Bruce vs. Marshall vs. Pandora?

March 17, 2010

The last-minute entry of Marshall Ochylski into the District 2 county supervisor race against incumbent Bruce Gibson has tongues wagging around Los Osos.

Sources tell CalCoastNews that the upcoming June election battle is actually a contest between Gibson, seeking his second term, and former political ally Pandora Nash-Karner.

“Make no mistake about it,” said one long time Los Osos resident, who asked not to be identified. “Pandora recruited Ochlyski to run. She’s a major player in his campaign. She wants to see Gibson defeated. I think Bruce is in trouble.”

By all accounts, Nash-Karner supported Gibson during his initial campaign in 2006. Gibson returned the favor by appointing the Los Osos marketing expert to the San Luis Obispo County Parks Commission after his election.

No one knows the specific reason for the alleged falling out between Gibson and Nash-Karner, though some suggest the rift was fueled by disagreement over how to handle the ongoing sewer issue.

“Pandora doesn’t like the job Bruce is doing,” the same source said. “It all comes down to the sewer, just like it always does out here.”

Nash-Karner denies the allegations and insists that she has every intention of supporting Gibson.

Meanwhile, at least one Los Osos blog has already come out, attacking the decision by Ochylski, currently the president of the Los Osos CSD, to run.

“If Ochylski were to win and abandon his seat, the district would have to pay at least $30,000 to hold a special election–and that cost would be incurred while the district continues to resolve its bankruptcy.”

The election is scheduled for Tuesday, June 8.

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Congratulations to all posters who stayed somewhat on the topic of

“Bruce vs. Marshall vs. Pandora?”

I was at the Los Osos CSD Finance committee meeting tonight. There were several items of business. Two CSD directors, M.O., S.S. RM of the public with his usual good high percentage

Did I ask during my public comments “How much will the election cost the CSD, because there appears to be some confusing information out there?” No. They had important work to do. Did I pass a note to that effect though, to a member (or two) of the public who has been around LO for well over than a quarter of a century, Yes.

Did they say that the election is the Counties affair? Yes

Did I already know that, YES. But after reading this Blog, I admit I was confused

I feel sorry for George and Karen Velie though, this isn’t the first time CalCoast has linked to what is trying to be a competing Blog. No one who touches the LO miasma, thinking they can step back out quickly, ends up without at least losing a shoe. Thanks for doing the primary Journalistic Analysis and Research, in the comment section dated March 21 Bustamove and you too racket.

I think someone may had beaten me to the comment;

“Perhaps we should wait till the Candidates statements are out.”

The Rumors going around Los Osos are Juicer by far then anything here. And rarely, but never say never…



There is a reason this article has been moved I do not know what the reason is. Your comment is about site issues not the story. use email not the comment box for stuff like this.

Please stop making a link to here from the other story, thanks.