De Vaul vs. Gibson on KGO radio

December 22, 2009

images-1Controversial San Luis Obispo rancher Dan De Vaul and Bruce Gibson, chair of the SLO County Board of Supervisors, made separate call-in appearances Monday night on the Gene Burns radio show. Burns, who hosts a weeknight talk show on KGO 810 AM radio in San Francisco, harshly criticized local county officials when De Vaul was jailed just prior to Thanksgiving.

De Vaul was interviewed by Burns from 8:05 to 8:30. Gibson followed with his own half hour conversation. A podcast of the segment is available on the KGO web site until next Monday.

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Gibson doesnt know when to sit down and shut up. He has lost all credibility. He has launched a personal vendetta against Devaul to benefit his good political partner Ms Mullholland (we must protect her view after all) and his transparent abuse of power has alienated him on the Left. The

Right already hates him and his base (and I was one of them) is deserting him. One can only assume that he has no more political ambitions or intention to run for office again.