Superintendent skips class to spend time with teenage girlfriend

February 1, 2010


Last week, taxpayers paid for the San Miguel Joint Union School District superintendent to attend a symposium in Monterey. However, Supt. Dean Smith apparently skipped some of the meetings to spend time with a teenager with whom he is allegedly having an affair.

Smith, a former pastor, recently left his wife of more than 30 years for “Anne” (not her real name), a young woman he began “mentoring” while she was in the sixth grade.

According to eyewitnesses, on Jan. 28, the second day of the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) Superintendents’ Symposium, Smith ducked out after less than a half hour of State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell’s speech to spend time with “Anne.”

Smith however did make it in back to the Marriott Hotel in time for the symposium cocktail hour with his 18-year-old date in tow.

“ACSA’s Superintendents’ Symposium is a must for all California superintendents,” the ACSA’s website says. “It is one of the only opportunities for superintendents to come together, share ideas, network and engage in world-class professional learning. The program is a balance of workshops and interactive sessions focusing on the hot topics facing the superintendency, including leadership, legislation, legal issues, budget, diversity and accountability.”

Smith, 55, recently informed several parents with children in San Miguel elementary schools that he is not in a romantic relationship with “Anne.” He added that he has spent time “mentoring” the girl because of a problematic home life.

However, several different sources have witnessed Smith and “Anne” acting physically affectionate in public and some have even snapped photographs to verify their claims. In some, Smith is walking hand-in-hand with her through the Wal-Mart in Paso Robles. A few days later, Smith and “Anne” were spotted embracing in a public place.

Prior to the woman’s 18th birthday last spring, Templeton school officials took their concerns about the relationship to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department after a school employee witnessed Smith picking “Anne” up from Templeton High School.

Although the resulting investigation found no illegal activity, some board members and law enforcement officials have wondered if Sheriff’s Deputy Clinton Cole informed Smith of the pending investigation. Just hours after the first report had been made to the sheriff’s department, Smith began asking school officials why they had made the report.

Cole, the officer assigned to the San Miguel Joint Union School District beat, has denied he is a close friend of Smith. Despite that, sources report that the pair regularly spend their lunch hours together and have also been seen socializing after school.

Smith, then principal of Templeton Middle School, first met and began spending time with “Anne” when she was in sixth grade in about 2003. One teacher described how Smith would ask her to treat the girl differently than the other students.

“He was very protective of her,” the teacher, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of losing her job, said. “He said she came from a troubled home.”

San Miguel Joint Union School District board officials have hired an investigator who is looking into the allegations that Smith has had an inappropriate relationship with the former student. On Feb. 11, the school board is slated to discuss the issue in closed session.

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Wow, I am glad we still have freedom of press as this has not been seen in other news media to my knowledge.

Thank You—Cal Coast News

One more thing boys and girls, to the teacher who didn’t want to become involved… or risk discipline for talking about this…

I would like to remind our teachers that they are ‘mandated reporters’ by law and failure to come forward is punishable with jail time.

Once again I am amazed that Karen will not try and confirm her “sources”. The few school staff sources that Karen supposedly talked to are not telling the truth. There are many staff members if contacted could verify this information, if Karen would notify them. The fact of the matter, Deputy Cole has never gone to lunch or ate lunch with Smith. Even during staff potlucks for birthdays Deputy Cole eats in his own office. He has never hung out with Smith after school nor does he leave with him. He did not tell Smith about the investigation nor does he approve of Smiths actions. Deputy Cole does talk daily to Smith because they work at the same school and have to attend to school business. However, he has nothing to do with Smith’s personal life and has no connections to it. The real question is why some of the staff is not telling the truth about Deputy Cole and Smith.

To the last two posters, Charis and Joe:

Quite trying to minimize Smith’s behavior. If you are “Anne” go get counseling. If you are “Annes” friend or family member do what is right and get her to reevaluate this deplorable relationship.

And to you Smith: Any suggestion that this controversy is due to disgruntled employees is a crock of baloney. Remember the preamble of the teachers code of ethics? here let me refresh your twisted thinking ……

“The educator recognizes the magnitude of the responsibility inherent in the teaching process. The desire for the respect and confidence of one’s colleagues, of students, of parents, and of the members of the community provides the incentive to attain and maintain the highest possible degree of ethical conduct. The Code of Ethics of the Education Profession indicates the aspiration of all educators and provides standards by which to judge conduct.”


Just because a teacher has knows the preamble of the teachers code of ethics doesn’t mean they follow it…they do what they want no matter what it says. Vengence will overcome many people despite what they once believed. It is a disgruntled employee.

As for “Anne”…family and friends can ask her to stop…but as you should know (at least I hope you do), people do what they want no matter what “others” think. People have friends with other people who are not liked by their fellow peers all the time. What makes this different? The rumors spread by other people. Have you been able to control other people and who they make friends with???

OK Faith lets just say that I suspect the evidence will speak for itself on this matter.

Sure! If there was evidence. Have you seen it? No pictures have come forth. It’s all he said she said.


Smith did not leave his wife. They are separated.

Smith had lunch with “Anne” AND her friend . . . no cocktails.

No one seems to have seen the snapshots, including the reporter.

Mr. Smith is friends with “Anne’s” entire family. Anne’s mother called Smith and informed him of the investigation by the Sheriff’s office.

Former employees who worked under Smith are disgruntled and are perpetuating this scandal.

Oh, NICE try!!!


He LEFT his wife because after last year’s PROMISE that he wouldn’t see “Anne” any more, he got caught calling her and Mrs. Smith was informed. She asked him to leave because of THE BETRAYAL!!!

No, we SAW him with “Anne” having cocktails and he shooed her out the ‘backdoor’ when he saw us (neighboring district officials).

Mr. Smith is friends with “Anne’s” entire family because they are poor folks who think he is their ‘gravy train”!

I’ve seen the pictures and seen the two in person. No doubt, they ARE in an intimate relationship!

For those of us “who worked under Smith”, believe me, we are not disgruntled– only appalled!

Rot, Buddy, rot!

You’ve seen the pictures??? Really??? Why hasn’t the girl’s family seen the pictures? Just sounds like you don’t like him. If you have pictures or know who does, then they need to be shown to the family. Give me a break.

i know both smith and officer cole. just because the y talk every now and then doesn’t make them good friends. it is a very small school so obviously everyone is in the social circle involved there. as though i may not agree with what my former principle is doing with a girl that i know as well, i do feel like this article is written in a very slanted viewpoint.

he should be removed for his choices that he is making wiht this girl and his wife, but it is also none of our business and we should get out of his issues.

Boy I guess you cut typing class that was hard to read, retake typing in JC, if you get that far it’s pretty easy to press enter when you hit the”i”.

One word: predator.