Art Clokey – creator of Gumby – dies at 88

January 9, 2010

Art Clokey, the creator of the clay-animation cultural icon Gumby, died Friday at his Los Osos home at the age of 88. [Los Angeles Times]

The Gumby character first debuted on the “Howdy Doody Show” in 1955, which quickly led to his own TV show, “The Adventures of Gumby,” the first to use clay animation on television. Gumby and his sidekick Pokey enjoyed more than a 40-year-run as a star of  TV and film, even being parodied by comic Eddie Murphy on “Saturday Night Live” in the ’80s.

Gumby continues to enjoy international fame to this day, with almost 135,000 fans on Facebook. Donations in Clokey’s memory are asked to be made to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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