Cal Poly grad killed in family shooting

December 17, 2009
Elisabeth Fontaine

Elisabeth Fontaine

A grandmother and her daughter, a Cal Poly graduate, chose death for themselves and two children rather than temporarily allowing the children to be placed in the custody of her former husband’s sister. [Orange County Register]

Elisabeth Fontaine, 38, had accused her former husband of molesting her 2 and 3-year-old girls. An Orange County judge found the accusations groundless.

On Monday, police believe Fontaine’s mother, Bonnie Hoult, shot her daughter and two grandchildren before turning the gun on herself.

Fontaine graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1994 with an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering. She switched to law and was admitted to the state bar in 2000.



  1. Cindy says:

    I read the story in the OC register and the judges ruling. There was more than enough evidence for the judge to order supervised visitation. The father was found to have visited 27,000 porn sites over a 90 day period. There were 4 reports from professionals (out of Texas) stating the girls were being molested. My take on this is that the judge didn’t like the idea of the mother getting his decisions over ruled in another state. I also think the grandmother was a real piece of work and she didn’t plan to let this judge take control of her dynasty. The grandmother had blown a hole through the ceiling of her home in the past to make a point! Sad, all very sad, these are victims of the ever growing illness called narcissistic personality disorder, with the judge and the grandmother at the helm and the daughter trailing close behind.

    • ThomasPaine says:

      Very sad. Nothing to do with narcissistic personality disorder however.

      • Cindy says:

        NPD isn’t what most people think that it is. I don’t see what other illness ( the mother and grandmother were surely mentally ill) could have been behind this but your welcome to take a stab at it. It’s certainly confounding.

    • mccdave says:

      CCN is again betraying a strange predilection for molestation stories, this time on a tenuous Cal Poly connection. This one also seems to have some McMartin Preschool-esque oddities about it.

      Cindy: “The father was found to have visited 27,000 porn sites over a 90 day period.”

      Since Cindy is unacquainted with the temporal mathematics of auto-eroticism, let’s break these numbers down and see how they comport with the laws of physics.

      90 days is 129,600 minutes, so even assuming a continuous, 24-hour cyberwankfest lasting three months, that’s 4.8 minutes per site. If the subject slept six hours out of every 24 (and spent no time eating or evacuating), that brings the frequency down to 3.6 minutes. The bandwidth overage charges alone would probably exceed a billion dollars, not to mention the cleaning bill.

      • Cindy says:

        Ha, Sorry you spent so much time doing the math mcdave and then took the time to explain to all of us how I must have typed an extra 0.

    • BeenThereDoneThat says:

      I’m a little lost here. I have been following this on KTLA out of L.A. nightly and have not yet heard this about the porn sites. I read the O.C. article and nothing. That aside even if he had visited said sights, unless kiddie, I don’t see how that suggests pedophilia.

  2. fat chance says:

    I seriously doubt her religion had anything thing to do with it. Definitely a mental case.

  3. Booty JuJu says:

    Good Christians no doubt.

    • mccdave says:

      This sounds more like a “Heaven’s Gate”-style obsession with flying saucers, alien probes and “recovered memories” of ritual satanic abuse.

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