Schwarzenegger due in SLO on Monday

February 5, 2010

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to pay a visit to San Luis Obispo Monday morning. The governor is coming to town to promote his new jobs initiative and the proposed sales tax exemption for so-called “green manufacturing.”

Schwarzenegger is scheduled to speak at 10 a.m. at REC Solar, on Fiero Lane, in San Luis Obispo. He will be introduced by local state Senator and lieutenant governor nominee Abel Maldonado. Following his remarks, Schwarzenegger, Maldonado, and other local officials will tour the REC plant.

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Sales tax exemptions? Does that apply to LOCAL sales taxes like the ones in SLO and Morro Bay? Voters agreed to tax themselves in those towns to support police and fire services. I don’t think Arnold has the authority to mess with those, does he?

Get a clue steroid boy. The problem with California is not that we need more green jobs. We need to cut the waste. Start with disbanding the unions and let fair market value dictate wage. Cut all the bs pet programs like the local air resources board. 23 employees with all their benefits driving to work every day. Somewhere around 250 trips per year per employee. That equals 5750 vehicle trips per year just to manage 1000 pieces of equipment including some engines just manufactured just last year. Talk about making more pollution to stop less. Add to that the cost of employees. Let’s see, 23 employees probably averaging $65,000 a year including benefits and retirement (probably a low estimate), 1.5 million dollars cost to the tax payers. But let’s be honest, it costs probably an average of $1000. per year to permit these engines so let’s take off $100,000 from the total. 1.4 million dollars for WHAT? These liberal projects are going on everywhere in the state. We wonder why we are in trouble. And furthermore, the local air board can’t even enforce the regulations fairly.

Who really cares about Arnold? What a joke.

ok you want Grey Davis back…

Can’t this guy just go away and take Maldonado with him!

REC Solar must really be somethin’ else. Wasn’t Lois Capps there this week to promote whatever she promotes?