NBC “Dateline” covers local organ donor trial tonight

January 24, 2010

NBC News plans to air a segment on Sunday night’s edition of “Dateline,” covering the 2008 trial of a physician accused of improper organ harvesting at a San Luis Obispo hospital.

Dr. Hootan Roozrokh, a San Francisco physician, was charged with prescribing overdoses of medication to speed up the death of a 25-year-old man and harvest his organs at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. He was found innocent by a San Luis Obispo jury after two days of deliberation in 2008.

The NBC story will be part of a special two-hour broadcast, “Critical Care,” dealing with health care in the U.S., broadcast locally on KSBY-TV from 7 to 9 p.m. The segment is also available for viewing on the MSNBC web site.

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What amazed me about the Dateline piece, was how the SLO County DA’s Office was so fast in their rush to judgment against the good Dr. Karen Grey didn’t have any “supporting” paper work to “back up the claims” of the nurse that went screaming to the SLO PD. What were the “motives” of all involved? Proves once again how corrupt the County of San Luis Obispo is. It’s time for a house cleaning from the Board of Supervisors to the DA’sOffice. Even Mr. Navarro’s Mother dropped her law suit against the Dr. What HELL he was put through!

This hits home – my Father was pulled off all life support but his pacemaker (very new version) kept his heart beating which sparked his breathing. A vicious cycle that for days would not let him die. We were powerless to help. After writing a request for a morphine drip with 5 points of “proof” that we believed he felt pain (although truth be told, we didn’t believe it, but it was the only mechanism we knew of to stop this cycle), we were told we were wrong. A battle ensued about who has the “right” to say a loved one is in pain – or should know. Thankfully, the hospital acquiesced and less than 90 minutes after the drip started, he passed on peacefully. Our laws lag woefully behind new technology – there are no laws to give the family nor the doctors or hospital a way to let someone pass with dignity. Legislatures need to establish a commission to look into this – perhaps an addition onto assisted suicide laws that some States have. (BTW, my Dad did have a Living Will and did not want his life supported.)