Politics surrounds Maldonado’s nomination

December 30, 2009

imagesState Sen. Abel Maldonado (R-Santa Maria), the governor’s pick to be California’s next lieutenant governor, is seen as being a key player in the 2010 budget fight in Sacramento. [Capitol Weekly]

Key Democrats want to address the state’s $6 billion shortfall in the current budget year while Maldonado is still in the Senate, believing that his vote may be needed to pass any budget. Maldonado, who portrays himself as a centrist, has voted for state budgets in the past. Observers now wonder whether Democrats will expect Maldonado’s support on the budget in exchange for his confirmation as lieutenant governor.

The Legislature must act on Maldonado’s nomination by Feb. 22,  or he will assume office automatically.

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The thing that I have always thought about Abel Maldonado is that every thing that he does, everything that he lobbies for, negotiates for or even hand shakes about, it is all about and for him, period. I have never met the man, but based on the evidence of his record, his bragging about his never losing an election (at least until the last one), it seems that all of Abel’s posturing and posing is just plain “politics as usual”. I don’t wish the man any ill will, I just wish he would go away, politically. Well, should he get the Lt. Governor’s position, he will after it is all over, probably find himself a nice cushy well paying job with some think tank or other useless position. Sheesh.

Your right ! It should not be called a sell out ,it should be called having pricipals and sticking to them.

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He will do what ever it takes to become lieutenant governor, he already sold us out on the last budget…..i’m sure he will have no problem doing it again. What a loser!

When a grown-up in the minority party reaches a compromise and most members of his own party call it a “sell out,” you know the Republican Party is deep in the wilderness. It’s clearly time to repeal the two-thirds vote requirement to pass a budget.