription.

Yellow jackets are a slang term for numbatal which is a barbiturate and also highly addictive. It’s prescribed to induce sleep. Pain killers and numbatal are both popular recreational drugs.

If McDow had these drugs I imagine it’s going to come down to how much he had. Was it for personal use or for sale? Regardless, he still broke the law and he might even be addicted to these drugs. It’s just a matter of waiting to learn all the facts.

That folks was an example of gossip, however it is the word on the street. I have no idea if it’s fact or fiction.

By: WazzUp on 10/13/09

It’s been a month now that Limon and McDow have been on administrative leave. If this was just a petty detention then why is the ICE taking it’s time to finish their investigation. Are they draggig their feet hoping this will stop being news worthy so they can sweep it under the rug or is it bigger then we think.

All and all I’m concerned we are paying for these two guys to be on vacation instead of working for their pay. So how much longerarewegoing to pay them for using poor judgement.

By: factcheck on 10/13/09

Just a reality check to all the McDow supporters…

Mr. Drew Peterson was also highly regarded as a upstanding citizen and a fine police officer by both his peers and friends who knew him, receiving “Officer of the Year” at one point. The death of his first wife was initially ruled an accidental drowning, after a thorough investigation by a coroner’s jury that included a police officer who personally knew Peterson and assured the other jurors that Peterson was ‘a good man who would never hurt his wife’. I think we all know how things turned out for Drew in the end.

Be aware that people who state “there was no way in h*ll” someone could do a certain act sometimes have to eat their words. Some people have dark sides that they are able to hide from even those closest to them. And there are plenty of cases of “proper, by the books” investigations that are later proven to be wrong, especially when it is an agency investigating one of their own.

The bottom line: Keep an open mind at this point. We can’t say that McDow is guilty of anything at this point, but we also can’t say he is not guilty. With the authorities keeping so many things secret and under wraps, it is impossible to know anything for sure.

I would be interested to hear from the McDow supporters about what their theory is on the border smuggling rap. If all McDow was smuggling across the border was pain pills for his back, I’m surprised none of his friends has advanced that theory.

By: Scarlet on 10/13/09

CuriousPhD: CRIMINAL investigation.

By: MartinW on 10/13/09

Everyone who Karen has ever wrote about claimed that the stories weren’t true. It’s always the same thing, deny, deny and deny. In the end it always turns out to be true. I’ve heard it all before watching the friends breaking their fingers to voice vitriolic disapproval of CCN and it’s supporters. In the end the friends disappear as the facts take center stage. To hear Curious PHd talk, you’d think that Karen didn’t investigate her stories and doesn’t only write what she can prove. You’d think she didn’t confirm this with the manager from B of A, or speak with the family or the care givers. You’d think she never confirmed that there was even an investigation and who performed it. An investigation that never interviewed any of the family members, not even Leomard Bazzani. A rather sanitized investigation I’d say it was. Great job Linden, Better job Karen.

By: CuriousPhD on 10/13/09

It appears that the fans of this site and this writer or group of writers, apparently prefer sensationalism to “Being wholly informed”.

I cannot say I know this officer and as I’ve stated before I enjoy great journalism, but I was simply making the point that THIS story is so completely fact free. I read plenty of quotes from an attorney that was hired by a family member, but I’m unclear as to how statements alone are considered EVIDENCE.

Mr. Congalton I must say that although I do listen to your show, I was surprised to see your defense of running with empty handed accusation as though they were determined fact. Your a public source of information as well, its YOUR responsibility as well to be accountable for factual information.

It really bothers me that folks are making comments about ANY of the behavior alleged when there has been no evidence even to this moment that any of the accusations are true.

Mr. Congalton and Ms. Velie, I implore you to only help us keep widespread news as factual as possible. Not to run with “Sources say” information alone. Because “Sources” can always EASILY be enemies, but the evidence and numbers never lie.

Someone also commented that APS “Doesn’t do an investigation” and I would like to confront that notion. APS DOES INDEED do an INDEPENDENT investigation, as I’ve learned from elderly patients in the past.

For the record APS DOES a full investigation TO DETERMINE foul play or abuse. The report is referred to a LE agency to ENFORCE and continue with the investigation.

Therefore, the radio speakers were misleading because IF APS had found even SUSPICION of inappropriate conditions, THAT would have been included in the report to LE and then LE would have been charged with determining the level of inappropriate conditions.

In this case, from what I heard on the radio and am gathering from the article, APS sent their report stating that nothing was discovered as suspicious.

I only ask every reader, writer or speaker (And don’t worry I include myself) be objective and question tirelessly until evidence is in hand.

Where would each of us be if a gathering of our enemies could simply make accusations that we broke the law to a jury in a courtroom and with NO physical evidence get tossed and jail. Sounds scary to me….

By: Scarlet on 10/13/09

Why is it that McDow’s supporters have the same fervor and blind faith exhibited by the Parkinsons’ supporters?

By: mrsmom4 on 10/13/09

My family has known Dan McDow for close to 8 years. In that time he has been nothing short of a dependable friend and a respectable officer. My children have always looked up to him because he is a warm and kind person. Dan McDow is the type of person that would give the shirt of his back to a stranger. He has always given his time and resources and expects absolutely nothing in return. This article makes me very sad. People are making comments about someone they do not know based solely on an article that is making claims. There are countless times in history when people are wrongfully accused. Time will show all of you the true Dan McDow that my family has come to know and love and will always support!

By: Cindy on 10/13/09

Yelapop is absolutely correct. KSBY is carrying this story today.

“Regarding McDow’s alleged involvement in this elder abuse investigation, City Attorney Jonathan Lowell said in a written email: “Peace officer personnel records are confidential… This matter was fully investigated by SLOPD and handled entirely appropriately and consistent with department policy.” /story.asp?s=11289550

By: RealityCheck2 on 10/13/09

I realize that I have already posted about this, however since people insist on clinging to their theories about Dan McDow as an evil mastermind criminal, I am going to insist on clinging to the truth. I was close friends with McDow at the time of his friendship with Margaret and I had the pleasure of getting to know her, as well. He was a great friend to her and checked in on her regularly to make sure she was alright, and helped run errands for her, and was company for a woman who spent most of her time alone. So much of what is speculated is total fabrication. Him accompanying her to the bank was just him taking her on an errand that she requested to run. There is no way in h*ll that he ever took anything, or influenced her for his benefit, or manipulated her. He is a good person. He CARES! He cared and worried about Margaret, and actually enjoyed her company. The truth is just so much simpler than people are trying to make it out to be, and it’s just so sad. I will keep coming on here to continue to stand up for him for as long as it takes to clear his name of the lies.

By: yelapop on 10/13/09

ryan66: Your comment, “he was totally cleared of any wrong-doing over two years ago,” concerns me b/c it brings up that nasty old oversight issue again. APS doesn’t investigate allegations, but refers them for investigation. In this case, to SLOPD. Hmmmm….. If I can wrap my tiny brain around this, it means that Linden was responsible for the investigation of McDow.

By: cheseburger on 10/12/09

Weighing the scales hypothetically, I would have to say the unfortunate officer’s friends do put up a well though out argument to just let this whole fiasco blow right over like the chiefs gun did, sorry guys like some of the other great posters inadvertent to your gallant cause, of saving your good friends ass.

I think the surface information, without a conviction is overwhelming. If officer McDow has any integrity, he would step down now, without pay until properly cleared of all charges, and then seek reimbursement legally from those who allegedly slandered his excellent reputation as a suspected elderly womanizer, and embezzler./ if convicted smuggler, Curios phd, like the sound of that?

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/12/09

Yea I understand defending someone you know. I did that at first on the article about Randy Ghezzi who was investigated by the county in the equipment fiasco.

Boy was I wrong!! I admit it. Blindside me. I hope that McDow’s friends and aquantances are prepared for the same possibility on the border investigation.

By: ryan66 on 10/12/09

I just want to say that I don’t think anybody posting in support of Dan is against free speech. We just know this guy and know that he didn’t do anything to deserve the nasty comments people who DON’T know him are posting for all to see. If this story was about any of your friends, and you knew for a fact that it was totally untrue and blown up into something completely inaccurate and biased, then you all would want to defend him/her, too. It’s difficult and hurtful to all of us who know him to see his good name dragged through the mud publicly. Especially in this case, he was totally cleared of any wrong-doing over two years ago, yet these allegations are being pulled up into the public eye just because his name got in the paper for something totally unrelated. That just seems really unfair. I hope the people who insist on saying nasty things will just put yourselves in our shoes for a minute and realize that you all would want to defend somebody who you believed in, too.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/12/09

“I am not sure that a ‘blog’ is the best place to determine if a law was broken. We have a justice system to do that, such as it is.”

This statement is the problem with your friends McDow. They get confused easily.

I don’t feel that I or most are trying to convict the man here. Obviously there is courts for that. Duh. We are giving our views of a news story. I think this has gone on for hundreds of years. People hear a newsworthy story (talking about the border investigation) and discuss it with others for what their thoughts and input might be.

Glad we don’t have McDow’s friends in charge. They would prosecute a lot of us here for free speech.

By: ogMOM2009 on 10/12/09

Jordan said: “the law is rather ambiguous so there is a whole lot of leeway to interpret anything that anybody wants. I’ve seen that happen many times first hand.’

I didn’t see it but I sure heard it. I’m with you Jordan and others. Where is the group meeting? I’ll sure give you my vote and I’ll work on the committee.

By: Jordan on 10/12/09

City and county attorney’s are appointed. They do what they are told and the law is rather ambiguous so there is a whole lot of leeway to interpret anything that anybody wants. I’ve seen that happen many times first hand.

We are all well on our way CCN, keep it up. Great reporting here. It’s time to sweep the house. It’s been filthy for too long.

By: Nancy on 10/12/09

Isn’t it sad that we all need an over sight committee to over see the overseer’s. There is just plain too much government in our lives. It’s time to stream line. It’s time for the people to take back the power that we gave up while we all have gone along our merry way. It’s our fault as much as it is some one Else’s. I don’t want to stand for one more single moment of someone in gov telling me to mind my own business.

By: Laura on 10/12/09

This is so funny that we seem to be having a trial right here on the CCN blog with so little facts. CCN only reports what they can confirm and Karen sure does beat out the other local media sources so thank you Karen. If other so called investigative agencies would release their reports I’m sure that we would have a cleared picture. To hell with those who are paid to serve us, bring it on CGRB.

By: rukidding on 10/12/09

Certainly CCN is the not the place for an unbiased investigation. Evidently the Adult Protective Services did do an investigation but did not meet the correct outcome for CCN, that would be something of a positive matter which is

not news worthy for this site.

The nature of the contraband is of some concern, although if it were of any significance I would suppose that an arrest would have been made.

Time will take its legal course to a conclusion.

By: dhgscw on 10/12/09

BTDT – “Yes they are innocent till proven guilty but we have to investigate if a LAW WAS BROKEN”

I am not sure that a ‘blog’ is the best place to determine if a law was broken. We have a justice system to do that, such as it is.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/12/09

I am glad to see there are others here that still believe in the law. As for the Innocent till proven guilty crowd. You are right and wrong. Yes they are innocent till proven guilty but we have to investigate if a LAW WAS BROKEN. That doesn’t imply guilty, it implies INVESTIGATING. McDow friends get a grip.

