Cities crack down on disabled parking abuse

January 4, 2010

A new state law that took effect Jan. 1 allows cities to crack down on California drivers claiming to be disabled by displaying a fake, borrowed, or stolen blue parking tag. [San Francisco Chronicle]

Cities can now charge anywhere between $250 and $1,000 for violations of disabled parking laws. San Francisco is already considering an eight-fold increase in its fines. City officials estimate that the state DMV has already issued a blue placard for roughly 1 in 15 residents. One city official called it “a fradulent way for people to be able to park for free for an unlimited time.”


I agree these spaces are for those who are disabled and deserve a break. But how many times do you

see someone with these tags drive up, get out, and move around so well as nothing is wrong and when you look at them, get that entitlement. look. Good job on the crackdown but in reality, it won’t matter

cause the system has many holes that are abused.


This county starts small, maybe fraud is way down on the list?


Park in front of the Fire Hydrant. Its only $15 fine.


What if there’s a fire, they break both your windows and run the hose threw your car and when it’s out, they hose you! My friend Tim Wilcox fire captain, would do this in a second, watch Back Draft with Kurt Russell, if you don’t believe me. It was a lame comment and deserves a Hollywood ending!


I would never park in a handicapped spot. That is so selfish. I’ve seen people who really need those spots. I always tell the store manager when I see someone cheating. Disgusting.


My mother-in-law died over eight years ago. We have recieved at least 3 placards since her death. The first one that came after her death we turned in to the DMV and told them she had died, and the others we threw away. They just keep coming every two years like clockwork. I have always wondered if a DMV employee kept the one we turned in and either used it or gave it to someone else who used it. I’m sure we are not the only people in this situation.


I love it when they see me giving them the evil eye,,, and start the fake limp,,,one lady walked perfectly, I asked her politely what her problem was, she said she had her hip replace five years ago, boy did that set me straight, not! These spaces are for the crucially disabled not the privileged pirates. Sound them when you see it, or sneak up on them when the limp dissipates in the store and congratulate them on their instant recovery!


Seems tactless to challenge someone’s disability because they don’t limp enough, or whatever.

Me? I take the high road, and be thankful every day that I don’t need the blue card or the parking space.

As an aside, sometimes it bugs me that we don’t have MORE disabled people. For several of the parking lots I use, there are a bank of primo spaces nearest the front door that seldom get used.


Don’t worry racket, those spaces are for disabled bank robbers, and I will soon be applying for physical and metal disability. so I will need the spaces.

P. S. I drive so bad I can’t get the car in just one.


I agree with former posters. These spaces are for those who are disabled and deserve a break. The state should cancel all permits and reissue to those in need with annual renewals. I know of some who get a permit and then milk it for years.


My personal favorite was a laborer who worked on Copeland’s Court Street project. For about 6 months he parked his pickup all day long in a metered spot in front of our office entry without putting one dime in the meter.


They need to take away the placards for people that are just fat. Being fat is not a disability. Park in the back of the lot and walk your fat a** to the store.


Hhhahahhahaha Too Funny, I agree


It’s about time. I get tired of hearing the excuse, well my so and so relative is disabled and I borrowed their car, that is why I am parked in handicapped spot. Well that is fine. Go home get them and let them park in it. Otherwise keep your sorry a** out of the spot!!