Arnold’s approval hits new low

December 17, 2009


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s approval rating as governor has dropped to a new low, according to a poll by the Public Policy Institute of California. [Los Angeles Times]

Voters, concerned by the economy and the state’s dismal finances, give the governor poor marks — only 27 percent of Californians approve of the job he’s doing. The Legislature remains unpopular, with an approval rating of just 17 percent.

More than 60 percent of respondents said the economy and jobs topped their list of concerns. State budget problems were the second most cited worry, with 13 percent calling the budget the most important issue facing the state.

The poll also asked about the 2010 gubernatorial race. Most people indicated that they were paying little attention to it and had scant enthusiasm for the candidates. Only 10 percent of likely voters were closely following the race, the survey found, and only 32 percent were satisfied with their choice of candidates.

State budget problems were the second most cited worry, with 13 percent calling the budget the most important issue facing the state. Answering a separate question, 88 percent said the state’s budget situation was a big problem.

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My only complaint against arnold is that he has not done enough to go after the useless and high paid bureaucrats that are draining the state. He wants to go after the parks to make a point to us the citizens that if we complain about taxes our basic services will be cut. The issue is that there are too many state employees and they (outside of the primary school teachers) are paid too much money and have too many entitlements. Its a welfare state and we pay for it. There are over 400,000 state employees (counting UC and CSU) and over 25% of them make over 100K a year. Thats the problem….’The kids are rioting on campus’s about tuition but their professors all make between 100 and 700K a year. Someone has to pay for that….and then pay for their retirement. There are 131 dentists that work for the corrections department. The lowest paid dentist fixing prisioners teeth is 129K a year. There are 35 of them that make…wait for it…..339K a year. When they retire we will pay up to 100 of their salary plus medical for life. There are 2 state employees that make over 2.3 million dollars a year….someone has to pay for that or insist that someone fixes it. There are 65,000 people working for the corrections department and over 34% of them make over 100K a year. The majority of them are in unskilled positions…guards and the such. All state employees making over 100K a year need a graduated salary reduction….If they make 100K a year cut the salary 10%. If they make 150K a year cut it 15% and so on. My only complaint with arnold is that he has not done enough to cut salaries and has focused on cutting services…..


Every kid who watched kindergarten cop would be predisposed to vote for him as an adult .

Nobody working and all that moron cares about is going green. What a dumb $hit! The sad part is I voted for him….maybe i’m the dumb $hit.

Why did you vote for him in the first place? I always thought he was an idiot but I really am curious why he got elected, he must have had you convinced of something?