By: Scarlet on 10/12/09

Curious PhD:

Main Entry: sus·pend

Function: verb

transitive verb 1 : to debar temporarily especially from a privilege, office, or function

2 a : to cause to stop temporarily b : to set aside or make temporarily inoperative

3 : to defer to a later time on specified conditions

4 : to hold in an undetermined or undecided state awaiting further information

By: yelapop on 10/12/09

It seems that McDow has a lot of friends, or a lot of usernames…

I can’t imagine anyone claiming that the detainment of a cop at our border, which led to his being placed on leave, is not newsworthy. The city certainly made an effort to keep it under wraps until forced to divulge it according to our laws. If McDow was also investigated for elder abuse, that seems to me to be worthy of a mention in our local media.

Thanks for sticking with it, Karen. The fact that it appears “everyone in SLO county is a crook” reflects on local leadership and not CCN.

By: slocentral on 10/12/09

PhotoGuy: On the radio show on Friday, Karen stated she had no knowledge of any report that resulted from the elder abuse investigation. If you are claiming that both Karen and Dave conspired to risk their journalistic integrity by lying about receiving such a report (something that could easily be proved), then please inform us of the basis of your assertion.

Exactly how do you know Karen and Dave received the report? Do you work in Dave or Karen’s office? Or were you the person who provided them with the report? Did you participate in the investigation? Or did you covertly obtain the report and leak it? Unless you tell us who you are and how you can corroborate this rather serious charge of yours, it is just another piece of hearsay.

Your claims suggest you have intimate knowledge of the contents of the report. If so, please provide us with a detailed summary, if not the report itself. If McDow is as innocent as you suggest, this can only help his cause. Perhaps it might also help explain why none of the Bazzani family members or caregivers were interviewed in the investigation.

By: Rewind on 10/12/09

Dont you know the only honest people are here? This site cracks me up.

By: dhgscw on 10/12/09

If I am to believe all the various articles put up for ‘opinion’ on CCN, I am left with the feeling that everyone in SLO county is a crook. There are the SLO police, The Atascadero police, the Paso Robles police, the city of SLO, the city of Atascadero, the city of Paso Robles, the county of SLO, the leadership of SLO county, the sheriffs deputies, the road maintenance crews, the CHP officer, the contractors, the developers, the hard money lenders, the escrow officers, and I must be missing some that are all under suspicion. If there is guilt, fine, go get them. Or, has this gotten to the point of titillating peoples imaginations to promote more gossip and speculation that leads to more false charges.

Folks, I am visiting this site from almost 1000 miles away and I must say this is all making SLO county out to be place made up of people who have no regard for the law and hurting the areas image. If those accused have broken the law, I am sure the justice system is still healthy enough to prosecute the guilty and hand out appropriate sentences. Maybe I am an old guy and still believe in the part of the law that says, INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

By: Saveslocounty on 10/12/09

Slocentral makes a convincing assessment, thank you for that. Many of the comments continue to attack the author who seems to have provided as much detail as was available at the time of posting. Citing the source that indicated that McDow would be fired if he made contact with Mrs. B is a responsible journalistic approach. As stated over and over, ask the boys to give their side of the story so we can move on. But, no, that hasn’t happenes yet. The supporters continue to attack the source and the skeptical keep asking for more detail. Such a stalemate will not be resolved until additional information is learned by the release of reports or hearing from those accused. If it were I under this level of scrutiny, you would see a well crafted press release to show the other side of the story.

In the meantime, I appreciate the opportunity to hear, read and write about issues of public concern as one of the freedoms we enjoy in this great contry. I can understand you supporting your friend but to stiffle our rights to discuss it outweighs their right to remain silent.

By: congaltonkvec920 on 10/12/09

I think Karen Velie has posted a legitimate news story here and I was pleased to support her work by having her appear on the show last Friday. I find it interesting that all these Anonymice are rushing suddenly to protect their colleague and attack Karen.

When a family is forced to retain an attorney to tell the chief of police to get one of her officers under control, that’s news. It is especially news when said officer is already under federal investigation for allegedly smuggling contraband in from Mexico.

KSBY airs this story, as well, so I hope you’re over at, also attacking Tony and Shari with you anonymice postings.

Both Chief Linden and Captain Parkinson decline to return to Karen’s phone calls. I suspect that only makes her more determined to do her job.

By: WinstonC on 10/12/09

“The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.” Winston Churchill

Hang in there Officer McDow, your time will come to tell your side of this disgusting story. Seems pretty transparent there are ulterior motives at work here by the “family” and “ex” who are feeding these lies. No evidence of any wrongdoing is just that.

By: bellae885 on 10/12/09

This news site might as well be the national enquirer, or! The writers take hearsay for truth. It is sad and pathetic. I feel sorry for anyone who believes this as journalism. The articles are one sided and if the Bazzani family was really concerned about their mother and not about her material possessions why didn’t they come forward to the “news” with the supposed “cover-up” 2 YEARS AGO?? Sounds like the family is desperate for attention and found a way to find it. It is absolutely appalling and sad that this supposed journalist and the Bazzani family can drag someones name and livelihood through the mud without getting both sides to the story. There are so many other TRUE and sad stories going on in our state and in the world.

By: CuriousPhD on 10/12/09

I also just realized the headline “Suspended officer”. Suspended? I thought the officer was on administrative leave.

I think it could be argued that SUSPENDED alone is intended to put a dark foot forward before the gossip in the article even begins. Yes there IS a difference. Administrative leave is whats used when something is being done TO DISCOVER if something has been done inappropriately.

SUSPENDED is a consequence dealt WHEN wrong doing has been established.

Wow, this article takes an officer who has not officially even been declared as having done wrong in ANY event and shifts him into the “Already being penalized, and look what else I heard” category.

This many noted shortcomings in these writings and even radio broadcast is now reaching the point of getting me severely annoyed and I hope that anyone gossiped so negatively in ANY similarly evidence free article gets some type of justice from this high school grade gossip media outlet.

This is literally a grotesque documentation of everyone involved in the old game of “Telephone”.

The motto of this site should state “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story”.

By: CuriousPhD on 10/12/09

I’ve now read the original article on both officers at the border and re-read this article.

People have referenced news that the writer of these articles has broken in the past and I’m not faulting any news that has proven to be credible. My original post was mainly in regards to the lack of evidence to this article.

I heard the Congalton show a few days ago and have been too occupied to get back online, but I will now state that hearing the statements made between the two of them I’ve officially disregarded this and any reports to be made on either of these officers.

Both speakers began making statements about this officer specifically in a manner of “How was it found to be his personal business, if he was driving this elderly woman around in his police car”.

That is literally my concern about this type of investigative journalism. That statement as well as all the others that were made just like it, are all based on the foundation that this woman WAS in fact driven around in a police car. The part that concerns me most is that A MAJOR step has been skipped.

Lets start with the EVIDENCE aspect of the accusation. Is there not a due diligence requirement of journalists to obtain the physical evidence of an accusation prior to putting it into print?

If there’s no evidence of this woman ever being in or driven around in this officers police car, then how can the radio speakers move on to make statements even further about “How inappropriate” the act was or “How it could be considered his personal business”. Why isn’t Congalton or anyone else for that matter asking “Whats the evidence that this woman was being driven around in a police car”. Instead of running with an empty accusation.

Shame on both of the radio speakers as well as the journalist for such an empty story. This is honestly a front page gossip slandering to unite the public against a not always favored group. (Law enforcement)

By: RealityCheck2 on 10/12/09

Photoguy- I had a feeling there was more to this story! Thank you for actually doing the research to give us some follow-up to this whole mess. I knew it had been investigated, but even I didn’t know the extent to which the department cooperated with APS. I DID remember one more thing that exposes the lies being told about this story, though, and that is that Officer McDow wasn’t even driving a patrol car at the time he was friends with Margaret!! He was on special assignment at that time. That allegation was completely pulled out of thin air.

I have to ask Karen why she seems to have a personal vendetta against Officer McDow. Did he pull her over for speeding? Did he arrest her for DUI? Did he investigate her for drug charges? Has he been called to her home for domestic violence?

There must be some reason why she is choosing to hide information she was given by the police department clearing Officer McDow of all of these allegations, and why she’s promising to post more slander about him in the future. How can we believe any of the stories she’s printing on this site when we know for a fact that she purposefully only give us the pieces of the story that make for good water-cooler gossip? Is this The Sun or the Star or the Enquirer? If this is being presented as a real “news” site, then why are we not being given the whole story? Seems personal to me.

By: PhotoGuy on 10/12/09

I listened to Karen on the Congalton show on Friday, and was absolutely appalled at what I heard. Karen and Dave Congalton both received reports earlier that day giving detailed information about the FULL INVESTIGATION that was performed by the police department and APS looking into this allegation by the Bazzani family. They were informed that the department followed all protocol and fully investigated all claims, including COOPERATING WITH THE INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION BY ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES and that there was NO EVIDENCE OF WRONG-DOING found by either the department or APS.

Karen, why did you decide to completely discount the official report clearing McDow of all potential charges? Why is it that you feel you are actually posting legitimate news stories when you completely disregard your obligation as a supposed “reporter” to do due-diligence and investigate both sides of a story, or the outcome of an allegation? Why are you trying to pull the wool over the public’s eyes to present only one side of a story and completely disregard the rest?

I also have to comment on the fact that you stated on the radio that you’ve been receiving other calls about Officer McDow and that you are going to dig to find as much gossip on him as possible. It’s clear that you are commited to posting as much conjecture and speculation and hearsay about Officer McDow as falls in your lap, and you have no regard for any information that can disprove your theories and render your gossip column obsolete.

But I hope everyone hears that Officer McDow was investigated by Adult Protective Services and completely cleared of any wrong-doing and that Karen and Congalton know this and have decided to hide that information from the public.

By: Cindy on 10/12/09

rukidding – I should have added that my concerns and support for a local gov review board are about issues that are far greater than our concerns about the cops.

By: slocentral on 10/12/09

I think we can see a clear double standard here in regard to a law enforcement officer allegedly breaking the law versus a normal citizen.

If a normal citizen is accused of crime, the SLO PD will often issue a press release detailing what you are being accused of and the local media will run it, before you’ve had your day in court and had the chance to defend yourself.

In the border contraband case, two local law enforcement officers are being federally investigated and the city quietly puts them on paid administrative leave and attempts to prevent this information from becoming public. It is only after an anonymous tip to Calcoastnews and many stonewalled inquiries that the fact they are being investigated comes out, and all the other details are withheld because it is “personnel information” and the whole innocent until proven guilty mantra is trumpeted in the face of any accusation. This is the opposite of what normally happens when a regular citizen commits a crime.

If anything, we deserve to know MORE details about crimes that our city employees such as SLO PD commit because we are paying their salaries. If they are being federally investigated and put on paid leave, the city needs to issue a press release about it immediately. We all deserve to know, no matter how embarrassing it might be to release it.

