How did your favorite radio station do?

January 9, 2010

Ratings are in and the favorite San Luis Obispo radio stations, in order, are: (1) country favorite KKJG, (2) KWWV, playing rhythmic Top 40, (3) KURQ, “New Rock 104” (tied), (3) KSTT, soft rock (tied) and (3) KIQO, oldies music (tied), (4) News/Talk KVEC and (5) KPYG, Americana.

New ratings were issued Friday for San Luis Obispo AM and FM radio stations. The city is currently listed as 170 in radio market size in the country. [Inside Radio]

Local radio observers are watching to see what Mapleton Communications decides to do with the low-rated KYNS,  Central Coast home of Air America radio, after another poor showing in the ratings.



  1. humptidumpti says:

    I can’t believe “the Beach” 95.3 didn’t make it in here, it’s the only station I ever listen to in the car and that’s the only time I listen to the radio.

  2. MAD HATTER says:

    Used to like KVEC way back. Not no more. Boring on air news personalities. The only thing I listen to is Coast to Coast AM. 101.3 is ok.

  3. hotdog says:

    Just shows the lame interests of air headed people who don’t want hard news and commentary (that we get on KYBS Air America). The fuzzy headed average Joe wants silly entertainment rather than real info we need to make good life decisions.
    And of course one wonders how these ratings are arrived at. One of the best stations around, KCBX, didn’t even get a rating. I wonder who they poll to get these numbers.

    • Dave says:

      KCBX, which always does very well in the ratings, is never included by Arbitron because they are a noncommercial station. FYI.

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