Kevin McCarthy, Republican recruiter

December 27, 2009

McCarthy KevinAs some aging Republicans have become entirely too divisive, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has managed to get broad support from a party hoping for a big win in 2010. [Miami Herald]

McCarthy, chosen by Congressional insiders as the Republican member of congress with the brightest future, has been elected by his party to head recruiting efforts. From New York to Louisiana, McCarthy, whose district includes much of North County and Arroyo Grande, is driving the back roads searching for fresh faces.

If Republicans can pick up 41 seats in 2010, they regain control of the House of Representatives. With 77 Democratic seats and 26 Republican seats up for grabs, political analysts expect Republicans to gain some ground.

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Kevin Mccarthy – $1152444 raised, ’06 election cycle, California …Kevin Mccarthy United States House of Representatives (Congress) … Creston, CA 93432, Doug Kathy Kristin & Jeff Filipponi, $4000, P, 04/19/2006 ……/kevin-mccarthy.asp?cycle=06 – Cached

Why is the article pulled off front page of CCN? This is the link chese-just google Mccarthy and doug filipponi and they all come up-rossi, every family memeber-the big hitters are health insurance, banking, pharma realestate development-Why doesn’t this surprise me??? Go Chese!

utube, you the man! I love it I got tubeb today surfing monsters and come home and utube is taking care of me, and I agree, why was this story pulled from the front page, my guess people in high places threatened her,seems apparent, happens all the time, and I hope they are unsuccessful in their attempt to silence her. Chese is alive, when you eat it, the chese will never give up, never surrender, Galaxy Quest, Sagorni Weaver, and the guy with the [pointed head], torork, torock , well you get it by now or you won’t. Thank’s again utube, I rode a big one for you!

Ah, the ad is playing now ,and I finally get it, duh..

Go Chese! Remember…chese keeps growing…Never give up-the crooked back door deals in this county are really embarrassing-political favors, buying development through donations…associates-and these people are so threatened by ONE enviro planning commissioner! Was she THAT much of a threat!!!! She must have been good or they wouldn’t have cared that much-

She was a little abrasive many like her exist on the other side working for the big money? They’re everywhere! You rock chese…keep digging!