Voting No on Maldonado

February 4, 2010


I will be voting NO to confirm Senator Abel Maldonado to the second highest constitutional office in the State of California, a heartbeat from the Governor, that of Lieutenant Governor.

Much has been made of his congenial personality, his friendly demeanor and his one vote to increase the minimum wage. But in order to take Senator Maldonado’s true measure, I instead look to over 150 votes on issues of great significance to all Californians, laws that impact farm workers, health care, civil rights, labor, women, consumers, seniors and the environment.

Senator Maldonado voted NO on proposals to provide farm workers with necessary payroll information so they could better pursue employers who failed to appropriately calculate their pay. He voted NO on a proposal to extend penalties against bosses who engaged in unfair labor practices and NO on a measure to fairly calculate piece rate and rest periods for farm workers.

He voted NO on a measure to secure maternity services for women and, even though medical bills have been the largest reason for personal bankruptcies, NO on Single Payer Health Care coverage.

While President Barack Obama is encouraging change in the military practices of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” Maldonado voted NO on a resolution urging Congress to abandon the policy, NO on the Harvey Milk Day resolution and NO on an effort to curtail negative campaigning based on sexual identity.

If you are a working man or woman in California who suffered wage discrimination, Maldonado voted NO on extending the time you could seek justice for having been wronged. He voted NO on regulations to control indoor heat illness, and NO on overtime protections for nurses.

He voted NO on programs to prevent teen pregnancy, NO on federal funds for prenatal services, and refused to vote for a resolution asking the President and Congress to uphold Roe v. Wade.

In spite of the economic devastation suffered by California’s families because of foreclosures, Maldonado voted NO on requirements that would have protected homeowners in trouble because of higher priced mortgage loans.

Despite the fact that there are 1 million residents in California’s mobile home parks, he voted NO on a measure that would afford modest protection against mobile home park conversions where residents have the property sold out from under them, destroying local rent control.

His votes against environmental protections for Californians are almost too many to count. Here are a few: NO on AB 32, California’s landmark global warming legislation; NO on the Solar Water Heating and Efficiency Act of 2007; NO on reducing exposure to the toxic effects of fire retardants; NO on cargo fees for pollution mitigation; NO on requiring fuel efficiency and alternative energy for state and local motor vehicle fleets; NO on protecting state parks boundaries; but a resounding YES on a CEQA exemption for the construction of a football stadium.

I too am the child of immigrants. My father came to this country with a strong back, no money and big dreams. My mother’s family came here to escape the violence of the Mexican Revolution. Through hard work, sacrifice and belief in the American Dream, I have been able to achieve a modest measure of success. But I have never wandered from my obligation to embrace and encourage the aspirations of those who continue to struggle, those who harvest the food we eat, those who fight against all odds to realize their dreams too. I will be voting NO on Senator Maldonado’s confirmation because I refuse to compromise the American ideal.

Pedro Nava represents the 35th Assembly District, which includes Ventura and Santa Barbara.

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Nice summary of Abel’s lack of leadership. I hope there are no more yes-or-no votes for our senator any more. That is not democracy.

Well this is going to be fun; I am the same person who comments on Dave Congalton’s blog as “DowntownBob”, since I had a business downtown for fifteen years, and I still live very close to downtown. But here I have been commenting as “bobfromsanluis” so I my hope is that whoever has name stolen my name for the Congalton blog for use here will not confuse too many people. One clue for those who notice things, is the use of misspelled words, like using “your” instead of “you’re”, even to use that misspelling twice in the same paragraph. Oh well, I guess I should be flattered, but someone is really going to have to stretch themselves to try to pretend to be me making comments here.

I think I used “unAble” on Dave’s blog before as well.

It is amazing how a partisan can phrase things in such an appealing yet deceptive manner.

When reading his list of no’s it takes actual knowledge of the measures he refers to. His wording is intended to fool those who do not know the less than innocent details behind each of the measures he criticizes Abel for wisely opposing.

The amount of ignorance Mr Nava displays in his criticism is enormous. Perhaps Mr Nava should be content being a rubber stamp for his democrat masters, (like Louis Capps).

Lastly Mr Nava has made it perfectly clear that he has no real concept of the American Dream of liberty and opportunity, He is a lover of big powerful corrupt and invasive government, exactly the type of government his father left in order to pursue the American Dream.

I want to hear “No” more often. In these economic times we need to be saying no to just about everything. No more regulations, no more taxes, no more big govt, no more pork and no more special programs. Regulation and after regulation is one of the things killing us and the CA economy.

So what your saying is that since (un)Able does not see things like you view them, you are against him. Your politics are a disgrace! How about you approve of disapproval of someone from a different political party based upon the fact that the person has integrity and is qualified. Period.

The fact that Nava doesn’t like him, is another thing I like about Maldonado.

Well, Pedro,

I really don’t see where the problemo is?

Abel Maldonaldo represents the kind of ‘balance’ that needs to continue in California… if fact we need more of it!

California has been a “Democratic Paradise” for way too long and look where it has gotten us? When we have had Governors, the Senate, the Assembly and virtually every mayor, city council, and Board of Supervisors dominated by the party that ‘can’t say no’… well, this is what we’ve got! Some folks will say this is what we deserve… but, I think this is not what anyone voted for…. even those who wanted ‘hope.’

California has so many ways to ‘change’ for the better… but it will take a change in leadership district by district.

Via con Dios

Roger Freberg