Off-roader: CalCoast News is “Enviro-Nazi Press”

January 12, 2010

A leading advocate for off-roading in the Oceano Dunes has called CalCoastNews “our local Enviro-Nazi Press” in a letter published on a national off-roading blog. [Off Road]

Kevin P. Rice of San Luis Obispo wrote the letter in response to an earlier story on this site, which called attention to an article in Off-Road, extolling the joys of an annual gathering in the dunes. The reporter gushed about off-roaders showing up each September for “Heavy Metal Weekend,” where “raw carnage inevitably occurs.”

“Folks, I am fighting for our rights to keep our riding and 4×4 areas open,” Rice wrote in his letter. “Your article…got picked up in our local Enviro-Nazi Press and hurt us because of your choice of words…”carnage,” “thrash metal,” etc.

“We are under DAILY assault in the press,” continues Rice. “Please be more careful how you present off-roaders to the public…OCEANO DUNES CLOSURE IS REAL. There is an air pollution study coming out that is a real threat. Oceano Dunes could be closed before ‘Heavy Metal Weekend 2010.'”



  1. SLORider says:

    My reply to CCN can be read here:
    Enviro-Nazi’s, and Tigers, and Bears! Oh, my!

    Kevin P. Rice
    (805) 602-2616

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    • Kettel says:

      Wait, what? Mr Rice is crtizing Off-Road producers,readers and dune supporters for there choice of words and yet you call CalCoastNews “Enviro-Nazi Press”?
      Do you even know what the word Nazi really means?

      “Mr Rice sez, I can impose spin and single out words and details to tint the world to my personal preference.” There, I fixed it for you.

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    • Dave says:

      Kevin –
      The staff at CCN isn’t quite sure how to respond to your over-the-top diatribe, other than to hope that you didn’t write it at the firehouse on company time. We may have to ask Chief Callahan.

      You tend to write 1000 words when 1 will do, so let’s cut to the chase; are you, or are you not the Kevin P. Rice of San Luis Obispo who wrote a letter on a national blog and called CCN “Enviro-Nazi Press?” Yes, or No? Yes, or No, Kevin?

      And did you not smear us with that offensive term in the context of telling your fellow off-roaders to watch their language because words matter?

      So take the CCN Challenge — go through our post and show us exactly where we have printed incorrect statements. We’ll await your response.

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      • ThomasPaine says:

        Well said Dave. This is SOP for Mr. Rice.

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      • R.Hodin says:

        Better see a specialist, Dave. Kevin thinks that you have savior faire. Not something to mess around with.

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      • KevinPRice says:

        Incorrect? No. But very petty and juvenile to cherry pick one word from an obscure Internet forum and put it on the front page of a “news” source. Do you think the Trib will print a front page article, “Kevin Rice calls us ‘Wonder Bread’ Press”? Very weak. This type of tabloid blogging is why politicians won’t ever speak their mind.

        If we’re actually going down this road, maybe CCN will make front page fluff out of the MANY ridiculous and spiteful utterances from the close our state park mob? Take that challenge.

        However, if I only get 1 word as you lament: ENVIRO-NAZI is more correct than not (definition) in this case. I hope CCN can do better.

        P.S. — I had a very personable conversation with Karen Velie about this WHO ACTUALLY CALLED ME as ANYONE is invited to do at any time.

        KPR (805) 602-2616

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