N.Y. Times profiles Dan De Vaul

January 11, 2010

Controversial San Luis Obispo rancher Dan De Vaul is in the national media spotlight today, thanks to a feature article in Monday’s New York Times.

Reporter Jesse McKinley and photographer Josh Haner visited the Sunny Acres compound on Los Osos Valley Road in December. Beginning the article by calling De Vaul “burly, bearded, and gleefully obscene,” McKinley details the ongoing battle between De Vaul and county officials. Supervisor Bruce Gibson, Christine Mulholland, and Prado Day Center director Dee Torres are also quoted in the article.

Here’s the money quote: “Mr. De Vaul admits to enjoying battling local officials, but he also says he’s been shaken by his prosecution. ‘What I’m saying is that I’m in over my head. And because I don’t like authority, I’m not giving up.'”

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Old news. Give it a rest De Vaul and pay your taxes on the income you were receiving from your homeless tenants. The government needs your support.

I think it was a good article as far as it went. The real problem is what wasn’t said.

BTW, I see we have another story of a ‘transient’ attacking a local girl. I guess that is better than Dan’s cook who murdered a woman?

One of the interesting parts of the NYT article concerned an admission — on Dan’s part — that he housed some folks who had to be ‘swept up’ by law enforcement. I heard that it was more than a dozen on one occasion. I wonder, Dan, did you call all of those guys in as well? Gosh, you really make poor choices on who you ‘rent ‘ to.

Now, I know it appears that Dan’s Nazi’s frequent these pages to do damage control and build PR, but I don’t think it fools anyone, especially his neighbors.

Time to clean up your act , Dan. This is not about your right to give a one finger salute to your neighbors, but to join the community, respect the rights of others and not put anyone in harms way.

As an aside, I do not share ‘Dave’s” concern for the emotional well being of Dan De Vaul, but I do pray for the safety of his neighbors and their children. My concern is based more in reality.

Roger Freberg

Dan’s Nazi’s” :-P your apostrophes

My prayers are for the safety of Dan De Vaul. My sincere believe is his work is good for the community as a whole.

Too bad it’s too late for Dan de Vaul. He’s already been convicted and I don’t see anything short of a pardon by the governor keeping him out of jail. Or, maybe Sheriff Hedges could book him in and then cut him loose — call it time off for good behaviors.

If the Sheriff in LA can do it for Paris Hilton, Hedges could do it for Dan de Vaul.

I mean after all, the Sheriff’s Department probably brought half the people out there in the first place.

Good luck to you Mr. de Vaul. God Bless you and the good works you do.