It must be the curry

December 26, 2009

The 86-year-old (that’s right 86!) governor of a southern India state resigned Saturday after a television station broadcast a tape allegedly showing him in bed with one-two-three women. The San Francisco Chronicle has the story. Eat your heart out, Jack LaLanne.


If you look past the age and the number of women? Right. And if you look past the fact that Bill Clinton was president, it’s hard to believe that the name Monica Lewinski means anything to anybody.

Seriously, it sounds like 86 could be the new 69.


You know, if you look past the age, and number of women, I am more surprised that is WAS aired on the television. Good grief.

Everybody needs to see an 86 in action right?!


If the bio is right, Jack is 95 (born 1914) …. he still is a very impressive man…. We should all look so good at his age. ;)


MaryMalone has it right.

Here are areas of conflict of interest:

1. Maria Kelly participated in ISJ negotiations (agreement between water purveyors). Paavo Ogren was the chief negotiator.

2. Maria Kelly voted to settle with MWH in 2009. Paavo Ogren openly expressed his support of MWH as the “most qualified” contractor on the design-build shortlists for BOTH collection and treatment systems. The settlement allowed MWH to participate in the LOWWP shortlisting.

3. Maria Kelly may have disclosed information about the LOCSD bankruptcy to Paavo Ogren so the County could formulate a method to hide CSD assets, namely the garbage franchise.