Air America declares bankruptcy

January 21, 2010

Liberal talk radio network Air America, carried locally by KYNS 1340 AM, has ceased live programming and will soon file for Chapter 7 (liquidation) bankruptcy. [Air America]

The decision, effective immediately, was announced Thursday by Charlie Kireker, chairman of the Air America board. Currently carried in 66 markets nationally, Air America first launched in 2004 as an alternative to conservative talkers like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Over the years, Air America became home to a host of left-leaning voices including Al Franken, Thom Hartman, Randi Rhoades, Rachel Maddow and Robert Kennedy, Jr. The network will offer repeats over the weekend before going silent at 9 p.m. on Monday.

No announcement has been made by KYNS concerning replacement programming. The station currently offers local host Bill Benica and syndicated host Ed Schultz, both unaffected by the Air America decision.

KYNS, owned by Mapleton, has been the subject of persistent rumors concerning a possible sale. The station finished near the bottom in the most recent ratings book.

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There’s a reason Air America filed for bankruptcy…few listeners and little advertising dollars. Duh…why are Limbaugh and Hannity successful? Many listeners and big advertising dollars. You didn’t have to study business management to figure this one out.

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This is a great illustration of how capitalism is supposed to work.

Though, in fairness, we should probably monkey-up its demise with some federal stimulus money.

Yeah, capitalism rewards tasteless, mendacious demagoguery aimed at the large market of 50-75-year-olds with a third grade education and a gun fetish. Hence, Faux News and Limbaugh thrive.

Good to hear that them commies are going off the air. It’s not right anyone has the option to listen anything but the Gospel of Rush & Hannity. And, by the way, I am really stoked that”our” supreme court has seen fit to allow our Holy Corporations the right to personhood and unfettered political influence. I look forward to the bright future ahead under the guidance of politicians chosen by Monsanto & Dow.

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KYNS, which I listen to in addition to KVEC’s Dave Congalton, has independently syndicated programing consisting of Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, and Mike Malloy, in addition to Ed Shultz. Thom and Mike did work for Air America for awhile, but both of them went independent quite awhile ago. Mike Malloy was terminated by Air America and is still owed money by them, so he will on the list of people Air America owes money to that will not get paid. The big question about the programing at KYNS is about Rachel Maddow, Ron Reagan, and the weekend show “Ring of Fire” with Bobby Kennedy Jr. and Mike Papantonio; those are shows that were current programs. Progressive talk radio is not dead, it just doesn’t have the big money behind it that has allowed conservative talk radio to succeed. I am curious if the image shown with this article that has the now Senator Al Franken has his permission to use his likeness?