Poll: Schwarzenegger leaves state in worse shape

January 24, 2010

A new Field Poll finds that the majority of Californians believe the state is worse off now than when Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took office in 2003. [Los Angeles Times]

The survey reports that 59 percent of Californians believe the state will be in worse shape once the governor leaves office. Only 7 percent believe the state will be better than when the former Hollywood star rode into office following the recall of Gray Davis.

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I love all his movies, he is a great actor, but you elected this actor to play politics, I don’t think he sold this country down the river like Bush did, or the Bushes did. But what I do think is that the American voters screwed up. Arnold is smarter then Bush because at least he can remember his lines and doesn’t make up new words during presidential speeches.

To the point Arnold is a puppet and the real blame should go to those responsible for this countries financial demise, the war mongers who want to see veins in their teeth and eat dead burnt bodies, war is a business and every time we go to war mongers make more money!

Finally a true salute to our men and women in uniform, even if they have decided it was the wrong choice after seeing the destruction.

The headline misleads.

An unwitting reader might surmise that Schwarzeneggar has left his post.

Or one might surmise that actions of Arnie left this mess for others to deal with.

I don’t believe either of these is true.

the poll seems misleading too, since respondents might have meant that CA will be worse without arnie in office, not that he messed things up.

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