Instead we’ve gotten conflicting and false information from the city attorney, no comment at all from the chief of police, and apparently (from what was discussed on the Congalton show) an email that was sent between multiple city employees requesting that no one comment on the smuggling case. An email that the city attorney denied even existed until it was leaked and he had to acknowledge it. This is not the kind of open and honest government we all deserve.

It also seems like a blatant conflict of interest to have the SLOPD investigate one of their own in this elder abuse case. It is my understanding that SLOPD is too small to have a separate and independent internal affairs division to investigate their own officers, so instead this task falls to line officers who are not independent and separate from the rest of the force.

Unfortunately, this often results in poor and incomplete investigations. The elder abuse investigation of McDow appears to be one of these, as none of the family members were ever interviewed and the report was never released. Clearly, it should be treated like any other SLOPD report and be released, rather than covered up as (once again) a personnel issue. If there was no basis for the elder abuse charges, release the report and clear McDow’s name! The fact that they are sitting on this and not commenting seems highly suspicious.

It seems clear that in cases such as this, an separate law enforcement agency such as the sheriff’s department, DA’s office, or even the FBI should have investigated rather than have it fall back to the internal good old boy network to look into one of their own.

By: Cindy on 10/12/09

rukidding – I agree with you about the dangerous criminals that are allowed back on the streets. Of course it’s far more serious than the issues you refer to and then some. The prison system, parole boards, sentencing guidelines, are in chaos. With that said I want to stay on topic and address the issues at hand. We do need a local Review Board and yes, I believe that the people will vote for it. There are people who are in the early stages of seeing to it that we all get one.

ryan66, There is one thing that I have no doubt about and that is that McDow made Margaret happy for the time that he spent with her and she probably felt safe and protected just knowing that he was out there and would come, rescue, protect and listen to her and THAT CAN’T BE A BAD THING. I’m glad he could give her that no matter what his intentions “might have” been. I’m inclined to believe he probably cared for her. Likewise I’m certain that she enjoyed being taken out for a ride, especially if it was in his police car. I have no doubt that she made up lots of excuses/reasons why see “really, really” needed to go different places.

He still used some poor judgment though. Let this be a lesson to letting things go to far.

By: believe74 on 10/12/09

Please people get a life everyone thinks they have a right to give their opinion on this story. I guess everyone in this site is a perfect citizen and has the right to judge someone with no true facts. It’s very sad.

By: rukidding on 10/12/09

To Cindy-

Besides yourself, and some other bloggers, what percentage of people do you think would be in support of a “Citizens Review Board?”

I think your efforts would go a whole lot further by addressing the judicial system (courts) that let most of the real dangerous criminals back on to the streets where we live. I fear these criminals more than a police officer who gets a free cup of coffee and donut or who may get picked up for drunk driving than a released convicted felon who serves little or no time.

By: ryan66 on 10/12/09

I’ve known Dan McDow for over 15 years, since we were kids. Let me tell you, this guy does not deserve the slamming he is getting by these people. He literally wouldn’t hurt a fly. He would give anybody the shirt off his back without a second thought- that is not even an exaggeration. He cares about people, which is why he does the job he does, and why he’s considered one of the best cops on the force. He did not abuse that woman. He is the kind of person to actually take an interest in helping someone who needs it, and he would never take advantage, hurt, or try to take a thing from an elderly citizen of the city he was hired to protect. One of the members of the Bazzani family used to ASK him to stop by and check on Margaret. She certainly didn’t consider him threat or a danger. He is a good, decent guy and I have never in 15 years seen anything to suggest otherwise.

Also, I haven’t asked him to give me any details on what happened at the border, because I support this guy 100% without question. The fact is that I’ve never seen him drink excessively, NEVER seen him take drug, or break a law, and he would do anything for anybody who needs it no matter what or when. He is a good and decent guy. I would bet my life that the stuff at the border is something ridiculous and blown way out of proportion (remember he was never charged or arrested so that should show you all something), and that once he’s able to tell his side of the story everyone’s going to drop this witch-hunt as quickly as it was started.

By: Cindy on 10/12/09

I for one support the call for a Citizens Review Board to over see continued problems that government doesn’t seem to recognize or address to the satisfaction of the citizenry in this county.

I had the opportunity to view Michael Moore’s new movie Capitalism, at the Palm Theater yesterday evening. It’s very informative and quiet an eye opener,I consider it his best yet. The message is for the people of this once great nation to take a stand an effect change. That starts with the power of the “vote”.

It starts right in our own back yards. These recent problems are all just the tip of the ice burg. Thanks to CCN we are learning more than they ever wanted us to know.

By: BIG_SMILES on 10/12/09

The problem is that LEO have a perception that they work for the City Council, City Manager and only the honcho’s who have the authority to “bring it down on them”. They perceive themselves as having a carte blanche otherwise in my opinion. I have seen some mighty arrogant LEO.

We can not allow any LEO the authority that we the people have bestowed upon them without 100% certainty that they are trustworthy. That authority is intended for the use of serving “us”, not serving themselves, not taking advantage, certainly not telling us to mind our own business. Anytime they flash their badge, their business becomes our business. Anytime they are perceived to break the law, that business becomes our business and don’t you ever forget it. This is why a CGRB (Citizens Government Review Board) is needed in this county.

I don’t know of very many attainable 120K jobs that only require a high school education and 6 months of training at an academy. They know what is expected of them when they ask to serve and take the pay check. Stop the winning and face the people (your Employers).

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/12/09

It is funny how addle minded some people are. This isn’t the Enquire and gossip folks. We aren’t talking about who sleep with who or who is pregenant, like movie stars. Most all stories at CCN are about potential laws being broken.

What is the real SAD part is people coming in to defend breaking the law, as no big deal.

By: 071404 on 10/12/09

Beleive74- I like it.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/12/09

This kind of reminds me of the Sri Lanka postings and Steve Boothe and all his cronies telling the rest what gossip mongers everybody is. Funny how when the second story came out about the molestion charge not one word from this group.

So I say let the man (McDow)have his day on the border investigation, (I am not regarding this new incedent here) and I want to see if he is found guilty, if all these same people will be just like Steven Boothe and group and keep defending him. Oh wait, that’s right they didn’t.

By: 071404 on 10/12/09

Wow guys. This really has turned into a circus. So this story came from a family member? McDows or Margrets? And whos to say that an ex wouldnt consider herself a family member? Especially one who feels she needs to get revenge. This is becoming a Dan McDow soap opera. Drama Drama Drama. Can we call it “Days of Dan McDow” oooo how about “All Dans Children.”

By: believe74 on 10/12/09

this is for all the people out there with their negative comments about Officer McDow. It is just as cowardly to judge an absent person as it is wicked to strike a defenseless one. Only the ignorant and narrow-minded gossip, for they speak of persons instead of things.”

Lawrence G. Lovasik quotes (Slovak Priest, b.1913)

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/11/09



I love people saying about these cops taking a bullet for us. What the hell? Am I the president? Are the cops secret service? I love this comparison. Too funny.

Oh and lets not forget. Again are S.L.O. cops not paid $104,000 and a nice pension as compensation for their services??

I am so tired of the sainthood ploy of a few friends of his, that while being good friends and trying to help their buddy, are making silly arguements.

These men who are cops are held to a higher standard. Is it fair? HELL YES. If you are going to be enforcing the law against the populace, you should be obeying the law yourself. This has NOTHING to do with the fact that yes we aren’t all perfect. We aren’t all COPS!!!! Hell start giving me 104k and I’ll make sure I don’t jaywalk or keep that extra change the clerk might give me at the store. Then I can be the perfect saint so that I can pick on this poor cop.

This isn’t vigilante justice. THE GUY IS A COP PEOPLE!! You are EXPECTED to be honest when you are a COP!!!! If you don’t like hand in your Viagra at the border and quit and you can visit all the old ladies you like now, because you have plenty of time.

By: Rewind on 10/11/09

This one sided circus is great entertainment.

By: MartinW on 10/11/09

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned…

I did wonder how these two LEO got caught with the goods. One would think that when they show ID crossing the boarder they make certain that their badges are stuck in the front of their wallets or some item that identifies them as LEO. I figure that they were probably “ratted on”(fun term) by someone. Could it have been xxx ? Did she know?

Of course, It goes without saying that McDow and Limon are still responsible for their own actions. Just couldn’t pass it up.

By: Jordan on 10/11/09

Boo, “This is a witch hunt led by a bitter ex that didn’t get what she wanted.”

Boo, Time for a reality check. This story was reported by a family member, not a jilted x girlfriend.

Unless McDow’s x works at boarder or for ICE I don’t see how she could have falsely accused him and launched a witch hunt.

By: Saveslocounty on 10/11/09

Gee, Lizzy and Boo sound exactly like what the rest of us are accussed of doing. You are grouping us together as a group of tourch bearing mobsters. As previously state, ask Mr. Wonderful to make a press release or submit to an interview so we can put this nasty issue aside. I would love to hear from him and his explanation regarding his actions at the border and dealing with Mrs. B.

Speaking solely for myself, I am concerned when government employees violate the law and use their position to enrich themselve. Since Chief Linden ordered him to stay away from Mrs. B or risk termination, there must have been significant concern to back up that threat. But, I am certainly open to listen to his side but that hasn’t happened yet. My conclusion is that where there is smoke there is fire. And in this mans life, there must have been something else going on in order to find himself arrested at the border and order to stay away from someone because of his own actions. His actions caused this article and attention. The Bloggers didn’t just pick some guy and start stoning him to death. It is time to take responsibility for his own actions. Instead of taking a bullet for us, issue a press release sharing his side of both events. That would take much more guts than to merely take a bullet. How about it Dan? Got Guts?

By: Scarlet on 10/11/09

“If you dig deep enough you can find dirt on anyone” By dirt do you mean running drugs or hustling old women, Lizzy? Pretty certain that’s not normal “dirt.” When was the last time McDow took a lonely POOR person to visit a financial advisor or tax expert?

By: lizzy on 10/11/09

Wow, this county is full of vilgilantes on a witch hunt. Talk about kicking a guy when he’s down! Heck, I’m surprised y’all haven’t gotten a rope and lynched Dan already! If you dig deep enough you can find dirt on anyone – even each one of you who take delight in viciously manufacturing baseless accusations. This is a guy who would take a bullet for any one of you and put his life on the line everyday he reports for duty. Can you say that about yourself? While you sit safely behind your desk waiting for 5:00 to come, he responds to every real and imagined boogeyman you call the police for – day or night. Being a Good Samaitan is what we are all called to do, not turn you head and think someone else will do it. I can see Margaret’s family totaling ignoring her during her latter years, yet as soon as she nears passing coming around pretending to care just to make sure they will get a big inheritance. Dan was never interested in her money, something you self-serving money oriented people could never fathom. I sure hope none of you ever sit on a jury or justice could never be known. Even when the truth is known you will never be satsfied because you choose to believe the very worst anyway.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/11/09

“Did you know that law enforcement officers have a lower percentage of corruption than clergymen???”

Do you mind if I ask were this information comes from??

