Aging computer system holds up unemployment checks

December 9, 2009

imagesAn estimated 117,000 Californians haven’t received their unemployment checks–some for more than a month–because of an aging and outdated statewide computer system.

According to Wednesday’s LA Times, the people whose checks have been held up are among the neediest of the unemployed–those who have been out of work so long that their benefits have expired.

State officials report that California’s 30-year-old computer system isn’t programmed to recognize recent unemployment benefit extensions authorized by President Obama.



  1. Rewind says:

    One of the largest state departments in California with 10,000 employees (sounds like a government agency to me) won’t solve your problem, but getting a job will. Maybe you could apply with EDD?

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  2. Rewind says:

    Instead of depending on the government maybe you should spend less time blogging and more time looking for work?

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    • Cindy says:

      Got news for you Rewind. EDD isn’t government money, it’s money that was paid into an account by my previous employers. The government just likes managing it and they do a lousy job of it.

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  3. Cindy says:

    I’ve been collecting unemployment. My final check came last week and here it what was attached to it.
    “You are eligble for additional extended unemployment benefits. The programming is not complete at this time to file your extension. The EDD will notify you by mail once the programming is complete.

    They don’t even give a time frame! What a bunch of jerks, the gov gave the state funding to update the EDD system years ago and they used it for other things, there was an article in the LA times about that.

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