Governor seeks to shift taxes to middle class

January 13, 2010

Sacramento observers believe Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is embracing a tax reform system for California that includes a major shift in the tax burden from the rich to the middle class. [Oakland Tribune]

The strategy comes on the heels of a report released last September by the California Tax Commission’s “Report of the Commission on the 21st Century Economy.” One of the report’s major conclusions: The state can lessen the flucuations in personal income tax revenue by reducing the rates at the high end of the income spectrum.

Governor Schwarzenegger has called for such tax reform in recent speeches, pointing to the severe drop in tax revenues for the state. Supporters suggest that taxing the rich results in wide swings in tax revenue. Spreading the tax burden more evenly, they suggest, tax revenues would be more consistent.

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Government waste is the problem. Democrat pet projects have cost the state billions. Just look at the pathetic Air Resources Board. Between State and County, there are thousands of employees. 26 to be exact in this county and they can’t even do their job right. Highest incarceration rate in the world right here in cali. However, this problem is caused by both parties. Bending over for the powerful unions has got to stop.

The reason why Republicans hate government so much is because they’re so bad at it.

Shouldn’t be much of an issue. GAS hasn’t been able to pass one single thing since worker’s comp. No worries.

The elite are going after the middle class (again). If they run over a few old school middle class conservatives on the way, it’s no big deal. Doesn’t matter what their political persuasion is.

“Supporters suggest that taxing the rich results in wide swings in tax revenue.” So, would I be far off if I infer that the supporters are possibly RICH who pay more taxes now and would like to see their taxes reduced? Do you think I would be too far off the mark if I suggested that perhaps the “supporters” are mostly Republicans as well? The more things change (our state budget debacle), the more things stay the same (Republicans wanting their taxes cut). Is anyone really surprised by this?

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