By: Cindy on 10/11/09

dhgscw – I think it’s always wise to conserve a parent with dementia. One never knows what might occur particularity since they can interpret an envelope of $100 bills as old coupons while believe a button is an ancient coin worth millions. They can easily be taken advantage of and until conserved can give away anything to anyone that they so please. It’s difficult to demand that someone return the 10 grand that dad wrote them a check for! Especially if it’s someone who knew them well.

I’m actually surprised that the family left a couple of thousand $ of cash in the care of Mrs B. Anything could have happened to it and she could have given a key to anyone. I once, while spending time with my family overheard my father say to two caregivers (the shift was changing, one coming and one going) “hey did anybody lose some jewelery”? I went out to see what was going on. He had gone into my mothers draw while she was asleep and found all her expensive jewelry! He thought he should return it to his caregivers! One just never knows what has happened to missing assets!

By: BOO on 10/11/09

Did you know that law enforcement officers have a lower percentage of corruption than clergymen??? How many of you have stepped out of your tiny little box and offered a helping hand…yeah not many…cause you sit behind your computers and bash the people who actually get out there and make a difference in this world…I am sad to think that everyone feels they know what actually happened and have the right to convict this man without ever giving him a trial….This is a witch hunt led by a bitter ex that didn’t get what she wanted. Dan McDow would have laid his life down to protect any one of you…yet all you have are horrible accusations and bold face lies about a man none of you know. Maybe you should all step out from behind your false little world of “gossip” and live in the real world. No wonder there are so many sad, lonely, elderly people out there, because people are too busy trying to find dirt on their neighbors than to sacrafice an afternoon to spend with with a lonely old lady. I moved to this county and thought how wonderful the community is but after this I think it’s full of spoiled, bitter haters that have nothing better to do.

By: dhgscw on 10/11/09

Cindy says – (a) “Considering the condition that Mrs B was in when she examined her safe deposit box, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to suspect that she could have pocketed the gold coin herself and later even gave it to a caregiver as a tip. I’m certain that dhgscw”.

I completely agree with that. When a person is well into their dementia anything is possible. If there are any assets at all, the family is wise to take action to protect them from sources inside the family, if that could be a problem, and from outside sources. I petitioned the court, and was awarded, a ‘conservatorship’ of my mother. A conservatorship covers ‘things’. That gave me control over my mothers assets and nothing could be ‘given’ away. It is a tough call, but if you do nothing, asset will disappear. I can attest to that from personal experience.

By: Cindy on 10/11/09

cheeseburger –

(a) Considering the condition that Mrs B was in when she examined her safe deposit box, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to suspect that she could have pocketed the gold coin herself and later even gave it to a caregiver as a tip. I’m certain that dhgscw

would agree to that possibility.

(b) At the same time, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to question what she was doing there in the first place (considering her condition) and equally believe that McDow could have pocketed the gold coin.

(c) the same time, we don’t know the last time that Mrs. B’s son saw the gold coin in the safe deposit box so it’s reasonable to believe that it possibly wasn’t removed on the day in question by anyone.

What’s absolutely unreasonable is the fact that the lady was accompanied to the bank and into the vault by McDow in the first place. Obviously the bank manager thought the same as she wasn’t impressed with McDow’s badge and did the responsible thing by contacting the family. That action (by the manager) speaks volumes as to Mrs B’s perceived state of health and competence at the time.

Important legal and financial documents are stored in safe deposit boxes and we really have no idea what occurred in the vault but I would guess that someone in Mrs B condition might have wanted to know “all about those strange documents”, so it could have turned into a “snooping” expedition for reasons unknown. That’s the point, we don’t know and that’s why “acquaintances” of elderly people suffering from dementia need to stay the f*ck out of their bank boxes. Geeeeeez.

By: cheseburger on 10/11/09

Okay this is getting nasty, a nasty cop sniffing up a beautiful elderly woman’s skirt, and sniffing into her bank deposit box. The pore woman probably has feelings for this dog, who has been running loose. Where’s the choker chain, wake up this dog is a predator, praying on a little old lady in an imaginary setting with her prince in shining armor. LAWSUIT on her hands, I bet there’s a few local attorneys who would defend Karen for free, where else would they get real non bias information. Cops should be held at a much higher standard then an average citizen. This dog, not his day!

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/10/09

Quote from the old Canon of Ethics of the American Bar Association.

“the primary duty of a lawyer engaged in public prosecution is not to convict but to see that justice is done…”

I tie this in here in this manner. I, as I believe others are doing is not trying these men, we are voicing opinions that if something has been done against the law, we want to see justice done. If nothing wrong has been done, justice will be done in that they will not be tried.

By: slochik on 10/10/09

what do you mean by “you people”?…..just kidding….

By: Rewind on 10/10/09

You people crack me up.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/10/09

Well if he can beat the border rap and it is a nothing, I’ll put him in for sainthood.

By: 071404 on 10/10/09

Glad to see some of the commenters acctually have a brain and heart that work together. I agree with curiousphd. The story has holes. The reason it spread like wild fire in california is one because its california and two because people love to gossip. I am not a friend of the officer but merely a person who took the time to look at the story and analyze it with all of its possible endings.

Good luck to Officer McDow in the future, may he make better decisions and contiue with the knowledge learned from his mistakes.

By: dhgscw on 10/10/09

I am glad to see that the conversation has taken a softer and more humanitarian approach today as compared to the hard ways of yesterday.

Knowing nothing about this case other than what I read here, it is possible that the officer was acting in Margaret’s best interest.

My mother started out with dementia and over the years, yes years, it eventually turned into full blown Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is the most awful thing you can imagine. To see a loved one with a normal mind go the the point where they need constant care and supervision is indeed the most gut-wrenching thing a family member can ever experience. The afflicted person will do the most unpredictable things you can imagine. My mother was taken advantage of financially by members of her own family. She did not know me for about the last three years of her life which really tore me apart. After years of suffering with dementia and Alzheimer’s, God finally took her and relieved her of this hell she was dealing with.

I know nothing of officers intentions, and no one else does either. While the officers actions may seem out of character on some points, it is hard to know what the intentions were. Maybe in time the system will sort through all of this and work this out.

As a senior, I live in an age restricted community. I have several neighbors, elderly ladies, who have no one to help them. I try to be a good samaritan and give them a hand by doing things around the house and driving them to appointments. I trust that my acts, done in good faith, are not questioned in a harsh manner.

Things aren’t always what they appear to be.

By: Cindy on 10/10/09

Hotdog – “I lucked out, didn’t have to deal with any of this with my folks. Having a parent call the cops against you must be very painful” Thanks Hotdog. Actually my dad did manage to get a couple of calls through without our knowledge until the police showed up! It became a rather humorous situation. The fact is that parents with dementia do so, so ,so many unbelievable things that we learn to remind ourselves that they don’t mean it, it’s just the nature of the disease. If we didn’t laugh when dealing with all the insanity I guess we would never stop crying. It’s a terrible thing to have happen to a loved one. I sure hope they find a cure.

By: cheseburger on 10/10/09

Protect and Serve himself, this law enforcement officer, on payed leave, should be eligible for that flying leap off the top bunk, where’s are district attorney, having drinks with the $100,000 pension club and Miller or is he getting another lap dance from Brard, sorry he has this coming for his worthless prosecution of Hurst, Gouda, (EFI) Frietas, the hazers, the chief or both of them. I guess the best thing he’s done is feed the starving fisher man (criminal) for eight days, accept for the man’s record this was our district attorney’s greatest humanitarian effort to date.

By: hotdog on 10/10/09

I think Cindy has made some good points, and are well worth consideration in defense of the officer. I don’t know if they will pan out but all sides must be looked at.

I lucked out, didn’t have to deal with any of this with my folks. Having a parent call the cops against you must be very painful, my heart goes out to Cindy and others who have had to endure this situation.

By: Cindy on 10/10/09

By The Way, I should add that a police officer would have offered a security (in Matgaret’s mind) that her family might not have been able to provide no matter how attentive they were. My father used to try and call the police on “ME” and my “MOTHER” every chance he could get! He also used to try and throw out his caregivers. But a police officer, never on your life, he loved the police right until the end.

By: rukidding on 10/10/09

To Cindy

A good common sense posting.

By: Cindy on 10/10/09

I just went back and re-read the posts by RealityCheck2. I did that because I recall when my dad required 24/7 caregivers. I can understand why McDow might have asked them to step outside the house . If he wanted to speak with her privately about any fears she might have, asking them to step outside would have relieved Margaret and made her comfortable to tell him anything that she was afraid of.

Caregivers acting in the capacity of overseeing a dementia patient can be very different from people that we generally experience in the medical profession. Also patients often don’t like their caregivers because they don’t like being told what to do and dementia patients constantly require redirecting. It’s possible that McDow was taken aback by some of the characters he encountered at Margarets (be it valid or not) and really was looking out to protect her. Please don’t misunderstand me. My father had many wonderful caregivers who I respected, but there were a few who I found to be of suspicious character and I had them replaced. This didn’t occur in this county and I know nothing of the agency who cared for Margaret

RC2 does mention that McDow told him about Margret bring up marriage and how sad he (McDow) thought it was that her mental health was failing so fast. That’s exactly how it would have been after her injury. When she had early onset dementia she would have been eccentric, forgetful and fearful at times but a pleasant conservationist with lots of stories. Once she became injured (or sick even with a slight flu) the dementia would have become full blown almost over night. The same thing happened to my father, we don’t know why that happens but it does, it’s common. So I guess, I’m saying that after hearing all the facts I think it’s possible that McDow may have taken a benevolent liking towards her and she would have definitely felt safe with him and welcomed his friendship. I’m just looking at the possibility that he could have had good intentions. Also I might add that CP student caregivers would have been a “Hugh” savings. The minimum cost of agency provided caregivers (24/7) is at least $500.00 a day (minimum) and that’s without consideration of visits by an RN.

I didn’t know that officers are encouraged to help out dependent citizens by maybe even giving them a ride at times. That’s really not such a bad thing, is it? I’m just thinking that when McDow met Margaret she didn’t have any caregivers and she probably told him that no one comes to see her (even though they did) . She probably did whatever she could to get him to come back and see her. Again, he made her feel safe. He couldn’t have kept going back unless she wanted him there. Yes his intentions are questionable but how many of us have fallen for an elderly person. We all have parents and most can relate to the elderly and their plights. I can see myself doing some of the things McDow did EXCEPT I would never had taken her to visit her safety deposit box, I would have left all banking matters to the family.

By: hotdog on 10/10/09

Well, thank god those care givers weren’t ‘math addicts’. Where would we be if academics were in charge?

By: mcdonald on 10/10/09

I missed the show but my wife filled me in. Her biggest concerns is that McDow was continuing to visit the residence while both on and off duty. How could this have been his personal business? What is more disturbing is that he informed the daughter that all the care givers were “meth addicts” and that he wanted to replace them with Cal Poly Students. These care givers were provided from a well known reputable agency. The agency claimed that all the care givers are and were drug tested and that certainly there was no indication of any illegal drug use. Those statements by McDow are slanderous and could easily have lead to a law suit being dropped on the citizens backs and with good cause I might add.

