Oceano Dunes Off-roaders: In their own words

January 9, 2010

It is always interesting to see how our county is perceived by the outsider. Case in point: Those who flock from all over California to the Oceano Dunes where they partake in their mechanized mayhem.

A correspondent for a publication called Off-Road sings the praises of the second weekend in September for their second annual “Heavy Metal Weekend” in the Oceano Dunes. [Off-Road]

Our favorite phrase:  “This annual camping trip has ballooned from a few buddies getting together to a full-on spectacle, where everyone’s invited, some wild rigs show up, and entertainment in the form of raw carnage inevitably occurs.”

Another “Burning Man” in the making?

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Thomas, I can only hope that you have something in your life that you put every ounce of effort into. I’m sure you have never understood offroading and never will. Sure, there are bad apples out there that we dislike as well, but this is my whole life. I’ve dealt with idiots screwing up every ounce of freedom I have. However, I’m not going to barge into a situation, that I don’t fully understand, and tell someone the need to shut it down. To me, comments like yours represent the degradation of this country. Everything will continue to get shut down and minimized until the average American will never actually visit the outdoors or get dirt under their fingernails.

So, instead of focusing on something that you dislike, while other’s love it, why don’t you focus on what you love.

It’s about time we close the Dunes to ORV.

So now Nell can leave anonymous postings.Get a life.Burning man has NOTHING to do with riding in the dunes.