Rush rushed to hospital

December 30, 2009

imagesConservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has been hospitalized in Hawaii after complaining of chest pains.

The 58-year-old Limbaugh was taken by ambulance to the Queens Medical Center in Honolulu Wednesday afternoon. Hospital sources are telling the media that Limbaugh is listed in serious condition.

The nationally-syndicated Limbaugh broadcast is heard locally on several stations, including KPRL in Paso Robles and KVEC in San Luis Obispo.

UPDATE: Limbaugh was released from Queens Medical Center early Friday and held a brief press conference, where the talk show host announced he was “feeling fine.” No reason was given by doctors for the chest pains, but they have ruled out a heart attack.

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Here is a NICE get well card for Rush, really. via YouTube

As I would expect from all you obama loving libs, attack the person and have absolutely nothing to say about issues of substance that you disagree with. Rush is an incredibly successful self made man that expresses his long held opinions that differ from yours.

I’m sure glad that your obama with all his “hope and change” has pulled all Americans out of war and made great strides towards fixing the economy… obama is taking our country in a very bad direction. I too hope that obama does not succeed on turning our great country into a communist pit.

You paint other users with a broad brush SLO LOCAL (all you obama loving libs) :-( many people respect the President because he is every American’s president right now.

Obama has as much chance of creating a communist pit as Dwight Eisenhower did.

I almost deleted your comment for political hackery but we are talking about Rush, so your obvious troll stays :-)

Unparalleled in his ability to compress the most words into the smallest of ideas, he is naturally a great hit with Zombie America. The rest wouldn’t cross the street to attend his funeral, but might send a nice letter approving of it.

smallest of ideas:whom/what to hate that day.

zombie America: A known side effect of mixing politics, religion and Prozac.

finally why do you suppose they are called ditto heads?

When the leading voice of “conservatism” in the U.S. has such laughably bad taste — politics aside — combined with such a big audience, it’s a sad day. There’s a legitimate conservative point of view to be articulated, but instead we have a bunch of clowns on TV and radio.

But I’m sure Limbaugh was just acting when he claimed to have chest pain:

Maybe he should consult Glenn Beck’s doctor, here in the nation with the greatest healthcare system on Earth:

I agree that, at times, Limbaugh does go over the top and there are times – like the criticism of Michael J Fox that you point out – that I cringe. However, I do appreciate his passion and verve, and I have enjoyed his satires of the left, which seem to have disappeared in recent years.

All of that aside, no person, regardless of their political view, deserves the wishes of death and pain that have directed at Limbaugh.

So there is a legitimate point of view but all the people that are out there don’t meet your approval? So who would be a good voice? Just curious.

I hope his kidneys fail during rectal cancer treatment.

The compassionate left speaks

I wish him all the success he wished for our president.

“Go toward the light, Rush.”

“So…if Rush Limbaugh dies in Hawaii, will his listeners believe the death certificate?”

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