The PG&E – Israeli Connection

January 9, 2010

Protesters in the Bay Area have recently mounted a guerrilla campaign to draw attention  to the relationship between Pacific Gas and Electric, and the Israeli company Solel.

PG&E signed a 25-year contract with Solel to develop the Mojave Solar Park in California’s Mojave Desert. [Mondoweiss]

The protest appears to be part of a growing BDS movement, individuals opposed to funding apartheid in the Israeli-occupied territories of Palestine. They believe that the PG&E contract with Solel will merely result in heavy tax dollars for the Israeli government, which, in turn, will be used in Palestine.

Said a spokesperson, “Every person in California has a stake in what PG&E does, because we are all forced to buy power from them. I don’t want to be funding apartheid every time I turn on a light, and I don’t think most of my neighbors do, either.”

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Good protest.

I presume that these folks walk everywhere and don’t drive a car? I guess they don’t mind giving their gas money to the middle east to fund terrorism and make people who hate us very wealthy.

Do the protesters also object to the Arabs who duped the Palestinians who were living peacefully in Israel into abandoning their land and interests in Israel and who then booted the Palestinians out of the TransJordan area the UN gave them when Israel was created?