State of emergency throughout California

January 21, 2010

As heavy rain continues to thunder across California, Acting Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in five separate counties on Thursday, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Orange. Brown assumed authority with Gov. Schwarzenegger currently in Washington, D.C. [Los Angeles Times]

There are also reports that a tornado touched down briefly Thursday afternoon on the eastern edge of Ventura.

The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for large portions of southern California.

The “Grapevine” on I-5 continues to be closed in both directions due to heavy snow.

Closer to home, Highway 1 is closed in Oceano at 13th Street, due to flooding.

Highway 1, nine miles north of Ragged Point remains open to one-way traffic during daylight hours, but is closed from dusk to dawn.

Flooding closed down parts of San Luis Bay Drive Thursday afternoon.

Scattered showers will continue across the county on Friday. Weekend weather is expected to be clear, before more rain on Monday.

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State Highway 1 this mornig was closed down for the sixth time this week for a small problem that can be abated for only $43,295.00. The Oceano Community in 1985 had paid $5,000.00 for their share to see that this Highway never would see flooding, however to date what was a small problem has grown to be a very large problem.

The residents of Oceano should never have to put up with drainage changes by Caltrans in raising this State Highway as seen at

This flooding that we see today is not only caused by Caltrans raising this State Highway 1 and removing a retaining wall in 2003 that retained a very large amount of dirt, that now wash’s into the Oceano Community’s Storm water drainage channel. Caltrans has been caught on camera shoveling storm debris into this storm water drainage channel as seen in their testimony at a recent Court Trial Bookout V. State of California.

Caltrans States:

“I’m not sure what they’re doing in this picture. It appears that they’re throwing dirt up on the bank at the base of the tree.” Question: “Is this anything related to the buildup of sediment at the mouth of the drainage channel?” Answer. “Well it’s more grass. Well, Yeah, sediment and grass.” Question: And where’s this material removed to when you engaged in this particular activity? Answer. “Based on the Mud behind me at the base of the tree, I would say we where throwing it up on the bank.” Question: So you were keeping it in the four feet that you consider to be Caltrans right-of-way? Answer. “YES” Question: And how often have you engaged – You or your staff engaged in the particular activity? Answer. “How often does it rain down there?” Question: Is it fairly often – Answer: “YES” Question: Based on the rainfall. Answer. “YES, just about every time it rains.”

I ask that the readers view photos of Caltrans at to see Caltrans actions in Oceano that has lead to this flooding. I also ask that the readers view the County of San Luis Obispo PDF file documents at this web site to fruther understand why your State Highway, 13th and Paso Robles Streets in Oceano are flooding.