Maldonado insists he’s against offshore drilling

February 3, 2010

State Senator and lieutenant governor nominee Abel Maldonado (R-Santa Maria) insists he’s still opposed to any oil drilling off the Santa Barbara coast. [Capitol Alert]

Maldonado made the comments during a Tuesday conference call with reporters. “My vote remains the same,” Maldonado said, indicating his opposition because of  uncertainty whether or not the drilling platforms would ever be removed.

The lieutenant governor sits on the State Lands Commission and would be the deciding vote on whether to allow the controversial Tranquillon Ridge drilling project to proceed. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger supports the plan, hoping to generate needed tax revenue. There had been speculation that Maldonado might switch his vote to please the governor.

Maldonado began the official confirmation process this week. If the Legislature takes no action on the nomination, Maldonado officially becomes lieutenant governor at midnight on Feb. 21.

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Senator, Maldonado is the right person for this Job. He is not going to let us down!

Not buying it, he’s a Republican, friends with Bush, don’t trust em, snort, puke, spit!

There was a caveat (surprise!) that he would be open to a deal wherein the rigs would be removed. That would put him in the PXP/EDC deal camp, if a renegotiation of that deal firms up the rig removal requirement. Good that he’s put himself out there, he’ll be the point man for pressure to get that deal through.

Big shock…tommorrow it will be a different story:-(