It raises an eyebrow hearing that he wanted to replace her care givers with CP students when one considers the on going concerns about drug use at the college. I’m certain that a small majority of students are involved with drugs but what the hell did he think he was doing? He was way over the line. I might add that it’s highly inappropriate to require a caregiver to step outside the of the space that they are being paid to occupy and oversee. This was a misuse of authority that the citizens provide him. Unacceptable in my opinion, all of it.

By: MartinW on 10/10/09

I caught this on KVEC yesterday during my drive home. Congalton was saying how bizarre this behavior is for a LEO to engage in. It is bizarre and then some. What has continued to come to mind after hearing the added details to this story is that Deborah Linden had to have known all those facts. There was an investigation conducted by her department. Perhaps he hadn’t yet been guilty of elderly abuse as there was no known updated will or financial documents that were produced and no proof that McDow had profited in some way (as of yet). Regardless his behavior and use of public resources was highly questionable and had been allowed to continue until she was contacted by attorney Mott. Only then did she take any reasonable action. I agree that her decision to forbid further contact by McDow was appropriate. I have to question why she didn’t take that action earlier. I’m surprised that she didn’t order a psychiatric evaluation for him at the time. I think he needed one and perhaps the incident at the boarder could have been avoided if she had ordered some help for him back then.

There really isn’t much more to say about all this. I for one am “stunned”.

By: pgillis on 10/9/09

PaulJones: We agree with you.

Gotta go for now. It’s almost time for our Boston Red Sox to play your CA Angels.

The Gillis Family

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/9/09

To the PhD

I have the following comment for you..


County Employees using equipment



Estate Fin.

Paso Police Chief Gun

Sri Lanka Charity and Parkinson


I could go on. These are all stories that others like you rant that the rest of us are just being harsh on poor helpless good heart individuals. That we are all just harpies. Well go back and look at the outcome of all the above and then come back and give us some more wisdom please.

By: Michelle on 10/9/09

McDow was showing up at the Bazzani residence flashing his badge and requiring the care givers to step outside while he talked with the targeted victim! He flashed his badge at the bank when he assisted her with examining her safety deposit box and even drove her there in his (our) police car! He took her cat to the vet twice in his police car! I agree with who ever said that this is an outrage.

I think we have too many police on the payroll if this is what they have time to do.

By: scooterman on 10/9/09

Once again corruption in law enforcement rears it’s ugly head. I for one don’t seem to be able to find any law person I could trust.

By: pgillis on 10/9/09

By: pgillis on 10/9/09 [Delete]

Nancy: You are absolutely correct about Linden; the others mentioned in our previous posting as well (many suspicious deaths were swept under the rug, e.g. the death of homeless person Bill King). As far as for Kristen Smart’s disappearance, her mother said to us after our son died, “we were treated like we lost a bicycle when Kristen disappeared.” We will never forget her telling us that. And, we know the Sheriff’s office handled that case.

Until people have first hand experiences with the SLOPD or Sheriff’s department, no one should be judging any of us that have. Our parents always told us, until you walk in someone else’s shoes when it comes to situations like these or know the facts firsthand, don’t judge anyone.

The Gillis Family

By: PaulJones on 10/9/09

Every story that Karen has ever reported always has attracted a few dissenters. How many times has she been called a gossip and a liar, more than I can count. I still recall Kelly Gearhart on the Congalton Show calling her a “liar, liar, noting but a liar”, “I’m going to call my attorney and sue you, you liar”

In the end, they all turn out GUILTY. next….

By: AA101 on 10/9/09

To CuriousPhd, After listening to the Congalton Show the question about the Dept. of Elderly Affairs was disgusted. It appears that they turned the investigation over to the SLOPD. The SLOPD found no abuse however none of the family members were ever interviewed. The Police Chief did tell McDow to stay away from this lady or that he would be fired. The Police Chief is refusing to release the report surrounding the investigation.

As for the will, that was a statement made by Mrs B who was demented (as stated in this story). This documented has never surfaced, if in fact it was ever executed.

There was certainly a great deal of improper conduct engaged in by officer McDow. This site does get important news to the public and has never been proven wrong. That say’s a great deal. It is this site that broke the story about the incident at the boarder. If it isn’t important news but more like “gossip” then I find it interesting that every media outlet in the State has picked the story up.

By: pgillis on 10/9/09

Saveslocounty: Your are right about Kristen’s disappearance with regard to it being handled by the Sheriff’s department. My point is that the Sheriff and/or SLOPD departments have both botched up serious student deaths and disappearances. We sent our children to Cal Poly, that they would be reasonably safe, NOT to be sent home to us in body bags! This has been happening too many times and is not acceptable. And, as for the Smart family, they have not been able to give their daughter a proper burial.

We have spoke with Hedges and he could have gone over the SLOPD, if he wanted to, since he is the SLO County Sheriff. But, he did not. So, to reinforce our point, our opinion of any type of SLO Law enforcement and government is that of the “good ole boy” mentality (this current incident as well).

Until SLO county people oust all the corruption with SLO law enforcement and government, nothing will ever change in SLO county. We believe after 35 plus trips to SLO over a 3 year period, that the residents like it this way, or you would have done something by now.

The Gillis Family

By: Rewind on 10/9/09

Dont worry doc. This site will self destruct soon enough.

By: CuriousPhD on 10/9/09

I don’t usually post on these types of things because I don’t generally consider this type of thing worth my time, but reading this story and a few of the others I feel compelled.

I have a few favorite journalists from various media outlets for a variety of reasons, but I thought I’d comment about this particular “News service”.

I’m a retired Doctor and a very critical thinker. Reading a lot of articles on this site, one can’t help but wonder if it should be considered more a “Special interest news outlet” Much like that of National Enquirer. I hope to not insult the journalist, but lets take a look at investigative journalism.

The article states that Adult Services was contacted. Are readers not allowed to know the results of the Adult Services disposition?

It makes mention of taxes and wills and other official documents, are the readers not allowed to know who or what firm it was that was preparing these taxes or this will?

There are very many voids in this story that therefore make me wonder why this journalist is omitting necessary information and leaving to print a long list of “Accusations”, which I’m ALL for getting to the bottom of….but where is the rest of this article?

I don’t know if this journalist is against this person specifically or is just trying to keep the juices of interest flowing with gossip. I would just like to know where all the REST of the missing information is.

For the record on the CAT scan, CAT scans assist to observe and diagnose cranial trauma on a physical level, such as tissue damage, pressure and anomaly. The scan itself does not diagnose dementia.

I only wish to comment that accusations are fine as long as there is a complete and factual “By the numbers” picture to accompany. This and several other articles are extremely “Some people told me” instead of “A manipulated document was discovered at…”

Karen please don’t…. he said, she said.

By: Saveslocounty on 10/9/09

The Gillis Family. You have suffered a terrible loss for which I am truly sorry. While Linden’s failure to disclose this disturbing information about her employee, some of the other criticism is not warranted. The SLO PD had nothing to do with the Kristen Smart case. That was bothced by the Cal Poly Police for over a month until they passed it over to the Sheriff. There, now undersheriff Bolts blew the investigation and she has never been recovered. The Sheriff was responsible for that mess, not the city cops.

By: Nancy on 10/9/09

I’m listening to the Congalton Show. McDow’s behavior was so outrageous that it’s completely obtuse. There is just no excuse for this. He should have been terminated back then. A lot more is coming out on the show.

Linden should be terminated too.

By: pgillis on 10/9/09

071404: The reason this article came out is a result of the drug/contraband smuggling article; that is what we are inferring to clear up our previous posting. This article does not help these two one bit, and after our family’s dealings with SLOPD Linden, Blanke, Tolley, Rocky Miller and a few more from their crew, we would not be surprised to see more suspicious things come out about these two.

The Gillis Family

By: hotdog on 10/9/09

This story is on Congalton (am 920) right now!!!!!!

By: dhgscw on 10/9/09

Big smiles says – “We all know that a person with dementia is in fact crazy”. Where has this conversation gone. If you must go after a police office, at least have the decency not to demean an unfortunate 87 year old lady.

By: Cindy on 10/9/09

slocentral – You just said it best. GREAT POST.

071404 – I have all the respect in the world for Margaret. My dear father had dementia and recently passed. I used the word to make a point, and I think my point was well made.

Thanks, BigSmiles and Jordan.

By: 071404 on 10/9/09

I dont beleive that anyone said on this page that an officer should not be punished when they commit a crime. What has been said is that a crime maynot have been commited. Also may i point out that the term “crazy” has been used alot to describe Margret. She may have been old, she may not have been on her best game, but come on, be respectful.

By: Jordan on 10/9/09

Cindy’s post painted a vivid picture.

Good Post, worth a 1000 words.

By: BIG_SMILES on 10/9/09

Get a clue dhgscw. Cindy’s post says:

“Margaret, an 87 year old woman with dementia”

“this unfortunate crazy lady”

We all know that a person with dementia is in fact crazy, this is an unfortunate disease.

By: slocentral on 10/9/09

I think it is clear that McDow used extremely poor judgement in pursuing a personal friendship with a woman whom he met in the course of responding to a distress call. Even if he had the best of motives, he should realize that when you respond under the color of authority to a vulnerable person in distress, it is not going to be a relationship of equals and sets up a dangerous dual relationship. Unfortunately, perception is reality for many people, and such a relationship can (and was) perceived as shady, even if it was not.

It is similar to if a paramedic decided to ask out a woman whom he helped during a medical call. That is an abuse of his job and the woman would be unduly influenced by his being an authority figure who may have saved her life when decided if she should accept.

It is one thing to follow up and check on those you helped during the course of your patrol, but it starts to cross the line when you continue to pursue a close friendship off duty and outside the norms of law enforcement responsibilities. Driving someone to the bank to look at their safe deposit box and helping someone manage their finances is clearly NOT a normal law enforcement responsibility. This county has social services designed and trained to help with these very matters and McDow should have referred her to those rather than take matters in his own hands.

A vulnerable person in a distressed situation is hardly in the position to refuse an offer of help or friendship under the color of authority and perhaps might even seek it out. But similar to a boss dating a subordinate in the workplace, it sets up a situation that is ripe both for abuse and/or for later accusations of such.

By: pgillis on 10/9/09

To rukidding on 10/9/09

“Damned if you do-damned if you don’t. The police are always accused of being hard with no feelings. Now we have someone who cares and CCN creates another NEGATIVE story. I’m waiting for a POSITIVE story from CCN.”

The reason this site was created is to let people know about all the corruption going on in SLO county, since the SLO New Times and Tribune are in the SLO D.A., SLOPD’s, Cal Poly and City Council’s back pocket. So is KSBY. Why do you think Blackburn and Karen left the New Times! And, our family knows because interviews with both papers and KSBY were not printed or aired because of them. We won’t even talk to them anymore, especially the Tribune.

These officers committed a felony and need to be held accountable; but as a few other bloggers stated about excusing themm because of their position, or just because you know them; they are not above the law. That is why your county is in so much trouble.

The Gillis Family

By: dhgscw on 10/9/09

Cindy – calm down. When you refer to an 87 year old lady as an “unfortunate Crazy Lady” you are way over the edge and need to take a long hard look at what you are doing.

By: rukidding on 10/9/09

You might want to check the KSBY web page where it is reporting that the City Attorney, not the DA, has fully investigated these allegations (elderly abuse). So I guess you all can start bashing the City Attorney.

