Atascadero couple arrested for attempted murder

February 6, 2010

An Atascadero couple face charges of attempted murder, following a fight Friday night at Mr. Rick’s in Avila Beach.

Michael Darrien Simmons, 43, and Janet Ella Simmons, 50, were both arrested by San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies, after Michael Simmons allegedly slashed an unidentified male in the neck with a boxcutter. The two men had been arguing in the popular nightspot. The victim was taken to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center with what police describe as a “serious neck wound” and received multiple stitches.

Both husband and wife were booked into county jail, with bond set at $500,000 each. Michael Simmons is charged with attempted murder. Janet Simmons is charged with attempted murder, conspiracy, and being drunk in public.

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The local nightspot has security cameras all over. The whole truth will undoubtely come out, that is if the security cameras actually record. A few hundred stitches wont keep the victim down long, hes a bull. Hopefully the local PD has secured the security tapes so that the evidence is preserved.

I have to wonder, what sort of person carries a box cutter around. hmmm… box cutter.. really?

I actually know Janet, as we work together. She’s not that kind of person… so I know that there is a LOT more to this story than we have heard so far. My guess is that we’re going to have to wait for the trial before we get the details. I truly don’t believe Janet is going to get convicted of attempted murder, knowing the type of person that she is. There must be an awful lot missing to this story… as she certainly isn’t the type that would say to her hubby “hey, let’s go out and cut someone up tonight” Janet is a nice person, with a good job… very normal… certainly not (to use the expression from one of the earlier comments) “scum”. So, I would suggest that we all sit tight and reserve any judgments until we hear what really happened last night.

I meant “that night” not “last night”.

BS, I was there, she is and was that kind of person, she was hiding the weapon on her person after being asked by Staff and Patrons and Sheriff’s where the blade went, Sheriff’s finally found the blade on her at the booking station. There’s not an awful lot missing to this story, Maybe they didn’t say lets go out and cut someone tonight, but they certainly were prepared and didn’t pass up the moment to do so. What’s scary is how cool and calm they both were after the slashing that took 300 stitches to close. They didn’t try to run and weren’t remorseful for the slashing. In fact Janet was defending Mike’s actions and kept saying that she works at Diablo and that she is well known here? while she was hiding the attempted murder weapon. That my friend is not very normal

So Gary let me get this straight because you were there you know what kind of person she is? If you were there you would know that during the incident she was in the bathroom. So what do you really know? Not much. Maybe people like you should just sit back and wait to see what happens instead of acting like you know anything.

Totally speculating here…

But if I were to slash someone in self-defense, I would not run and I would not act remorseful either. “Scum” would run. A respectable mature middle-class adult with a good job would not run… she would stick around and face the consequences.

The state is going to get more polluted with SCUM, due to the release of thousands of Parolees over the next year. Remember people, lock the doors to your house, cars, mailboxes and remember to watch what you say because you never know what “Nut CASE” you’re dealing with. That is just a taste of what Law Enforcement Deals with in this County. Now multiply that by 50+% and that is what Large Law Enforcement Agencies deals with.

Come on, people! We still have Club Soda, Outlaws, Camozzi’s and Terry’s in A-Town. All welcome meth heads, so please shop locally!

Give’s a whole new meaning to a night out!!

Seriously I hope the other gentleman is alright and lets get yahoo’s like this couple with anger control issues, some serious treatment.