More (alleged) sex in Arroyo Grande

February 19, 2010

If it walks like a duck, smells like a duck, and talks like a duck, is it really a prostitution scam? That’s the question Arroyo Grande police were asked to decide earlier this week.

The basic facts: Last Wednesday, an unidentified male, responding to an ad on Craigslist for “adult services” followed instructions to go to a room at the Casa Grande Inn on Oak Park Blvd. in Arroyo Grande. The man claims he paid cash, as requested, but no services were performed.

The disgruntled man later called Arroyo Grande police and reported what happened. Officers went to the hotel room and questioned two men and two women, one of whom had a 2-year-old boy. The foursome, all from southern California, denied any involvement in prostitution, though one of the men, from San Bernadino, is out on bail for a pimping charge.

Though police officers believe a prostitution scam was taking place at the hotel, no arrests were made for lack of evidence, but the suspects were told to leave the hotel.

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vagabond,”I wonder if there was a report made to child services?” extremely good point and judging that it is not in the article that no report was filed, it probably didn’t which in my opinion would pour a little hot water on the officer unlucky enough to get this call. Anti prostitution in this country is like not liking apple pie, or being a hate singer, hating gays.

Prostitution is legal in Nevada, and it is the oldest profession in the entire world, and if it saves just one cute little (daughter), from being date raped by an over testosteroned teenage trespasser, who could of just as easily payed to loose his virginity considering that he had to pay for the date rape dope, to get to where he wanted to go, as always I wind up in weird places like here, bottom line the hard up fool got scammed and then was dumb enough to call the cops for a refund. Let’s leave the pimps ,prostitutes, hate crime singers, school administrators, city administrators, greedy sheriffs, fraud conspirators, crooked lawyers, all to their own demise, just doesn’t seem fair to the Pimps and Prostitutes. Surprised?

Here is a budding issue that if left unchecked will destroy the wholesomeness of the community and ultimately discourage tourism. It is a beutiful community which feels safe to the visitor, but no one wants to spend money in a mini LA. Take Oceanside as an example. It was a beutiful city as well but now the prostitutes and drug deals are so dense that I won’t even consider going there. The same thing can happen to AG if such a problem is left unchecked. Sure, laugh if you want, but this has the potential of devasting a community. The PD has a fair handle on the gangs but now need to concentrate on freeeing themselves from prostitution. Have you heard of a sting operation???

All too often, the cops are just TOO LAZY to do anything, so its catch and release. A lot easier to cite someone who is a resident, who will pay, than stop a transient criminal.


I wonder if there was a report made to child services?