By: Cindy on 10/9/09

Well rukidding, I guess you and McDow are just a couple of choir boy’s, aren’t you.

I can just see the two of you going over to visit Margaret, an 87 year old woman with dementia, and making her business and her families business your business. McDow thought this unfortunate crazy lady was just so special that he decided that you just had to come along and meet her! LOL

Yes Jorge, There are many wonderful police that save lives every day. They are our Hero’s. I think we all agree with that.

By: 071404 on 10/9/09

Even if Officer McDow sat in an interveiw you people have slandered his name so much that no one would listen to him. You have poisoned the well. Not only for yourselves but for everyone youve talked to. Whats the point in asking someone who you dont belive to speak when all your going to do is Critisize every word that comes out of his mouth with no regard to the truth. The law says innocent until proven guilty. We say it but obviously you dont belive in it.

Now what he is guilty of i dont acctually know and neither do any of you. Only the people who are involved know. when the verdict comes out im sure you will all be here to slam some more. Its your nature.

By: Saveslocounty on 10/9/09

That works every time Reality. If you don’t like my opinion then take you ball and bat and go home. Unfortunately, CCN is batting a 1000 and each of their stories have been validated.

By: WazzUp on 10/9/09

RC2…..Since he is your friend can you shed some light as to what he was bringing across the border?

By: rukidding on 10/9/09

Cindy is a ghost writer for Karen, if not best of freinds.

By: RealityCheck2 on 10/9/09

Cindy- I would like to address that I never “changed my story”. I never pretended to be anything other than a concerned friend who was privy to the actual circumstances surrounding the friendship between these two. I never said I was personally or professionally involved…just that I know the officer in question, and that I had met Margaret. I also never suggested that I’m in law enforcement, so strike two. You may want to read more carefully before you post your outrageous opinions and slanderous accusations. In fact, you seem so personally outraged and ready to attack on every point and speculate and gossip, I’m now wondering if YOU’RE not a member of the family still just trying to fan the flames of a long-dead non-issue to divert attention away from those who are truly to blame.

Thanks to rukidding and 071404 for listening to reason and having the courage to defend someone who deserves it.

Signing off…I can’t stand to read the ludicrous rantings of misguided people any longer.

By: hotdog on 10/9/09

By: karen on 10/9/09

I will be on the Dave Congalton Show today at 5 p.m. to discuss this issue. Turn your radio to 920AM or listen live at

By: Saveslocounty on 10/9/09

Well if Mr. Wonderful is the best cop in the world, then how about submitting to an interview with Karen so we can see all sides? Let him endear us with his heart warming account how he helped this poor abandoned women. I will be glad to apologize should the facts serve that purpose. However, I am not prepared to dismiss ones conduct because he made a mistake. People do make errors, all of us, but not ones that land us under criminal investigation or reports to adult protective services. Defend your friend, that is noble. But a true friend would help him get into a program and alter is behavior that put him in the paper and not make excuses for him. McDow had every opportunity to avoid such exposure by considering his own activities. That obviously was not done and is not an example of a fine law enforcement officer, regardless of his good deeds. Why is it we are focusing on about 12 cops of the 500+ working in this county? Because they put themselves in the spotlight, not because they are being picked on.

By: JorgeEstrada on 10/9/09

Yesterday this story was very troubling to me as there has already been enough bad news about law enforcement. This morning about 3 am, I turn on the radio to hear Coast to Coast radio and listened to a police officer that put together a book about the good things, miracles, police officers perform in their line of duty. She spoke of the many instances that police officer just act at the moment to save lives and make a big difference for everyone. Good news for a change….

By: Cindy on 10/9/09

rukidding – If Leonard Bazzani was looking to pull the wool over a family members eyes, that task was accomplished when he retained an attorney and contacted Chief Linden. He has no reason to dredge this up at this late date unless he has a sense of strong conviction.

I have two words regarding all these allegations, “Arkhams Razor”.

With all the sad, needy people that McDow runs into on the streets, he finds a demented lady with a family, care givers, good neighbors and an expensive home to visit with and take out on bank errands. Well how about that, I’m surprised he actually found the time what with his girlfriends, a young child, a full time job and trips to Tijuana. You really have to be kidding. I suppose the people from the bank are lying too.

By: 071404 on 10/9/09

Same here. The executor of the will was on vacation when my grandmother passed. When they got to her home not only had her will been destroyed but so had her home. Completely stripped, by family none the less.

By: rukidding on 10/9/09

Most everyone seems to want to blame these 2 officers for everything. Has anyone REALLY looked into the family and what their motives may be. When my in-laws passed away members of the family had the house cleaned out of all valuables before we drove 100 miles to the home. There could possibly be more to this story than what CCN has accused officers of doing.

By: 071404 on 10/9/09

your rite scarlet its not human nature to run drugs or abuse the elderly. Unfortunatly it IS human nature to bash people in for doing something wrong even if they had good intentions. Its been happening for centuries. You think i should stop standing up for what i belive is right and join you in the stoning of this man. sorry. Unfortunatly you belive you are right. We dont all have the same opinions. None of us are actually personally involved in this case or we wouldnt be here bloging about it. We are either strangers to these men, McDow and Limon, or concerned friends trying to make sure the truth is heard louder than the assumptions and rumors. Honestly even if the truth hurts i am willing to listen, but i am not going to jump to conclusions. I am not going to sit back and watch as others verbally beat a man to death. As for the world i live in. Its called reality. Not a single person in it is perfect. There is crime and hate in my world. I was very secure knowing these men were out there protecting me from it. I will stand beside them anyday. And if you think that im wrong you are entitled to your opinion.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/9/09

Just got thinking about the point of should it cost them their jobs in poor judgement.

Again making another point that these are LAW enforcement officers. If a person steals money from their place of employment, most of the time they get fired!! So PLEASE explain to me why these fine officers should have any leniency.

By: Laura on 10/9/09

Sorry I meant a $1000. gold coin (singular) in my last post.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/9/09

I mention to people all the time, that when I do business, that you can do 20 years of doing something right but one thing can undo it.

Good news travels slow, bad news at the speed of light.

Now that being said that (above statement) has to do with small things in doing your job incorrectly. Example an accountant misfiled an important account and triggered an audit, for example.

Now on the other hand you have two law enforcement officers. From one of the defenders here they state all their fine work. I don’t dispute that but here is the RUB. These men MAY have broke the law. They are LAW enforcement officers. BIG difference in your arguement of trying to say it is no big deal that all the good absolves the one time bad judgement. So by your analogy should we also give them a free pass for murder????

I know that that sounds riduculas. About as riduculas as your arguement to let it slide.

By: Laura on 10/9/09

I sure hope that these friends that are coming to the rescue of McDow aren’t also police officers. At least one author sounds like a police officer to me. These are some mighty weak excuses I’m hearing here. You loyalist police brothers aren’t going to look so hot when we find out the facts about the drugs. You also should know that McDow’s relationship with Margaret B. was inappropriate. If he had been a neighbor or long time friend it would have been different (maybe) but he was a 911 respondent. If he thought she needed more help he should have contacted her family or the Senior Protective Services himself. I don’t believe that her son lied about a 1000 gold coin missing after McDows escapade at the bank. Her son could have said a lot more was missing if he was out to slander McDow.

Children usual know what their parents own and where they keep items, I doubt that her son was any different.

By: Scarlet on 10/9/09

Good Lord, 071404, please stop. “They have aided in putting many dangerous people behind into prison and taken many off the streets. The same streets that your children ride their bikes on or that your wife runs on every morning. All that is being focused on are the things that have been done wrong. That is human nature.”

The last thing I want for my town is crooked cops being the arbiter of the “dangerous people.” And you also claim it’s human nature to abuse an old woman and run drugs? You live in a strange and scary world.

By: Cindy on 10/9/09

“Those of us who know McDow and knew Margaret know the truth. ” Oh RealityCheck2, Give it a break. Now you all knew Margaret, even better than her own son, family and care givers! I thought you said that you only knew “of her”, now you say you knew her? Of course in an earlier posts you claimed how sharp she was until PatrolDog inquired if you were the person who showed up with a will and willingness to manage her finances, then you changed your story again. I believe the reason McDow didn’t end up with an inheritance from her is because she had observant caregivers who reported him and Leonard ran him off, but that’s just an opinion based on limited information.

Hearing that Limon was the lone officer that responded the evening of Mrs Brazzini’s passing is curious. I was wondering how someone managed to get to her stash of cash before her family retrieved it. They were probably busy grieving that evening and the cash would have been the last thing on their minds as they departed from her bedside. I should think the family reported the break in and theft. I wonder what came of the investigation? I wonder if Chief Linden didn’t consider the coincidence odd?

As for McDow and Limon being good cops. Well they probably do a lot of good service to the public. That is what they get paid for. The problem is that character has everything to do with ones integrity. There is a saying:

“A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots” I don’t think Limon or McDow change theirs either when they put the uniform on and report for duty. I agree that this is a sad situation.

By: karen on 10/9/09

I will be on the Dave Congalton Show today at 5 p.m. to discuss this issue. Turn your radio to 920AM or listen live at

By: 071404 on 10/9/09

Lol i like that, “Poor romantic choices”. Even clearer though he was not in a relationship with anyother woman. Officer McDows “Poor Romantic Choices” are not the issue on the table. I agree, both mcdow and Limon are great assets to the police force and have served the county well. They have aided in putting many dangerous people behind into prison and taken many off the streets. The same streets that your children ride their bikes on or that your wife runs on every morning. All that is being focused on are the things that have been done wrong. That is human nature. We as a society rarely acknowledge the good but will criticize the bad until we turn blue in the face. These men love their careers and have made a mistake that might cost them that. It will be our gain that they are punished now and made an example of but our loss that their skills will no longer be used for the good of our community but lost and forgoten, a waste.

By: RealityCheck2 on 10/9/09

slocentral: It’s very true that Officer McDow’s romantic relationships have absolutely no relevance to this allegation, and you’re right that he’s always been regarded as one of the best officers on the force. However, your information is inaccurate and I don’t think it’s fair that you are choosing to expose untrue details about his personal life on this blog. I know very well the situation to which you refer, and your information can only have been gotten from picking up pieces of gossip from the “Peyton Place” that is the law enforcement community. I’m sure that nobody commenting on this site would be happy to have their private lives trotted out for public consumption if they God-forbid should ever get their names in the paper.

BeenThereDoneThat: Thank you for the “reality check”, however my point was that it’s illogical to think that McDow would tell Margaret not to get a CAT-Scan because her family is trying to say she’s crazy. He never attempted to “cover up” that she had dementia and was declining mentally in her last days- we all knew that. And AGAIN…he never accepted or wanted anything from her, so what would he hope to gain? And thank you for proving my point that the only things people want to focus on are the lies and manipulations that make for a more exciting story. Everyone can continue to disregard the truth, since clearly they know best after reading a totally one-sided allegation about a person they don’t know, on a site that has no interest in presenting a well-balanced report. Those of us who know McDow and knew Margaret know the truth.

