SLO police arrest transient for alleged attack on teenage girl

January 12, 2010

San Luis Obispo police arrested a transient Monday afternoon after he allegedly grabbed a 16-year-old girl on the 1000 block of Olive Street.

Police say Fritz Holmer was walking westbound on the sidewalk when he passed the girl, coming from the opposite direction. Holmer allegedly grabbed the girl by the arms. The girl struggled, but Holmer moved her approximately 15 feet.

An on-duty CHP officer, conducting a traffic stop on Olive, witnessed the incident. Holmer pushed the girl to the ground and began to walk away. The CHP officer detained Holmer and notified San Luis Obispo police.

Holmer is in county jail in lieu of a $10,000 bond. The girl was released to her mother.

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Let’s give a hand to the Highway patrol officer, who got this creep! As an individual, his demeanor looks bad, but I have to agree with this statement made by Thomas Pain,”These people are not freaks. Fix the problems which are causing homelessness instead of castigating individuals.” Seems this weirdo kind of got labeled, some homeless are not victims of their own demise, just victims all by themselves. To add there are probably just as many weirdos living behind closed doors. (another study).

This guy and anyone else out there who want to hurt others, beware for there are people out there who would not be as nice as the officer, (put your hands on my daughter?), with my demeanor they would betaken the perpetrator, to the Hospital and then to Jail.

Fixing “the problems which are causing homelessness” does not fix wierdos, freaks and/or crazy people. Transients, like it or not, usually fall into one of these categories.

We need Dexter to visit SLO County.

mkaney….you’re right, it doesn’t really matter to me where he came from or where he was staying. What does matter to me is that very time I walk down the street with my two young daughters I have to explain why there is always at least one crazy freak walking around, dirty, disease ridden, drunk and yelling at his imaginary friend. I don’t give a sh*t where they come from but I want them to GO AWAY and stay away. If Sunny Acres had a 30 foot wall around it we could put all of them in there. Until then, ship them the hell out of my town.

I’m sick of law enforcement not dealing with these people until they assult someone….what about loitering and drunk in public? Take them away…it’s bullsh*t

These people are not freaks. Fix the problems which are causing homelessness instead of castigating individuals.

Please… can’t “fix” these CRAZY people. You can, however, enable them which is exactly what happens-enable them to loiter, harrass and attack other people. I’m over it….get them out of my face!

Freberg:: Does it matter? Do you expect that everyone at Sunny Acres needs to be a model of a good citizen? No one is doubting that some creeps roam the place, the question is WHERE else would you have them? Answer that for me please. How about we close Sunny Acres and let everyone camp in your neighborhood.

Oh but I guess that would keep them in the same area, since you claimed in the comment section of a national newspaper that you were a one of Dan’s “neighbors,” though you don’t live anywhere near there as far as I can tell.

The article doesn’t even mention Sunny Acres. The incident took place on Olive Street, over 4 and a half miles away. Why would you think they were related at all?

I think the public has a right to know : where he came from, where he had been staying….