Mustang Village armed robbery attempt foiled

February 5, 2010

A masked robber with a semiautomatic handgun attempted to rob two security guards at Mustang Villiage in San Luis Obispo earlier today.

Michael Leon and Otis Vanadore were finishing up their shift just after midnight at the student housing complex near Cal Poly when a man wearing dark clothes, a ski mask and goggles began running at them.

The man pushed one of the security guards to the ground and demanded money, pulling a semiautomatic handgun from his waistband. The guard responded by kicking the man in the stomach. The would-be robber then kicked the guard twice before running away.

San Luis Obispo Police are searching for the suspect in the failed armed robbery attempt.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is invited to contact the San Luis Obispo Police Department at 781-7312, or call Crime Stoppers at 549-7867.

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Call me a skeptic, bu this sounds bogus to me. There’s definitely more to this story…