Tracy residents to pay for 9-1-1 calls

February 19, 2010

Residents of Tracy, located in northern California, will now have to pay every time they call 9-1-1 for a medical emergency. [CBS 13 News]

The controversial measure was approved by the city council last Tuesday.

Two options are being offered. Either residents can pay an annual fee of $48, which entitles people to make unlimited 9-1-1 medical calls. If they don’t pay the annual fee, a flat rate of $300 will be charged per emergency call for local residents; $400 for non-residents.

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This works…we can do the same thing in SLO county. After all we are a relatively peaceful community that has little crime despite the incompetence of the local law enforcement agencies. Lets go to vigilante justice. Save that 300 dollar 911 call A car in every garage and a shotgun under every bed….Now i dont advocate real bullets but rock salt in a shotgun shell and those rubber bullets in rifles WILL stop an intruder or at least slow him down long enough to club him to death with a 7 iron or a baseball bat.


Major reduction in crime

Major reduction in number of state employees making up to $700,000 a year

Major reduction in employees suspected of felony crimes and still on paid administrative leaves

Major reduction in employees receiving up to 90% of their salaries in retirement benefits

I can just see it; a guys house catches on fire but he doesnt have 300 bucks. So he says to himself, “I can totaly put this out” only he cant and in the time it would have taken for the fire department to arrive his house burns down catching the house to the south of him on fire along with the buisness on the north side of his property.

I know a lot of conservatives will see this as a take personal responsibility thing but let me put it into terms they might appreciate… …The govt is taxing victims of crime!!!!

Privitization worked so well in health care; why not do all our emergency services this way.

I wish working people would start to understand that the Bush tax cuts for wealthy was an tax increase for the middle class. Maybe the funds arent being directly taken by the IRS but to make up for welfare for the rich we start getting nickeled and dimed to death. My car registrtion more than doubled, bus fairs have almot doubled and now I have to think twice before I call the fire department? Whats next will I have to keep a credit card on file with the Sheriffs department just in case I get car jacked?

Kill the Bush tax cuts and then repeal the regan tax cuts, this country was at its peak in the 50’s and 60’s when the top marginal tax rate was between 70 and 90 percent and there plent y of rich folks dong just fine back then

Right on, those tax cuts were bogus and contributed to our downfall.

I wonder what these 911 dispatchers do anyway. I suppose they just sit there and relay calls to the appropriate agency. Why does that have to cost so much?