By: slocentral on 10/9/09

Interesting coincidence though… The sole officer that responded to Mrs. Bazzani’s San Luis Drive home on the night of December 16, 2007 to take the report that she passed away… That’s right Armando Limon, the other officer suspended with McDow for alleged smuggling.

By: ogMOM2009 on 10/9/09

Good Lord! Leave it to a public servant to tell us that “it’s none of your business” that they are sitting home of their backside collecting full pay while being investigated for a crime.

By: slocentral on 10/9/09

Cindy said: “In a sense, this is kind of funny. I had a good laugh about McDow asking the old woman to marry him. I think he was married at the time with a child.”

Just to set the record straight, McDow was not married, but he did have an affair with a SLOPD dispatcher (while in a relationship with another woman) and fathered a child with her. McDow’s numerous sexual dalliances were known to most within the department.

However, let me say that most generally agree that McDow is a good cop, and I don’t think poor romantic choices in his personal life reflect on the job he did professionally as an officer of the law.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/9/09

Scarlet hit the nail on the head BIG TIME with this one sentence.

Your whole “mind your own business” mentality is the reason this county is in so much trouble.

Yep a few, urge, beg and plead, to have all the taxpayers (and most blogging here) stay blind to all the Bull S**t that has gone on here WAY to long.

GREAT comment Scarlet.

By: Scarlet on 10/9/09

“This isnt anyones buisness but his. Leave him be.”

It seems like it should be the business of Margaret’s family. Doesn’t it, 071404? And they were extremely concerned. It should be the business of the Police Chief’s, though she appears to have removed herself from her obligations to the people of her community. And, of course, it should be the business of ICE, who detained him at the border for illegal activity.

Your whole “mind your own business” mentality is the reason this county is in so much trouble.

Thank you, Karen – again – for shedding light in an area that so desperately needs it.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/9/09

A law inforcement office possibly running afoul of the law? If he does things within the law, right none of my business. If he is suspect of doing things against the law and we pay his salary MY BUSINESS.

By: 071404 on 10/9/09

Thank you RC2, and everyone else who is standing up for officer McDow. This isnt anyones buisness but his. Leave him be.

By: slochik on 10/9/09

“realitycheck2″….what’s your explanation of McDows incident at the border? Was he just trying to bring in medication for his elderly friends who couldn’t afford it? Nice guy…

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/9/09


You ask how often did the care givers come. I can’t say for sure but based of most home care givers for someone that would be suspect of dementia I bet it is a least once a day.

Obviously they were there enough to have made complaint on elder abuse that they suspected, by witnessing??

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/9/09

Well it is REALITY check time for RealityCheck2.

You are saying that nobody here knows what they are talking about with this subject. May I offer a correction on one piece of your knowledge. Your last sentence of original post asks “since when does a cat scan show dementia? Here is your answer taken from web site

Two statements here….

Doctors may use brain scans to identify strokes, tumors, or other problems that can cause dementia. Also, cortical atrophy -degeneration of the brain’s cortex (outer layer) – is common in many forms of dementia and may be visible on a brain scan.

The most common types of brain scans are computed tomographic (CT) scans and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Doctors frequently request a CT scan of the brain when they are examining a patient with suspected dementia.

By: RealityCheck2 on 10/9/09

Thanks to those of you who are listening to reason and not just condemning a man they do not know over a story that has been twisted and manipulated to make a good person out to be some evil master-mind. It’s really absurd. And for the record, I was and am simply a friend who knew of the friendship between Officer McDow and Margaret, and feel the need to stand up for someone who was just trying to do a good deed for a woman who seemed to have nobody caring for her. There should have been NO need for Officer McDow to considering “repercussions” of his actions, because he did not do anything but try to help this woman. He did not take or want anything from her. Perhaps many of you have lost touch with this concept, but there ARE still people out there who want to help others just out of kindness, and not for any personal gain. Doesn’t it worry you about yourselves that you prefer to believe that people are all essentially corrupt before you’re willing to believe that someone could do something good for another person, just because they care? Again, I state that Officer McDow’s ONLY intentions with this woman were to help her, and provide her with some friendship in her declining years, and everyone who actually KNOWS him knows THAT for a fact.

By: rukidding on 10/9/09

To Saveslocounty

Read the comments from RealtyCheck2 and try giving a little credit to their viewpoint. Remember a person is considered innocent until found guilty (by a court of law and not CCN).

By: Saveslocounty on 10/9/09

You must be joking rukidding? I don’t think we need anyone, especially a police officer, who cares enough to relieve us of our money. That is a crime, not a sign of affection. But, it would be nice to see some articles about the good works of government. Perhaps one on Arroyo Grande Police who had no problem arresting that deputy for DUI? They actually did the right thing. I think there are many more successes than failures in law enforcement but the leadership failing to do there job is really important to us and our community.

By: rukidding on 10/9/09

Damned if you do-damned if you don’t. The police are always accused of being hard with no feelings. Now we have someone who cares and CCN creates another NEGATIVE story. I’m waiting for a POSITIVE story from CCN.

By: Saveslocounty on 10/9/09

Deliberately involving oneself into a the end of a perons life who has dementia and even suggesting that her will be changed is elder abuse. To take advantage of a women and wedge out her family who has loved her for a lifetime is discusting, especially from one entrusted to protect us. Without a doubt, this type of behavior is akin to child abuse and should be very high on public safely priority list. Chief Linden’s suggesting that her officer’s off duty activities is outside of her concern is a demonstration of her lack of moral grounding and an ethical shortage. Her position on this issue combined with her inability or refusal to act on other issues are not in the best interest of the community and is a pattern of incompetence. Put this in perspective Chief, how would you react if some cop came into your mothers life to help “manage” her out of her life savings? It appears that you are frozen at the wheel and your sweet little city is heading for a cliff. It is time for you to actually make the tough decisions or take the retirement package. You should be ashamed of your own performance.

By: 071404 on 10/9/09

Dan McDow has done some questionable things. I have to ask myself though. Where were Margrets children? How often did they come to visit her? She had dimentia right? How often did the care givers come? If i was old and sick would i like a friend? Would i want company? Did Dan feel like he was the only person paying attention to this womans crys for company? What if you were her and no one came to visit for several days? What if you fell and were injured? Who would know? Who would you call? What would happen if you were neglected? I will tell you one thing. My mother will never suffer the way Margret did. No one will take her money. By the way was Dan even in the will that he had made for her? HMMMMM. Thats a good question. Maybe it would be best if we all took our noses out of his drama and focused it on our own. From what i know this man had his heart in the right place while her family was to busy trying to diagnose her level of insanity. It just happened to explode in his face. Get over and move on to something else. He may have some problems but so do i and so do you.

By: hotdog on 10/9/09

Right on Laura, when good things fall across your path give them a decent look.

I’m sure we have a lot of decent folks blogging here. With all this corruption, special dealings and sometimes downright crookery its hard to stay calm, rational and reasonable. I have often strayed far from those paths, and don’t regret it one bit. Like many I’m pretty fed up with these clowns in our county strutting around like they have an elevated status over the rest of us, when in fact many should be fired or put in jail for a long time.

By: Laura on 10/9/09

PatrolDog, I wish that all of the police were just like you. I can tell that you’re an older man because you’re so wise. Are you married? My e-mail address is , oh never mind I’m sure your married, admired, respected and loved.

By: hotdog on 10/9/09

Well RC2, you may have some points here, or not. What about her family? They were here and along with the care givers could have made some of the basic arrangements that the article said the officer did. Helping out our older folks is noble and necessary, but this seems over the top. And what about that chain, and missing coin? Only a few would know about those things. But the big story is not the lowly cop, but the response of those at the top and the agencies charged with watching out for the senior citizens. I challenge them to answer these allegations. Since CCN has never been proven wrong each article written here carries more weight than a single poster.

So, how will we all find out just what did happen with this case? Count on the Chief, the DA? Hmmm, foxes surrounding the chicken coop……..

By: Nancy on 10/9/09

Thanks Patrol Dog, You just hit the nail right on the head.

By: PatrolDog on 10/9/09

RealityCheck2, “I met Margaret- she was a sweet and sharp woman. I witnessed first-hand the FRIENDSHIP between them.”

“Mrs. Bazzani has advised my clients that McDow brought a person to her home to prepare a will for her, to handle her finances, and do her taxes.”

Are you that person? If so please identify yourself.

I am off duty and have logged onto this site from a personal pC.

By: mcdonald on 10/9/09

@RC2 Is McDow so fuc*ing stupid that he couldn’t figure out the ramifications of his actions? What a saint. That type of LEO benevolence is a county/city lawsuit waiting to happen. He should get a job at ASH as a caregiver. Sure he was just being a great guy because he loves everybody so much. Do your friend a favor and steer him into a different profession. Nice Try.

By: Cindy on 10/8/09

RealityCheck2 – I am listening to you. You’re correct that a Cat Scan can not detect louie bodies or any form of dementia for that matter. Only a brain autopsy can confirm that. Did officer McDow know that? I guess it depends on if he ever had a dear loved one that was afflicted. How many people actually know that is questionable. I have questioned the possibility of officer McDows intentions. I don’t buy it, it sounds good but I absolutely don’t buy it. If he hadn’t have taken her to the bank, then maybe, if he had contacted her family with his concerns, then yes I would buy it. He had a lot of nerve stepping in and ignoring her children without ever contacting them to get the story. I’ve been there, and I’ve experienced people who really care, I assure you that no one ever took my dad to the bank. That takes a lot of nerve for an outsider who is dealing with an elderly 911 caller. McDow is a sick man IMO.

By: RealityCheck2 on 10/8/09

Let me set this record straight. I can’t sit by and watch a good person get brutally attacked in the media over ridiculous, unfounded claims. I know this officer, and I met Margaret- she was a sweet and sharp woman. I witnessed first-hand the FRIENDSHIP between them. FRIENDSHIP, and nothing more. Officer McDow befriended her out of concern, and because he genuinely enjoyed her company and worried about the fact that she did NOT have a full-time care-giver. He would always tell those close to him about their friendship and how much he enjoyed having tea with her and hearing stories about her life. It was no secret to everyone who knows him. Everyone knew of Margaret through Officer McDow, because he truly cared about her well-being and worried about her as she grew older, alone in her house. Whereas she was NOT wheelchair bound, she couldn’t drive so he would help her run errands…including once taking her to the bank when she requested it, though he was apprehensive not wanting to overstep his bounds. I know for a fact that she always tried to offer him gifts and money in exchange for the help he gave her, but he ALWAYS refused. After she took a serious fall and nearly died, she was never the same. Officer McDow expressed sadness to us over how much she had declined mentally due to that trauma. I know she made a comment to him at this time about them getting married, and we all thought it was really sad that she seemed to be losing touch with reality. However, it was only the on-set of dementia…NOT anything sinister. All of us who know him, know he was a good friend to her at a time when she needed it most. I think it’s devastating that this society has become so distrustful and so litigious that a person can’t befriend an elderly citizen out of charity and kindness without being afraid that it’s going to come back and haunt them. I also think it’s terrible that people are now deciding to jump on the bandwagon to get their names in the paper by taking advantage of someone when they’re vulnerable. I’m sure most people who read this will discount it and discredit it, because sensationalism is far more appealing than the simple truth. But I truly hope somebody will listen, because this is absolutely false and defamatory. (As a side note, does nobody but me find it illogical that they are trying to say Officer McDow advised that “she should not have a CAT-Scan because her family was trying to prove that she was crazy”? Since when does a CAT-Scan diagnose “crazy”?)

By: hotdog on 10/8/09

Geez, I was thinking the other day at least most of the crooked cop chiefs were over the grade, now I see it could be a county wide orgy of selective enforcement and ignored illegal activities by rank and file as well as the top brass. DA, where is the DA! What a joke we are here, and thank the great spirit CCN is bringing us this news.

By: slochik on 10/8/09

“Cindy”…we can call a truce for now..hee hee!

“dashriprock”..I agre we have some of the best cops around I disagree that the screening process is “a walk in the park”. Crazy people fool people all the time! Sometimes the people doing the screening are nuts…

By: Citizen on 10/8/09

We need to take some action. I have written to the City Manager and the City Council several times about Lisa Solomon. Should we write to the DA or the City manager of SLO about Deborah Linden. Who is the City Manager of SLO. We deserve competent law enforcement officials for the money we pay them.

By: DashRiprock on 10/8/09

You know, its easier to get hired on with a municipality as a cop than it is to be janitor a diablo canyon. My thoughts are slo cops are the best i’ve ever heard of, but the screening process is a walk in the park…i guess its just good luck we have the cops we do, they are first class all the way

By: Cindy on 10/8/09

I can’t imagine that Mr Leonard Bazzani and family isn’t following this story. It would be wonderful to hear from you. The citizens are obviously supporting you and would like to hear your account of this ordeal. Nanci Meek has good reason to inquire into the individual who was (might have been) recruited to compose and notarize a last will an testament. I’m certain that the Gillis family would appreciate a first hand account of how your concerns were received and addressed by SLOPD Chief Deb Linden. It matters to this community. Hearing from someone from the Bazzani family would be very much appreciated. I would like to add that a Citizens over site committee is in the works. Its not only about police (I remind you all, that the vast majority of our LEO are honorable) the committee is about all local gov in general. I believe that there is a prominent individual who is about to step up and take the lead on this effort. To the Gillis family, your support to seat this committee will be welcomed and honored.

By: slochik on 10/8/09

I am sure this guy checked out fine when he was hired but if all this is true, he needs to go asap. If Deb Linden doesn’t terminate him she is as guilty as he is.

By: Nancimeek on 10/8/09

Who was the attorney hired by Dan McDow to prepare this woman’s last will and Testament? Just curious for obvious reasons.

By: WazzUp on 10/8/09

I think our borders are in deep sh*t. If they detain someone for “illegal” contraband then why is it taking over three weeks to investigate it. Didn’t this happen right in front of their eyes. If it looks like illegal contraband, smells like illegal contraband then isn’t IT “ILLEGAL” contraband. What’s to investigate unless their trying to find out who sold it. Still over three weeks is still to long.

While I’m at it if the allegations are criminal then why aren’t these two guys suspended without pay.

And I reititerate: A crime is NOT a personnel matter. Let’s have the facts.

By: chilly on 10/8/09

when will we learn,slo police/goverment leaders [most]get away with most things they do.protected by their boss [police]d.a.try file a complaint on one of these people you will go nowhere! our cheif should step down she has too much tied too her name and when she goes she should have in tow the d.a. officer mcdow/limon -this way she has legal protection and police protection

By: ApathyWillKillYou on 10/8/09

SLO County has the Paso PD Chief, the Atascadero PD Chief and now the SLO PD Chief under scrutiny for dereliction of duties with possible special handling of cases by the DA.

At least the SLO Board of Supervisors is doing something about those GD weddings on AG land!

By: Jordan on 10/8/09

MartinW “it’s not like he wouldn’t have known where to get a throw down, we all know where to get one.”

Not any more Martin, she registered it.

By: Laura on 10/8/09

I just stopped laughing. You party poopers. I hadn’t picked up on that. That’s scary. It does look like a threat doesn’t it? Yes, it was definitely a threat to Leonard. I’m thinking that burglars climb through windows, cops kick in doors especially when their in a bad mood. McDow didn’t like being reported and told to stay away from that house. Hummmmm, I think Karen should be very careful until McDow goes to jail. He could be a very dangerous person. I don’t know for sure but this is very suspicious.

By: ApathyWillKillYou on 10/8/09

“Family members began asking questions and learned that the patient’s caregivers had called county Adult Protective Services officials at least THREE times to report that McDow appeared to be taking advantage of the elderly Bazzani”.

What does Adult Protective Services do anyway? Did they EVER contact SLOPD?

How many complaints does it take before they act!

By: MartinW on 10/8/09

I noticed that too Jordan. Heck, it’s not like he wouldn’t have known where to get a throw down, we all know where to get one.

By: Jordan on 10/8/09

“In late 2007, a few days after Margaret Bazzani passed away, someone broke into her home by kicking in the door. However, once inside, the thief was able to open, with a key, a locked cabinet in which the elderly woman kept thousand of dollars in a vase.”

” Aside from the contents of the vase, and a picture of Leonard Bazzani, removed from a frame, nothing else was taken from the home during the burglary, the son said.”

I find it interesting that the door was kicked in to gain entry. I find it interesting that who ever entered the home knew exactly where to locate a stash of cash and where to locate a key. This was obviously an inside job. It could have been any number of people. The part that I find odd is that the only item removed from the property apart from the cash was a photo of Leonard Bazzani (the person who voiced complaints about McDow). The removal of the photo sounds like a threat to me. Don’t know who would want to threaten Leonard and steal his mothers money, just saying this sounds rather sinister. The Bazzani family had a dangerous individual in their lives, whoever that was is all left to speculation.

By: PaulJones on 10/8/09

I understand some of the initial reactions here but I don’t think this would be so funny if it was any one of our elderly parents. It wouldn’t be funny at all. The off duty cop is lucky that he didn’t try that at my mothers home. I have a mother that suffers from Alzheimer’s, I kept her in her home with caregivers until it just wasn’t any longer feasible. Right now I’d like to take McDow in my right hand, Linden in my left hand, stick Solomon in the middle for good measure and then bang all three of their heads together. I consider myself to be a reasonable man.

By: Laura on 10/8/09

Heck Yes Rany, It’s going to be very entertaining if not up hauling. This is my favorite part…

“Mrs. Bazzani has told numerous persons that officer McDow has proposed marriage to her. McDow is approximately 50 years younger than her.”

It’s been pointed out that we can’t be certain that McDow really did propose marriage but lets face it, he must have been awfully “nice to her” for her to think it! LOL, I’m really LOL, It’s just too funny, I’m sorry, I know I have a sick sense of humor sometimes.

By: slochik on 10/8/09

and down goes Deb Linden…

By: Rany on 10/8/09

Oh Man Oh Man, This one is going to make for an entertaining Congalton Show.

ConcernedPB, I do have to agree that this never would have come out if Dan had just left that darn pinata back in Mexico. I wonder what else he has done? I have a feeling that we are all going to find out.

By: Michelle on 10/8/09

ConcernedPB, I have no doubt that Velie and Ramos have these facts backed up. Velie has been hitting 100% from the inception of this NEWS SITE.

One thing I have to agree with is that these guys are certainly in the news. I think the drug/contraband smuggling story has been carried across every TV network and media source in the entire state and then some. Too bad the media doesn’t always give her credit for the stories she breaks, I think that is beginning to change. Good job Karen.

By: pgillis on 10/8/09

AA101: Your are right. Linden is incompetent, sly and will do whatever it takes to cover up for anyone in law enforcement/government in SLO. I could post volumes about what she did to us regarding our son’s death, but it would probably be deleted. In order for SLO to get rid of your corrupt officials, it is up to all of you, the residents of the county, to get a committee of people together to get something going. When someone decides to do that, we will definitely help out for as long at it takes.

The Gillis Family

By: ConcernedPB on 10/8/09

Wow…well, the crazy people are obviously coming out of the woodwork now. This sounds like a whole lot of allegations and suspicions and potentially slanderous statements, being made 2+ years after the alleged “incident”, just because this man is in the news now. I certainly hope Karen Velie substantiated these claims before putting them in print, otherwise I’m guessing she’s going to have a lawsuit on her hands.

By: AA101 on 10/8/09

“the patient’s caregivers had called county Adult Protective Services officials at least three times to report that McDow appeared to be taking advantage of the elderly Bazzani.”

Cripe, I can’t believe all this was reported to Linden and she responded by saying it was McDow’s personal business. McDow was attempting to commit a crime. He had already taken the woman on a field trip to visit her safe deposit box. He had no business taking her out of her home at all. It took an attorney to get her to tell McDow to stay away from Mrs. B. IS THERE A COMPETENT POLICE CHIEF IN THIS COUNTY????? HELLO, HELLO.

By: Nancy on 10/8/09

Yes that must have been it Laura. LOL

By: mcdonald on 10/8/09

So much for the public assurance that they all have to pass the psych evaluations. This guy isn’t fit to walk my grand mother across the street, but don’t worry that he’s carrying a gun folks.

By: Laura on 10/8/09

but he wanted to marry her, I think he wanted her for the SEX!! ;)

By: Rany on 10/8/09

This guy is a real dirt bag.

Cindy said – “The elderly have a thing about fighting for their rights, even if they do have Dementia, Alzheimer’s or the like.”

It seems like McDow was making sure that Mrs. Bazzani didn’t let anyone declare her incompetent and foil his (McDow’s) plans.

” “McDow was recently overheard by her caregivers, on Mrs. Bazzani’s speaker phone, advising Mrs. Bazzani she should not have a CAT Scan because her family was trying to prove she was crazy and not to allow Adult Protective Services in her home in the future.” What the hell was wrong with Deb Linnden, it doesn’t take a brain child to know what McDow was up to. This guy is a real dirt bag.

By: Cindy on 10/8/09

“Mrs. Bazzani has told numerous persons that officer McDow has proposed marriage to her”

“Mrs. Bazzani has advised my clients that McDow brought a person to her home to prepare a will for her, to handle her finances, and do her taxes.”

“Mrs. Bazzani suffers from dementia”

In a sense, this is kind of funny. I had a good laugh about McDow asking the old woman to marry him. I think he was married at the time with a child. People with dementia make things up. My dear old dad had dementia, it was very sad and yes he used to make up lots of stories. I was never “sure” what to believe!

With that said, I sure would like to know what McDow was doing at the bank with this lady and why he was going through her safe deposit box?? He certainly had to know better, even the bank officials knew better and they contacted her family! I’d also like to know why he kept returning to her home on his off time?? She had care givers, she had family, she had good neighbors and owned an expensive home. I don’t believe for a single minute that he was playing good Sumatran. He met her because she placed a demented 911 call, what could she possibly need him to come back and take her to the bank for? If I had caught someone pulling that with my father I would have filed an immediate restraining order. The family probably couldn’t because they would have had to go to court and have the mother declared legally incompetent. That can take time and money. The elderly have a thing about fighting for their rights, even if they do have Dementia, Alzheimer’s or the like.